The Game Will Find a Way

Please submit to any picture or video you have taken of how you helped the game of volleyball find a way to be played.  This means, in Kesselville, that the two sides, no matter how few or many there are on a side, are playing OVER A NET. What the net actually ends up being is a big part of the fun, but also we are looking at the amazing places that volleyball can be found around the world. For example, being played on the side of a mountain or on the border of two nations.  

Thanks in advance for your help in growing the game together. 

Thanks to MrVolleywood on YouTube for this awesome example. 

Thanks to Berlin spielt Volleyball for showing us how to "keep the ball flying."

Impromptu volleyball sessions over a swing set in Chippewa Falls, WI. 

Don’t have a beach? Build your own like they did at a recent "volleyball expo" that took place in Ecuador

Daniel Freeman leading a group playing over a net made from sweaters!

The Game Will Find a Way in Burma!

Thanks to Fred Lin for this photo of two young ladies playing over a car gate. 

WWII soldier held poles to play before and after an air raid siren. 

Doug Rhoades, in Nepal.

East High School, 4 v 4 over a chain link fence at Karch Kiraly’s alma mater. 

Rani Asfour posted this picture of young boys playing in Palestine. 

Keep the ball flying in Vanuatu with a rope “net” and bamboo for their X standards.

A beautiful sunset and some grass volleyball after a day of work at an orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.

Nothing could stop these guys… 

Killing time in Dubai by Wael

Rani Asfour submitted this picture of playing volleyball over a piece of rope!

Sharif Osman submitted this photo of playing volleyball over a tied piece of fabric in Egypt. 

This Amish group uses their buggies to anchor the volleyball net. You can buy this poster here.

You can play volleyball at any age! These players lowered the net, used a lighter ball and sat in chairs.

At the 1996 Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Clinic the mascot joined in the fun.

While waiting on the shuttles to arrive at an HP Select Skills Camp the players improvised to play sitting volleyball.

You are never too old to play volleyball! Check out these teams from Ohio based assisted living homes, Gables of Hudson and Gables of KentRidge. For more pictures, click here

Furniture as the net, balloon as the ball and a cat as the ref?! Works for us! 

At home sibling match, with a very young referee in training! 

Volleyball finds a way even at the South Pole!  

The FIVB has 220 nations as members, including USA Volleyball which was one of the 12 founding members of this International Federation. They also see great ways of the game will find a way in their new posting HERE. It is so great to be a part of NORCECA, our zone, and the FIVB in growing the game together worldwide.