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Training Site Spotlight: Columbus Weightlifting

June 01, 2019, 12 p.m. (ET)

One of our goals at Columbus Weightlifting (CWL) is to involve other clubs locally and in the state of Ohio to strengthen our LWC partnerships in the state.

As we look to partner with existing clubs with team training days, especially Saturday’s, where everyone wants to go max or piggy back on USAW’s successful, Power or Nah, we focused on our LWC Ohio State Weightlifting Championships and the equipment itself. 

Most of our equipment is 20 years old that is used for lifting during the two days each year and it is showing wear and tear.  The bumpers need replaced and the men’s bar especially could be updated to current standards for spin and knurling.

This new collaboration in the community checks off a lot of boxes.  First, it is a new program that we started in collaboration with Rogue Fitness.

Rogue Fitness, a strong partner of USAW, has also partnered with CWL for many years and provided support via the Arnold Weightlifting Championships and the current AO1 Series.

Our new project in the community, Ohio Weightlifting Clinic was borne out of improving our LWC barbell set and getting more collaboration with the Coaching and Student Outreach programs as we hope to garner at least 20 to 40 athletes and coaches’ signing up for this unique opportunity.

Some of the challenges included recruitment of talent to teach the practical and lecture material.  Also, developing the material that perspective athletes and coaches would be interested in learning and holding it at a facility that would garner registrants.

Included challenges was the cost and how to market the event, which included social media and word of mouth.

For other clubs across the USA, we think this is a great way to give back, earn money to buy equipment to improve their weightlifting events and to promote lifting in general.

Dan Bell, head coach of Rubber City Weightlifting pitched this idea to me which we believe can be made into an annual fundraiser and clinic to promote the sport.

Kind Regards,

Mark Cannella

Columbus Weightlifting