Practice Information

Bennett’s will be hosting online practice signups for the tournament. After registering and paying for the 78th GOODE Water Ski National Championships, competitors will be sent an email where they will be able to sign up for practice pulls. We will be utilizing Google Sheets for the official practice schedule which will be sent and updated by the Practice Coordinator.

We are utilizing online sign-up in order to offer a more organized practice and maximize the number of skiers that get to hit the water. Please be patient with the Practice Coordinator when booking practice slots. All allotments will be designated live and spots will be filled as they are requested (per email time-stamp).

Stipulations for signing up for practice:

  • Sign-ups are offered only to competitors after they have registered and paid their entry fee for the 2020 GOODE US Water Ski National Championships.
  • All skiers are required to sign a Bennett’s Water Ski and Wakeboard School Release Form.
  • Skiers will be limited to one practice ride per event entry.
  • All skiers will be required to pay in advance by sending $30 per set to the Tri-Lakes Venmo Acct.: @Tri-Lakes in order to be added to the practice sign-up list.
  • Official scheduled practice will be run Friday, July 31 thru Monday, Aug. 3.
  • Practice Tuesday, Aug. 3 thru Friday, Aug. 7 will be offered off site. Details below.
  • Each boat will have one assigned driver and one assigned rope handler. One pin person will be allowed during tricks only. No other individuals will be allowed in the boat during practice except for tricks, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Every 5th time slot will be offered to an official.
  • Set times are tentative, please show up one hour before scheduled pull.
  • If you miss your time slot/spot on the list, you will be scratched, with no refund.
  • Refunds will be awarded at Practice Coordinator discretion, but not until after practice rescheduling attempts (including weather related delays) .
  • You must be ready in the water for your pull, waiting times will result in a loss in passes or jumps.
  • Trick practice will be held on Lake 1 (Jump and Trick lake).
  • Trick must happen before 11 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  • Slalom will take place on Lake 2.
  • Practice may be stopped at any time for Technical Controller and/or mapping.
  • Skiers with shared equipment are not allowed to schedule back to back with each other.
  • Towboats are subject to change at any time and will depend on the availability of boats provided by boat manufacturers.

Practice Sets are defined as:

  • Jump: 2 jumps or passes
    • If you fall on 2nd Jump, you will be expected to swim shore.
  • Slalom: 4 passes with an estimated drop time of 50 seconds.
    • If you fall on 4th pass, you will be expected to swim to shore.
  • Trick: 4 passes with drops on each end, with 3 falls, Trick must be done on Trick and Jump Lake

Practice Tips:

  • Best time to Jump are anytime after 10am, morning glare on-ramp from 7am- 10am, please use caution.
  • Trick early in the day before 10am.
  • Best times to Slalom are 9 am-5 pm, before or after there may be issues with glare.

Off-Site Practice

  • After the tournament begins starting Tuesday, August 4th, Slalom and Trick practice will be available to those interested at a practice site 24 miles (40 mins) from the tournament site.
  • Sets at this lake will be $35 a pull
  • This site does not have a jump.
  • All practice at this site will be pulled by a MasterCraft.
  • This lake is manmade, runs east to west and has an approximate depth of 10 ft.
  • Practice must be scheduled online and paid in advance.
  • Practice sets will run 9 am - 5pm from Tuesday August 4th thru Friday, August 7th.
  • Skiers are allowed multiple sets.
  • No changing or bathroom facilities on site (gas stations close).
  • Site Address:13496 Eads Road Prairieville, LA 70769

Please email to sign up for your practice slot after you have completed your registration with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Phone #
  3. Email Address
  4. Event and Lake (Lake 1: Jump and Trick) (Lake 2: Slalom)
  5. Time Slot Requested
  6. Nationals Registration Confirmation Number
  7. Trick boat preference if tricking
  8. Jump ramp height if jumping

Your practice slot will not be reserved until you have received a confirmation email from the Practice Coordinator.

Payment to Venmo account: @Tri-Lakes must be completed before you will be entered on the practice schedule ($30 /set) descriptions must be the Competitors Name and the number of sets. Please contact the Practice Coordinator via for other methods of payment.