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Sure-Path Judging Application Update

By USA Water Ski & Wake Sports | July 13, 2021, 12:29 p.m. (ET)

The Sure-Path Judging application has been updated to support Jump. 

Onshore Viewing - Sure-Path GPS Boat Lane Tracking

Minor tweaks in the Sure-Path rover app to support this. Note that for now, jump times are not displayed on the Onshore Viewing (Judges Screen), but are in WSTIMS for information.

The Judging app also checks for updates now, so after this update, there should not be a need to let all users know every time there is an update available. The judges screen starts up showing the slalom screen but will automatically switch to the jump screen when a jump pass comes in…. and will switch back to slalom when a slalom pass is detected.

IMPORTANT: Sure-Path Jump Data is collected for INFORMATION ONLY and is NOT to be used for re-rides.

Sure-Path Slalom Data may be used as an AID to help the EC Judge determine if the boat path was out-of-tolerance and if a re-ride is to be granted as provided under IWWF 8.15(b) - BPMS Not in Use - for 11.25 and shorter. 

Caution, re-rides should based on EC Video.  Example: SP Zone indicates 22cm at one of the buoys, from a hard pull or fall, the EC Video Judge (more than likely) would not observe that by just watching EC Video; therefore, no re-ride would be granted at this time.