Volleyball Test for All
Download a great test & answer sheet, to use as an ice breaker for coaching clinics, Impact clinics and players clinics.

USAV Court Number Signs
Here are the two options for printing USAV court numbers. One is an 11x17 one-sided print, the other is a normal 8.5x11 one-sided print. Pick one and print two copies, and fasten with tape or something else in the space at the top of the net between the antenna and the standard. We have tested these and they will stay up for months - and can be printed in color or black and white and seen from far across the gym. Tyvek versions will be made and shared with every RVA for the upcoming season. They also will be customized for each region as well, but these two downloads are the fastest way to get clean looking court numbers up right away, for both beach and indoor. 

Download the 11x17 version
Download the 8.5x11 version

Teacher Car Detailing Fundraiser 
This best practice comes from Kathy Scott, high school coach in Connecticut. "Our high school team detailed the teachers' cars on a teacher workday for a great fundraiser! We worked while they worked. We cleaned the windows and vacuumed the entire car. They made reservations, dropped their keys off and parked in designated area, we labeled, had stations set up and then when their car was cleaned we placed a letter of thanks, checklist of what was cleaned, who cleaned their car, the parent that inspected it and attached an envelope for payment and a schedule of our games inviting them to attend. Have to say, of all fundraisers this made the biggest impact and we now have some big fans on our teaching staff and they want it again. We did 19 cars and had to turn down at least five;more wanted it done.

Red Ribbon Week
Contact local schools to offer to produce volleyball assemblies during Red Ribbon Anti-Drug Week. Promote a healthy lifestyle by playing volleyball in a gym, in the yard, or on a beach. Volleyball is an anti-drug and a lifelong sport that you can enjoy with your friends. The assemblies would include short drills and skills session using volunteers from the crowd. Then play a few games between experienced players and the teachers or mixing inexperienced student volunteers with experienced players. The games should be short—play to 8 or 10. Beach balls in the stands make for a fun experience for the students not involved with the games. Following the assembly is an ideal time to visit each classroom to promote programming that you are offering. Some schools will even pay to have the assembly produced.

State Games
The National State Games are held every other year, while most states have annual state game competitions in volleyball. You can schedule playing in these events for your program, as they provide a great way to meet new volleyball players and programs from all over your state. If you live in a state that does not have volleyball in the State Games, please consider contacting your State Games office and volunteer your program's assistance to add volleyball, including USAV one event membership, to the sport offerings. Options of course include offering six-person indoor, four person on grass, doubles on sand, coed and single gender, youth and adult. Go to for more information on this programming opportunity.

Summer Camps
This idea is the most common one performed by colleges, high schools and club programs, with players coaching. Ideas in running a great summer camp, culled from some 400 camps run all over the world and all 50 states in the USA, are found in the USAV Summer Camp information packet. Email for more information.