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Social Distancing Guidelines - ABC Events

Follow all state and local guidelines, know them, follow them.

● Have all officials/skiers sign the COVID-19 Event Questionnaire and Waiver Release
        ○ Note: Inform all attendees to do a self-assessment prior to attending an event. If you have a temperature, cough, shortness of breath or don’t feel well, stay home and/or leave the event.

● Only one skier on the dock at a time

● Dock starters should be at least 6 feet away or skier can dock start themselves
       ○ Dock starter doesn’t touch skiers handles
       ○ Skier attaches handle for first run and places any other handles into the boat.

● Pick-up boat maintain social distancing 6-foot (Use a boat as the pick-up or jetski with a tube)

● Anything that forms a line (registration, practice or concessions) should have 6-foot separation

● Social gathering and/or meetings should be eliminated until state guidelines allow such activity

● Awards Podium: give skier awards one at a time with no group podium pictures

● Only one announcer at a time

● If applicable to state guidelines, take the temperature of all participants and attendees each day upon arrival. Anyone with 100.4 or above temperature should be asked to leave.

● Masks or face coverings are encourage be worn

● Hand sanitizer should be dispersed throughout the site, on docks, bathrooms, towers, boats, etc.

Judging/Scoring Guidelines

● Boat judge/driver teams should be established so that the same pairs of officials are always in the boat together, minimizing the number of people each official is in contact with or assign family members to these positions

● Only a driver, 1 video, and 1 judge should wear masks or face coverings in the boat.

● Scoring should take place outside if possible by one person. Only 1 scorer in the trailer at a time.

● When there is a protest, video review on shore three judges, one at a time.

● Where physical distancing is challenging, all efforts should be made to keep the interaction time as short as possible.

Safety Guidelines

● Safety is perhaps the hardest spot to practice social distancing. All efforts should be made to make sure safety interaction occurs one-on-one as opposed to a group of people

● Safety personnel should wear masks or face coverings

● Suggest that safety boats be used instead of shore-based swimmers. A swimmer from the shore would not be able to maintain any level of face mask for their protection (a safety crew in a boat would have better ability to protect themselves)