Day 2 Underway At 81st Goode Nationals

The 81st annual Goode Water Ski National Championships continued Thursday at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Fla. More than 500 water ski athletes from across the United States are competing for national titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall in respective age divisions and two Open divisions during the four-day tournament that culminates Saturday. 


Advancement to the world’s largest three-event water ski tournament is primarily earned through placement on the national rankings list. Athletes also can qualify by placing in the top-five in the previous year’s event or at respective 2023 regional championships.

The American Water Ski Association, a sport discipline organization of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, and the Ski Club of the Palm Beaches are hosting the tournament.  

Thursday’s (Day 2) National Champions

Boys 4 Slalom: TBD, TBD; Boys 5 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Girls 2 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Girls 3 Slalom: TBDTBD; Girls 4 Slalom: TBDTBD; Men 6 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Women 5 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Men 5 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Girls 5 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Masters Women Slalom: TBD,TBD; Masters Men Slalom: TBDTBD; Men 7 Tricks: TBDTBD; Men 8 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Men 9 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Men 10 Slalom: TBD,TBD; Men 11 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 7 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 8 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 9 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 10 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 11 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Boys 4 Tricks: TBDTBD; Boys 2 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Open Women Tricks: TBD,TBD; Women 5 Tricks: TBD,TBD; Girls 5 Jump: TBD,TBD; Boys 2 Jump: TBD,TBD; Open Women Jump: TBD,TBD; Boys 3 Jump: TBD,TBD; Men 6 Jump: TBD,TBD; Men 7 Jump: TBD,TBD; Boys 2 Overall: TBD,TBD; Boys 3 Overall: TBD,TBD; Boys 4 Overall: TBD,TBD; Boys 5 Overall: TBD,TBD; Girls 2 Overall: TBD,TBD; Girls 3 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 5 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 7 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 8 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 9 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 10 Overall: TBD,TBD; Women 11 Overall: TBD,TBD; Men 7 Overall: TBD,TBD; Men 8 Overall: TBD,TBD; Men 9 Overall: TBD,TBD; Men 10 Overall: TBD,TBD; and Men 11 Overall: TBD,TBD.


Competition continues Friday at 7:30 a.m.

The first national championships was held in 1939 at Jones Beach in Long Island, N.Y. Except for three years during World War II (1942-1944), the Nationals has been held every year since 1939.

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