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Safety Directors' Development Program Description 

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (USA-WSWS) Safety Directors’ Development Program is designed to improve and maintain the quality of Safety Directors at all USA-WSWS-sanctioned events (tournaments, practices, exhibitions and clinics). USA-WSWS members can advance through the four Safety Director rating levels – coordinator, state, regional and national – by following the three-step process – education, participation and evaluation – for completing all quantitative and maintenance requirements at each level. However, the major difference between the four rating levels within the program is the amount of experience, both administrative (procedures/paperwork) and practical (serving at sanctioned events with various numbers of contestants), that’s required to advance through the program.

Step One - Education: Educational opportunities through on- and off-water clinics are increasingly available. Attendance at a USA-WSWS-sanctioned safety clinic once every four years is mandatory for both upgrading and maintenance purposes. Please review the quantitative requirements on the other side of this form.

Step Two – Participation: For each rating, there are certain quantitative requirements, which must be fulfilled before the Safety Director proceeds to the next step. Remember to record your work as such in your Personal Performance Record (available from the USA-WSWS Web site) and have it signed by the Chief Safety Director. It is important to verify that your work is accurately listed on the Tournament Officials’ Record included in the Tournament Scorebook, since this is how your work is recorded and credited at USA-WSWS Headquarters. For work performed at sanctioned practices and exhibitions, the appropriate form from headquarters should be filled out. Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification (or equivalents) are required for state, regional and national ratings. A certificate of completion is accepted as proof. Annual maintenance requirements are averaged over a two-year period (i.e., work performed January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019 counts for renewal for 2020).

Step Three – Evaluation: Thirty days after having completed the quantitative requirements for your next rating, you may contact USA-WSWS to verify that you have indeed done so and that your work has been correctly recorded at USA-WSWS Headquarters. A Safety Coordinator who aspires to become a State Safety Director should contact headquarters staff at USA Water Ski & Wake Sports for final rating approval and verification that work requirements have been satisfied.

  1. Aspiring Safety Coordinators will take a comprehensive open-book test at a clinic.
  2. State Safety Directors aspiring to become Regional Safety Directors will be sent an open-book test which they have up to 30 days to complete and return to USA-WSWS Headquarters to be graded.
  3. Regional Safety Directors who aspire to become National Safety Directors will take a closed-book test under the supervision of an instructor/trainer at a clinic or other meeting place that has been agreed upon.

Aspiring Regional and National Safety Directors can only take the test once. Once you have successfully completed Step 3, you have achieved the final rating and will receive an e-mail confirmation from USA-WSWS Headquarters.