Areas we consider when choosing a staff member (in no particular order) include, but may not be limited to:

  • Professional integrity and character
  • Cooperation, dedication and assistance
  • Coaching and teaching ability
  • Knowledge of the game
  • Certification
  • Technical proficiency
  • History of success
  • Experience
  • Court Presence
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Gender (female programs)
  • Ethnicity
  • Availability
  • Location

The mission of all of our HP programs is to then build upon the talents and potential of our athletes and coaches, and to give them the best opportunity to grow, develop and improve.

PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER: At all levels of our sport, and particularly the National level, fundamental integrity and character are essential elements of successful coaching. True leadership of a team is based on earned trust, and this must be developed through the words, actions and decisions of the coaching staff.

COOPERATION, DEDICATION AND ASSISTANCE: Working closely with HP staff to improve the program is a key coach requirement. Assistance at tryouts is possibly the most important element of this, but there are a number of ways in which coaches are needed to implement, build and improve the operation of HP. In many cases, these tasks aren't the highest-profile positions within the HP program, but they are critical to its success.

COACHING AND TEACHING ABILITY: Great coaches are great teachers, great managers, and great organizers. These characteristics allow the coach to impart their knowledge efficiently and effectively to the athletes through words, organized practice and the managed development of skills.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME: Obviously, this is the foundation of the coach/athlete structure. The greater the knowledge of the coach, the more he or she has to teach and give to the athletes, in a wider range of situations.

CERTIFICATION: USA Volleyball High Performance recognizes coaching education achievements obtained through our Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP).

TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY: Technical proficiency can be thought of as the ability to prioritize, track and quantify elements of the game that are critical to success, from the standpoint of the team in question, as well as their opponents.

HISTORY OF SUCCESS: Success doesn't only mean wins, but wins are the easiest way to evaluate success. Winning at any level is important - most successful coaches will achieve success at a variety of levels due to their abilities to observe, understand and teach the important elements of the game.

EXPERIENCE: Experience can be measured in terms of time, variety and depth. All of these are important to the development of a great coach and potential success within the HP pipeline.

COURT PRESENCE: Our coach evaluation is done both at tryouts and summer programs. For entry into the pipeline, HP tryouts are the gateway for coach involvement and selection. It is during tryouts that most coaches have the opportunity to make themselves standout. The energy a coach projects on the court, their understanding of the tryout process and their willingness to go the extra distance for a tryout to run smoothly.

LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK: Within a successful staff, everyone plays certain roles as a leader, a follower and a teammate. The best way to teach teamwork and respect to our athletes is for our program staffs to demonstrate and live that teamwork at all times. Leadership is an elusive trait that manifests itself differently within different coaches. Some coaches are successful emotional leaders, others are quiet leaders, some coaches lead by being the hardest workers and some just naturally engender respect by their nature and demeanor.

GENDER AND DIVERSITY: While we continue to factor gender and diversity into the selection process of coaches, the top priority is to assemble the best possible coaching staff for the betterment of the athletes and the success of the program.

AVAILABILITY: For various reasons, some invitations to coaches have been declined. Some coaches have a work commitment; camp commitments or personal reasons to forgo involvement without High Performance programs. All coaches are not invited to all programs. If a coach is invited to work a particular event and declines the offer they may not be offered another opportunity for that same year.

LOCATION: As with all programs a budget controls our ability to cover travel costs for coaches. Based on the camp location we will seek qualified coaches within driving distance to work the camp.

USAV HP Minimum Program Requirements

Currently Updating this Section-please check back soon! 

USAV HP Reserves the right to adjust these qualifications to best suit program needs.