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What to Expect at a Beach HP Tryout

Before the Tryout

Before arriving to the tryout, each athlete must have the following items. Bring these items with you to the tryout:

1. High Performance Tryout Registration Confirmation Receipt
2. 2019-2020 USA Volleyball High Performance Medical Release Form
3. 2019-2020 USA Volleyball Membership Card or 2019-2020 Limited Membership for HP Athletes Form*

4. All athletes must wear attire that aligns with the USAV Beach Apparel Code of Conduct, midriffs must not be visible and shorts must be worn (no bikini tops or bottoms). Athletes receive a tryout shirt upon check-in at the start of the tryout.

Make sure to check the Volleyball Calendar for the tryout's specific date, time and location (gym/hall) information. All tryout registrations should be completed online prior to check-in during the tryout.

*USA Volleyball Membership
All athletes at a High Performance tryout must be USA Volleyball members and provide proof of membership (USA Volleyball membership card). If not a member, athletes are required to complete a 2019 - 2020 Limited Membership for HP Athletes Form.

Note that players who are already a part of a USA Volleyball-affiliated club are current members of USA Volleyball. If you need a copy of your USA Volleyball membership card, please contact your volleyball club or contact the region in which you play.

During the Tryout

Arrive to the tryout and get into a check-in line with your forms ready in hand. Check in will begin at the indicated start time of the tryout, not before the start time. Present your forms to the coach at the check-in table. Pick up a parent handout regardless of whether your parents are with you or not. There is  a lot of great information on this handout about High Performance. After turning in paperwork, you will receive your numbered tryout shirt. The number is randomly assigned to you and is how the coaches identify athletes for evaluation. You must wear the shirt given to you at check-in during the entire tryout.

Put your tryout shirt on and look for coaches conducting physical testing stations. Go through each of the evaluation stations. If you do not get your physical testing done before the tryout starts, it is your responsibility to tell a coach so that physical testing can be completed done after the tryout. Physical testing will last approximately 30 minutes. After physical testing is completed for all athletes, the coaches will assemble everyone together for the Athletes Meeting. After the Athletes Meeting, the parents will have an informational Parent Meeting at an on-site location with a USA Volleyball staff Member. This meeting gives parents the opportunity to learn more about USA Volleyball High Performance and review the training and competition opportunities available for this year. Please take some time to review the information in the parent handout prior to the meeting.

After the Athletes Meeting, skill evaluation will begin. Follow all coaching instructions for drills and court locations. Drills will be athlete-initiated with coach demonstration and monitoring. This is a tryout, not a clinic, so coaches will offer very limited feedback. You will be evaluated on all beach skills, regardless of your position. The skills evaluation portion of the tryout will last approximately two and a half hours. At the end of the tryout, there will be a concluding meeting led by a coach or USA Volleyball staff member.

2020 Beach High Performance Tryout Plan (PDF)

2020 USAV HP Medical Release Form

After the Tryout

After the tryout has concluded, make sure you leave the facility with all of your gear (water bottle, shoes, backpack, etc.) and thank your coaches for their time. Evaluations from tryouts are not released to athletes. Make sure you are familiar with the Selection Process, this page details what happens after tryouts and has information about summer program selection.

USAV High Performance Parent Handout 2020

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USAV HP Player Medical Waiver Form