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Return To Play Guidelines - Scenarios & FAQs

Revised Feb. 19, 2021

Q: Can clubs and LOCs currently sanction practices and tournaments?
Yes. Practice and tournament sanctions are currently open, and you will be able to sanction a practice/tournament if that event is an allowable activity in your state. The sanction approval process assumes that state/local guidelines are being followed relative to COVID-19 protocols. In instances where local and state guidelines contradict, the stricter of the two protocols should be followed.

Q: If I am a club or LOC, how do I know what my state re-opening guidelines are?
Check your local public health recommendations and mandates in your area, found on your state and local government websites. The below links can also provide some additional guidance:

Q: Are there recommendations for precautions that clubs/LOCs can take to help make events safer?
USA-WSWS has developed a COVID-19 Preparedness and Recommendation Guide with tips for event organizers on running an event in the midst of COVID-19 challenges.

Q: Will I have to sign a specific COVID-19 waiver to participate in sanctioned events
A specific waiver is not required; however, LOCs are encouraged to have participants sign a COVID-19 acknowledgement and release form that states they are COVID-19 symptom free and have not been exposed to anyone who was showing signs or symptoms prior to competing.

Q: Does AWSA have any specific recommendations, guidelines or best practices for tournament organizers to adopt to create a safer environment for athletes, judges, boat drivers, etc.?
AWSA has created a list of recommended best practices for social distancing guidelines for tournament hosts.  

Q: Does NSSA have any specific recommendations, guidelines or best practices relative to show skiing?
NSSA has created a show ski specific FAQ and list of best practices for show ski teams to follow.

Q: Does American Barefoot Club (ABC) have any specific recommendations, guidelines or best practices relative to barefoot skiing?
ABC has created
social distancing guidelines that should be followed at all barefoot events.

Q: Does my USA-WSWS membership (e.g. Participant Accident insurance) cover me for medical expenses if I were to contract the COVID-19 virus and need medical attention
No.  The participant accident coverage for members who participate in USA-WSWS sanctioned events only applies to claims relative to specific injuries sustained during sanctioned competition.  Contraction of a disease or virus is not covered under the participant accident policy.

Q: As a USA-WSWS club member does the General Liability (GL) insurance coverage through sanctioning cover our club if a claim were to arise from someone claiming they contracted COVID-19 at my event? 
No. There is an exclusion in the 2021 USA-WSWS general liability policy for coverage against communicable disease. The exclusions amend the “bodily injury” coverage afforded under standard General Liability and Umbrella/Excess Liability insurance policies to exclude coverage for claims arising out of the transmission of a communicable disease (such as COVID-19, avian flu, SARS and other transmittable viruses). 

Q: What happens if a club defies state/local guidelines and attempts to sanction an event?
It is the LOCs obligation to determine if the activity is allowed under applicable laws, regulations and guidance. USA-WSWS may review the issuance or status of any sanction to confirm compliance with applicable law. Alleged violations may be referred to the USA-WSWS Judicial Committee in accordance with USA-WSWS' Bylaws, with the range of sanctions for any violations of law relating to the event potentially including the denial or revocation of the sanction.
Q: If someone at an event or on a water ski team tests positive for COVID-19, what should we do?
If someone tests positive for COVID-19, you should work with your public health authorities to assist with their contact tracing efforts.  They will determine who they think had close sustained contact with the person with the positive test and will likely recommend a 14-day quarantine for those individuals.

Q: Should LOCs require a negative COVID-19 test from attendees prior to participating in a sanctioned event?
That decision is up to each LOC. USA-WSWS does not have a specific recommendation one way or the other. It is the responsibility of each LOC to determine if additional COVID-19 protocols, including providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to participation is necessary.

Q: How will officials, drivers, and safety coordinators ratings be maintained if there is limited activity to participate?
USA-WSWS, sport discipline committees and boards are currently reviewing proposals to reduce renewal requirements for affected officials. Upon approval from the applicable Boards, USA-WSWS will send an email outlining these changes to all affected officials. Officials should make sure their email address on file with USA-WSWS is current and they white list or add it to their address book to insure they receive this important notification.