Coaching Education FAQ


I have taken IMPACT but I cannot find my certificate, what happens now? 

For on-demand IMPACT certification completed through the USAV Academy, you can login to your account and view My Certificates on the left-hand side of your account. You can reprint your certificate from there. 

For in-person IMPACT courses, please contact your region office directly as they will have access to your IMPACT certification status. If the region office does not have your IMPACT information, you will have to re-take the course.

I am looking for information on upcoming IMPACT clinics. Where can I find this information?

USAV provides On-Demand IMPACT certification through the USAV Academy.

For in-person IMPACT courses, please contact your region office as regions run those courses directly.

CAP Clinics FAQs

When will a CAP clinic be scheduled in my area?

All of our upcoming CAP clinics will be listed on our schedule page. If you cannot find a clinic in your area please keep checking the schedule page for updates.

Or, you may be interested in hosting a CAP clinic

I need to recertify my CAP/BCAP certification and there have not been any clinics in my area that I was aware of and I cannot afford to travel out of state to take one. How can I recertify?

There are many options to earn recertification module credits to recertify, you do not have to attend a clinic! You can visit the recertification section of the website for more information. 

Certification And Re-certification FAQs

How can I earn module credits that I can apply to my CAP recertification?

There are many options to earn recertification module credits. You can visit the recertification section for more information.

I just noticed that my CAP certification will expire soon and I want to know what to do.

There are many options to earn recertification module credits. You can visit the recertification section for more information.

Are there any modules on-line that I can take?

We offer online options for CAP I certification through hybrid clinics. Those clinics will be listed on the Coaching Education Schedule page.

I just realized I missed the allotted time to complete my coursework and/or exam through the testing site, What do I do now?

I was unable to complete my certification requirements within the one year's time from my CAP clinic. Do I have to re-take the clinic?

Not always, but it will depend on how much time has lapsed since you attended the clinic. Please email with information on the date and location of your clinic for your specific situation.

  • If certification requirements are completed within 12 months of the initial clinic date, your certification will be valid for four years from the completion date.
  • If certification requirements a\re completed within 13-35 months of the initial clinic date, you will have an opportunity to complete the requirements with your certification backdated to the initial clinic date.
  • After 36 months of the initial clinic date, you must retake the clinic and complete all new clinic requirements.

I have not received my CAP certificate yet. What do I do now?

How can I or my region/club/high school administrator check-on/know my certification status?

  • USA Volleyball members can check your status online through the USAV member database.
  • Non-members (either USAV non-members OR members of regions not online with USAV) can check on your status by contacting

SafeSport FAQs

All SafeSport USAV Academy inquiries should be sent to Visit the SafeSport webpage for all other SafeSport issues.