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Trained Driver Program Description

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (USA-WSWS) rated Trained Boat Drivers may drive sanctioned GrassRoots tournaments, Basic Skills clinics and club practices/exhibitions. Show Ski club practices/exhibitions, however, must use NSSA (Show Ski) rated drivers only.

How to Become a USA-WSWS Trained Boat Driver

  1. All drivers of towboats, pick-up boats, and any other watercraft in USA-WSWS sanctioned events must comply with and meet all requirements for boater’s training and/or licensing under state law applicable in the driver’s state of residence.


  2. In addition to the above, boat drivers who tow skiers in USA-WSWS sanctioned events shall possess a current USA-WSWS Trained Driver or sport discipline driver’s rating and must:
  • be a current Active member of USA-WSWS (does not include GrassRoots Active membership)
  • Always have a current and valid motor vehicle operator’s license while they hold a driver’s rating (or, in the case of a rated driver who does not currently hold a motor vehicle operator’s license, demonstrate that the reason that he/she does not currently hold this license is not due to the fact that his/her motor vehicle operator’s license privileges have been suspended or revoked)
  • immediately report to USA-WSWS any suspension or loss of their motor vehicle operator’s license
  • meet minimum “safe driving” standards established by USA-WSWS and its sport disciplines at all times while they hold a USA-WSWS or sport discipline driver’s rating

In addition to the General Requirements outlined above, aspiring USA-WSWS Trained Boat Drivers must be a minimum of 16 years old and complete the steps outlined below.

MVR Reviews may only be performed for valid driver’s licenses issued by a state within the United States or a Canadian province (excluding Alberta).

USA-WSWS Trained Drivers must successfully pass an MVR Review to acquire a Trained driver’s rating and again once every two years thereafter to maintain a USA-WSWS Trained Driver rating. To complete the MVR Review:

  • Go to to log into your Member Dashboard using your membership number and password.
  • From your Member Dashboard, go to Driver Programs/MVR Review and follow the instructions to complete your MVR Review application and pay the screening fee.

Typically, it takes two to three business days for the results to be returned to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Note that MVR Reviews for Canada and the state of Pennsylvania take significantly longer. USA-WSWS will send a pass/fail notification via e-mail from

USA-WSWS Trained Drivers who fail an MVR Review will have their current driver’s rating suspended and will not be authorized to serve in any boat driving capacity at USA-WSWS-sanctioned events until they have successfully passed a MVR Review and had their driver’s rating restored.


  • Go to to log into your Member Dashboard using your membership number and password.
  • From your Member Dashboard, go to Driver Programs/MVR Review and follow the instructions to register and purchase the Trained Boat Driver Course.

Note:  In lieu of the Online Trained Boat Driver Course and Written Exam, drivers may attend an in-person USA-WSWS Trained Boat Driver or Sport Discipline Driver Clinic and take the Trained Driver written and practical evaluations at the same time. To locate a sanctioned drivers’ clinic in your area, you can access the Officials Clinic Calendar on our website at

  • May be conducted by any current USA-WSWS Trained Boat Driver or Sport Discipline-rated driver
  • Set up a testing date/time with a qualified driver to administer the on-water practical evaluation
  • Upon successful completion of the practical evaluation, the test administrator should return the completed evaluation form to USA-WSWS’ Official’s Coordinator via e-mail, fax or mail
  • USA-WSWS will verify that the applicant has met all necessary requirements, issue a USA-WSWS Trained Boat Driver rating and send the applicant a rating notification via e-mail from
  • To locate a qualified driver in your area, go to the Officials Directory on the USA-WSWS website
    • Select the applicable region or state(s)
    • Choose any sport discipline (use “USA” to locate a Trained Driver)
    • Rating Type: Driver
    • Level: All
    • Click on the Search button to retrieve the listing

To maintain a Trained Boat Driver rating, an individual must:

  • complete one of the practical driving experience options listed below.
  • participate as a driver in at least one sanctioned GrassRoots tournament or Basic Skills Clinic per calendar year. Credit for work performed at these events is typically documented by the event organizer and submitted to USA-WSWS along with the post-event paperwork; OR
  • perform ten hours of practical driving experience at a camp, ski school or club practice/exhibition per calendar year

Practical experience should be documented and signed off on a Trained Boat Driver Practical Experience Record. Completed experience record forms must be returned to the USA-WSWS Official’s Coordinator via e-mail, fax or mail by December 31st each year. Be sure to retain a copy for your records. 

  • successfully pass a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Review once every two years; and
  • successfully complete one of the following clinic options once every four years:
  • In-person USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (USA-WSWS) sanctioned Trained Boat Driver or Sport Discipline Driver Clinic
  • On-water Practical Evaluation for Clinic Credit with a Qualified Driver
  • Successful Completion of a NASBLA (National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators) approved Safe Boating Course Within Past 12 Months

USA-WSWS will send email reminders with further instructions via e-mail when your MVR Review and clinic are due for renewal.