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Fitness - Challenge Yourself with this Calisthenics Workout

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Written by Megan Lambert

Megan Lambert slalom skiingWhen you go to the gym, what is your typical workout routine? Most workout routines consist of taking an exercise class, lifting weights, or getting on a piece of cardio equipment. By all means, these exercise methods are effective. However, I believe calisthenic movements should be another tool in your exercise toolbox this offseason. 

What are calisthenics?

In short, these workouts consist of body weight exercises. They are a popular choice among gymnasts and other athletes that play sports that require agility, mobility, and strength (Does this sound like three-event water skiing to anyone else?).

What are the benefits of body weight exercises?
* Increases strength
* Promotes natural movement and agility
* Improves cardio and endurance
* Can be performed anywhere – no equipment needed!

Which exercises are best?

Slalom, trick, and jump require that every muscle in your body is engaged while maintaining fluid motion. For example, when a slalom skier approaches the gate in the slalom course, the muscles in your upper body, lower body, and core are activated. This occurs while you are pulling out for the gates, initiating the turn in for the gates, loading behind the boat, and moving your ski through to turn around the first buoy. 

With that being said, exercises that require you to engage every muscle while fluidly performing a movement pattern are beneficial for skiers. For example, during a push-up, your core and leg muscles are engaged to maintain proper form while you are completing a repetition. The same is true to maintain good form while performing a pull-up. Check out the workout below for a total body strength, calisthenics workout.

Circuit: 5-10 rounds
10 push-ups
5 pull-ups
10 squats
5 lunges
10 glute bridges
1-minute front plank

Megan Lambert, CSCS, can be found working and training this summer at Coble Waterski and Wakeboard Camp in Lillington, N.C.