A team of personailty

Feb. 22, 2012, 6:51 p.m. (ET)

Hello again everyone!!

About couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to be visited by a team from Equilibria, a global company focused on coaching teams to increase performance, efficiency, communication and leadership.  My teammate, Kami Craig, has been working with this organization and suggested they come work with our team. They have broken down key components of the brain and have classified certain personality traits within individuals. You may ask, “Why would they come to work with the USA women’s water polo team?”  In short, individuals/teams can benefit incredibly if each person can recognize differences in personality and how these traits will effect the actions during certain situations.

In order for us to hold a group conversation with the Equilibria team, we had to complete the Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) test on their website.  After taking the 15-minute test, a pie chart was formulated to show the percentage and colors that represent our personalities. Most people tend to have a primary and a secondary E-Color. For example, my primary color was red and my secondary was blue. I was amazed at how spot on the results were! 

Equilibria has separated the brain into four colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. They are identified as follows:

Red: Doer/ Director

Green: Thinker/ Analyzer

Yellow: Influencer/ Socializer

Blue: Relater/ Supporter

It was so cool to hear and see which colors represented each of my teammates! So after we had identified our colors, we were assigned to a little bit of a game. The Equilibria team set up a pattern of cards in a pyramid formation in another room and we were separated into two teams. The only rule was that each team could only send one person at a time to go back and forth to gather information from the pyramid. The team who could replicate the pattern the fastest, without any errors, would win. The Equilibria team had also mentioned there could be a spy on the team and if the team felt they knew who it was they could kick them off. Of course I got kicked off and eventually found out that there were no spies on either team. It was pretty funny! I have attached two videos of each team working to figure out the pattern.

I challenge anyone or any team to take the Personality Diversity Indicatior (PDI) test at equilibria.com. It is super fascinating to read and understand why each person reacts so differently to the same situation. Try it!