Instructional Articles - Tips From The Pros

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is fortunate to have unlimited instructional materials at its disposal, courtesy of some of the sport's top athletes, coaches and personal trainers. Here are just a few from the archives. And be sure to check out USA Water Ski & Wake Sports' Basic Skills Challenge SeriesThe series is designed for beginners and novices of all ages and for instructors coaching these levels. The series provides you with all of the tools to teach and learn the basic skills needed to have fun on the water. Learn More.

Water Ski - Slalom

Starting The Season

Beware The Coach Who Does Not Give You A Chance

Get Out Of The Box

Ski by Faith; Not by Sight

Ski On Offense

The Opportunity Zone

In and Out - Off and On

Late Season Equipment Check

Perfect Position - Proceed To Power

Running The Course For The First Time

Slalom Priorities



Front Flying Dock Start

The Back To Front

The Back Toe Hold

Front Deep-Water Start

360 Degrees Tumble Turn

Mini Tumble Turns

Back Deep-Water Start

The Front To Back


The Basic 10 Skills

How To Get Kinds Involved

10 Tips For Cable Kneeboarding

Wake 360

Wake Front & Wake Back 180

The Secrets Of The Layout


Tips For A Healthy Back

Tips To Reduce Early Season Soreness

5 Habits To Add To Your Post-Ski Routine

Challenge Yourself With This Calisthenics Workout

Pre-Slalom Warm Up

Training Your Feet