Club Directors

Growing the Game Together Volume II - This downloadable PDF contains all of John Kessel's Growing the Game Blogs from 2013 to May 10, 2014. 

Growing the Game Together Volume I – Coaches and Club Director Edition – The first volume of John Kessel’s blogs. 

Board Source: This is a NEW Member benefit from USA Volleyball.  Board Source assists with questions about nonprofit organizations!  To sign up for this awesome information go to

Helpful Information: 

  • Example and Guideline to billing and cash flow for clubs - click here for PDF. This helps the new clubs to see what questions they might have and need to ask of their organization to get started. (Thanks to John Sample for his work and sharing of this document).  
  • Business Resource Guide. Great source of reference to help you find the answers to your already formed business and non-profit questions to other questions from how to begin the process to file for non-profit status. Click here for guide.
  • YMCA / RVA - working together to form leagues, click here
  • Why USA Volleyball - Parents did you know? 
  • How Do I Choose a Club?
  • Test your knowledge of the volleyball world: Volleyball Test for All.
  • Summer Camp Manual - This is a downloadable PDF to help you plan your next summer camp. 
  • 2016 Club Directors Best Practices Symposium video is available here.

Club Questions

QUESTION: We are a new club that is just starting up and looking for advice. How do we get started with the region politics, rules and regulations, as well as legally register our club for non-profit status?

ANSWER: First, we would direct you to contact your local region office in the state where you want to start your club. Some regions have multiple states that they must satisfy with rules and regulations, so they would be the first ones to guide you in getting started. Click here for your area. Second, click here for national resources to help with setting your non-profit and getting familiar with the governing process.

QUESTION: Hello, I am a youth director in Connecticut. I have a sports and wellness clinic and would like to start volleyball for ages 10 –15 yrs old.

ANSWER: Click here for the document to help get you started with a Starlings club.