Practice Information

• Practice is $35. For slalom - 4 passes; tricks - 2 passes; and jump - 3 jumps

 Practice will be held all day on Aug. 6 and Aug. 7, and after the last event of the day, Aug. 8-12. There will be no practice at conclusion of last event on Aug. 13. Skiers can register for practice online at TBD

Practice will end at 8:30 p.m. sharp, no exceptions

Skiers must be registered and paid for Nationals in order to sign up for practice on Aug. 6 and 7

Skiers will be only be allowed to sign up once per event they are skiing in Nationals

Practice tickets are not refundable

Each boat will have one assigned driver and one assigned rope handler. One pin person will be allowed during tricks only. No other individuals will be allowed in the boat during practice except for tricks, NO EXCEPTIONS

Every 5th time slot will be offered to an official or staff

Set times are tentative, please show up one hour before scheduled pull

You must be ready in the water for your pull, waiting times will result in a loss in passes or jumps

Trick practice will be held on Lake 1 (Jump and Trick lake)

Slalom will take place on Lake 2

Practice may be stopped at any time for Technical Controller and/or mapping

Skiers with shared equipment are not allowed to schedule back to back with each other

Towboats are subject to change at any time and will depend on the availability of boats provided by boat manufacturers