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Get Youth Athletes Credit for PE In School With Your Program

By Stone Age Fuel | Feb. 04, 2019, 11:31 a.m. (ET)

Obtaining the ability to offer an alternative education or PE credit in schools is an incredibly valuable tool that not only gives your club the ability to dive into the school programs but also gives your club the ability to tap into the school market and as a result puts quite a few very talented athletes in front of you on a daily or weekly basis.


This is an additional value add for existing kids in your club as well because they will be overly excited that what they are already doing in the gym gives them credit for PE.

Setting this up is fairly straight forward and will vary from district to district, but the general outline will work in most areas.

Let’s break this down into a step by step format you can use to make this happen in your community!

  1. Go to your local school district office and ask for the paperwork required to submit your business to be added to the alternative education list for PE credits. Be sure to bring a copy of your class schedule, curriculum, an outline of your course and a business card.

  2. After completion of step one, you’ll usually have to wait for approval of your information, which then prompts the district to inspect your facility. Make an appointment for the inspection. Your club should be neat and orderly, have the proper fire extinguishers and be up to code in all regards. It should also be clear that there is a coach or educator there instructing the kids during the entirety of the program.

  3. After the inspection, you’ll typically be approved for the program within a week or so and you’ll officially have been added to the list of programs that are an alternative to PE. Now, you can email it to your list of students to let me know it’s a possibility and use it as a tool and a benefit in your local community to drive more kids in.

  4. When kids begin using the program they will typically show up with a sheet you have to sign that signifies the date and time spent at the facility every single time they attend. Before they turn it in it is also a great idea to attach a schedule and a business card to it in case the district has any questions.

That’s all it takes! It’s really a simple and straight forward process that starts with visiting the school district office and submitting the necessary info to move forward with adding your program.

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