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USA-WSWS Announces 2023 Partnership Renewal Agreements

By Scott N. Atkinson | Feb. 28, 2023, 12:37 p.m. (ET)

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports 2023 Sponsors

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is pleased to announce the renewals of eight РConnelly Skis, Discount Inboard Marine, D3 Skis, Goode Skis, HO Sports, OJ Props, Malibu Boats ­and Radar Skis Рpartnership agreements for 2023 in addition to the signing of a new partner РCalifornia Ski Ranch.

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports encourages its members and fans to support these sponsors as a way of thanking them for supporting USA Water Ski & Wake Sports’ mission to advance, support and service all towed water sports through widespread recreational participation, education, promotion and sustained worldwide competitive excellence.

“We are excited to continue our partnerships with each of these companies,” said Nate Boudreaux, executive director of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. “Without the financial support from our corporate partners, we would be unable to conduct many of our programs and events.”

Connelly Skis continues as an Official sponsor of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Connelly is a brand that has been a pilar in the water sports industry for more than 55 years. Since its inception in 1965 when Pat Connelly built mahogany and white cedar water skis to the 70s and 80s when fiberglass skis dominated production, Connelly has been revolutionizing the industry with technology +and leaving a wake of legacy along the way. Production on high-end skis and wakesurfers still takes place in Lynnwood, Wash., across the parking lot from the corporate office. Each Connelly ski is designed in the USA and thoughtfully engineered from 55 years of research and development to produce high-quality water sports products. 

Discount Inboard Marine (DIM), in business since 1991, is the largest distributor of Inboard Engine Parts for ski boats worldwide, targeting inboard owners who are looking for an alternative source for his or her inboard ski boat engine parts and accessories. It continues as the Official Engine Parts Supplier of USA Water ski & Wake Sports. DIM customers are generally unable to locate parts through a local dealer due to demographics, vacation travels or they need parts and accessories not readily available or offered through a local dealer. DIM also serves to complement the dealer network with inboard parts and accessories not provided through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

D3 Skis, which continues as a Supporting sponsor of USA water Ski & Wake Sports, designs, manufactures, and sells world-record setting slalom, jump and trick water skis. D3 Skis are considered one of the best in the industry, designed and built by skiers, using the latest aerospace high performance materials and light weight laminates. Located in Auburn, Wash., D3 Skis is a subsidiary of K.C. Technology, Inc., and is the only company dedicated exclusively to three-event water skiing.

Goode Skis continues as a National partner of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Goode has been the title sponsor of the Goode Water Ski National Championships since 2000. Goode provides its customers the most advanced, outstanding performance ski products in the world. Goode is committed to building products with unparalleled innovation and tangible features and benefits that allow skiers to take their personal best to a higher level – to get more from, and more out, of the sport they love. Goode led the industry by introducing the first pure carbon fiber water ski. It turns ideas into revolutionary new products that offer the best features, best value, best quality, and best skiing performance in the world.

HO Sports, founded in 1982 on the shores of Lake Sammamish, Wash., is a leading manufacturer of premium water sports equipment and returns as an Official sponsor of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. It continues to lead the trends in water ski, towable, lounge and paddle products. Since its inception, HO Sports has long been a pioneer in the water sports industry and a dominant force in the water-skiing circuit. The HO Sports logo has always been a symbol for quality craftsmanship and reliable, innovative designs. HO Sports’ revolutionary products are the result of thousands of hours of research and development from its innovative team of designers and athletes. 

OJ Props, which continues as a National partner of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, was founded in 1936 by Oscar Johnson and his son, Ivar. Together, they established basic standards for their product, for which quality, efficiency, durability, and customer satisfaction were main factors, as well as pride and self-satisfaction in the finished product. Now, more than 80 years later, its fourth-generation ownership continues the family tradition of building Passion and Ingenuity into its products.

In 1982, six dedicated water sports enthusiasts started Malibu Boats, which continues as a National partner of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Named for the coastal paradise where enjoying water sports is a way of life. Rejecting “good enough” as a substitute for state-of-the-art, Malibu began a dedication to innovation that continues today. That focus on innovation has made Malibu the undisputed worldwide towboat leader with a long roster of industry-firsts, including the first wakeboard hull, the wedge hydrofoil followed by the Power Wedge II and Surf Gate™, which revolutionized water sports by generating an endless, controllable surf wave.

Radar Skis, which continues as a National sponsor of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, was founded and led by skiers who have instilled in us the passion to push beyond the norm and make better products. This constant desire to push the sport leads Radar to where they are now. Every concept is born, and every Vapor is produced in their lab on the shores of Radar Lake USA. It is in the Radar Lab that new foams are tested, different carbons are sourced, and the latest shapes come to light. The Radar team all work tirelessly to create innovation and advance modern-day water skiing to new heights.

In addition, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports also welcomes California Ski Ranch as a Supporting sponsor. California Ski Ranch offers luxury water ski vacations in the Northern California Sierra Foothills, just 25 minutes from Sacramento International Airport. Guests can expect a very relaxed ski culture on the dock and a positive coaching atmosphere while out on the 2,800-foot, record-capability tournament water ski lake. Sunny days and warm water temperatures make California Ski Ranch at Redwood Shores a five-star water ski vacation.

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Scott N. Atkinson

Scott N. Atkinson is the Senior Director of Communications & External Relations for USA Water Ski & Wake Sports and Editor of The Water Skier magazine, the official publication of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.