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Christmas Wishes and Memories

Dec. 10, 2013, 7:20 p.m. (ET)

We asked USA Volleyball players what they were hoping to see under their Christmas tree this year and what their favorite past gift was.

We hope you have a volley, jolly holiday and make great memories with your friends and family!

Women's indoor player Lindsey Berg:
1. Considering that there really is nothing I need... I have not asked for anything.
2. One of my favorite gifts in the past have been, a gift certificate where I donate that money to my favorite charity.

Men’s indoor player Micah Christenson:
1. Not really hoping for much. Just to spend time with my family at my beautiful home!
2. Best actual present I've received would probably be a family ping long table. It wasn't personally for me but I ran that table... just ask my dad.

Men's beach player Phil Dalhausser:
1. I already received the gift that I was hoping for and that is a XBox One.
2. I would say my parents got my a puppy when I was around 10.

Women's beach player Emily Day:
1. I am hoping to get court side tickets to a Laker game. Can anyone make that happen? :)
2. Best present I have ever received on Christmas was my longboard skateboard in middle school. I use to ride it everywhere!

Men's beach player Ryan Doherty:
1. I am asking Santa for the ability to hand-set. (Third year in a row I've asked for the same thing).
2. The best Christmas present I ever got was a laptop, as it started me down the long and complicated path of blogging superstardom. ryan-doherty.com

Women's indoor player Kristin Hildebrand:
2. Favorite Christmas present in the past? A beautiful gold necklace with my birthstone that my mother-in-law gave me last Christmas.

Men’s indoor player Paul Lotman:
1. I'm hoping to get more than 3 days off and getting to see my wife Jasmine who I haven't seen since I left in early October.
2. Oh tough one, I would have to say my remote control race car. It was when they first came out and the battery only lasted 15 minutes and you had to charge it for over an hour to use it. That didn't stop me from playing with it all day.

Men's beach player Casey Patterson:
1.  I want my sons Cash and Guy to pepper with each other.
2. Tim Pelot my Strength and Conditioning coach fixing my knees last Christmas.

Men’s indoor player Reid Priddy:
1. I asked for babysitters. We need more date days and date nights so I asked my wife Lindsay to find us a solid list of babysitters.
2. There are 2 Christmas presents that stand out to me. 
One, when I was a kid and for whatever reason my birthday was pushed back. I remember acting like a "puke" that morning and then the presents just started flowing. It seemed unending and when I thought there couldn't be more, my parents told me to look behind the sofa and there it was; a brand new surfboard.  I was super excited and felt terrible for acting so spoiled.
Then in 2008, Lindsay gave me a nice watch and then sent me on a scavenger hunt all over downtown Huntington Beach that ended in a neighbor’s garage. There was a bow around a 4-seat GEM Electric car.  I still use that nearly more than my gas car to get around town.

Women's beach player April Ross:
1. I'm hoping for a GoPro this Christmas.
2. The best Christmas present I've gotten is probably a snowboard.

Women's beach player Summer Ross:
1. I pretty much have everything I need.
2. The best Christmas present I've received was a pink Barbie Volkswagen Bug.

Men's indoor player David Smith:
1. This Christmas I am hoping for a full night's sleep without the little guy (son Cohen) waking up. ;-)
2. I think the most excited I ever was for a Christmas present was a sweet remote controlled car that I got when I was 12.

Lindsey Berg Micah Christenson Phil Dalhausser Emily Day Ryan Doherty
Lindsey Berg Micah Christenson Phil Dalhausser Emily Day Ryan Doherty
Paul Lotman Casey Patterson Reid Priddy April Ross
Kristin Hildebrand Paul Lotman Casey Patterson Reid Priddy April Ross
Summer Ross David Smith      
Summer Ross David Smith