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Important Sure-Path Updates Released

By USA Water Ski & Wake Sports | May 31, 2022, 2:42 p.m. (ET)

Sure-Path Judges Boat Path Monitor(s) APK/Windows have been updated per the new rule (new cumulative).

SP APK (Android Phones/Tables) for Boat Path Monitor and the Windows Program (Windows 10) for Boat Path Monitor (see link below).

New rule has one set of cumulative tolerance and only one Maximum Buoy Deviation (25cm).for Class R/L.

The Cumulative for B2-B6 is back to what it was prior to 2022.

For World Record Approval Process, the maximum buoy deviation is 20cm as before. However, for the Event, if the buoy deviation is greater than 20cm but less than 25cm, there will be no re-ride.

The Sure-Path Rover app (APK) has been updated (2.3.1). Check for updates on the SP APK on Rover Phone. May require phone settings to allow updates.

Please read in SP "About Sure-Path/ Version History." 

James created a STAKEOUT for installing Slalom/Jump Course.

The Buoy Check now shows you the cross-hire (current location compared to the previous saved location (CAUTION -Ensure you press "Buoy Check" each time and not ENTER)).

The Judging application (windows 10) installer should be downloaded via the web site Onshore Viewing - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking ; and the Boat Path Monitor app should be done via the Android phone/tablet browser by going to, download then go under download and install.