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Parents Getting Involved - Delta Region

See a great new project that Delta Region has used and has giving their Stamp of Approval! Get parents involved!


Leave the Ball Behind Program
This program has expanded beyond the U.S. Open and U.S. Junior Nationals where over the past decade more than 2,000 volleyballs have been donated by teams at the end of their season. They have gone primarily to our zonal North America, Central America and Caribbean (NORCECA) nations, to Starlings USA economically disadvantaged programs and to U.S. Armed Forces serving overseas. The request is simple: for each team in their season-ending event to autograph with permanent ink pens good luck wishes on one ball, which is then collected by the officiating team at the end of the match. All it takes is to notify the Leave a Ball Program request in advance to all participating teams. Then, leave a short note for the officials to read to teams/captains in the final day of any divisional season-ending tournament and have some Sharpie pens (multi colors preferred to brighten each ball with goodwill messages), some inflation needles to flatten the donated balls, and boxes to contain/ship the balls. For more information about the program, read the "Leave a Ball Behind" posting in the Growing the Game Together blog.

Find More Trained Officials
Match point is awarded to the Florida Region for this great idea to help get more officials from the grassroots and affiliated organizations involved in USA Volleyball's programming. When faced with a shortage of officials for USAV Junior Nationals and adult competitions, the coaches, staff and other leaders each got copies of this business sized card, and handed them out to any official they saw working, and to others thinking about becoming an official. They officials more than doubled their number of new trained USAV officials in one year. Kudos to James, Steve and all the Florida leadership!

Bill of Rights for Parents when Joining a Club

I have the right to:  
  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • share in the leadership and decision making of your athlete
  • approach the leadership of the club organization with which you are involved
  • cheer for your child in a positive manner
  • verify your coaches/team qualifications
  • ask questions and receive answers
  • ensure that the adults involved with your child are positive role models
  • talk to parents, other players and/or other clubs
  • have your child tryout without discrimination
  • request a clear disclosure of financial obligations
  • have a written clubs statement of philosophy
  • be informed about your child's role on the team
  • have your child tryout out for more than one club and be allowed time to make a decision as specified by the tryout policy
  • the knowledge of the time, travel and financial commitment of your involvement with the club/team.
  • knowledge of how many spots are available before tryouts begin
  • remove your child from an event/practice if you feel it is unsafe for your child to continue without repercussions
  • know that all club affiliated staff are members of the NCVA and background checked.
  • ask your club director if they adhere to all State and Federal business requirements and laws

is for praising, which your child needs often.
A is for accepting, so hard edges will soften.
R is for recognizing your child's many talents.
E is for encouraging a good healthy balance.
N is for nurturing, to help your child grow.
T is for teaching, then letting go.
S is for smiling at the growth and the glow.

Score Flippers & Self Referee
While national events and competition deserve two quality referees and official scorekeeping, it is tough on your manpower needs and increase in costs. For most of the ideas presented here, having a player keep score by just flipping the scoreboard is plenty. You can also get away without even having a scoreboard, but instead having each server call out the current score, before serving. Having one referee is also enough, and many of these ideas will run great with the players self-calling. Indeed, given a choice between having a referee or a score flipper, most kids would rather self-referee, calling their own as part of learning and interacting, and not having to worry as much about calling out the score, as the flipper does that. Keep the costs down, and keep the kids thinking by getting the playing teams to do all the officiating. It is a best practice at the grassroots level.

GRO - Grass Roots Outreach Clinic  
Chair of the USAV Grassroots Commission Eric Hodgson, an Arizona RVA staffer, did a Park and Rec clinic recently and found that only one coach out of the more than 30 in attendance knew what Monarch/Queen/King of the Court was as a game and scoring concept. This PowerPoint addresses the core topics these important coaches need in a 90-minute in the gym clinic. Download the PowerPoint file, allowing RVAs and Junior Olympic Volleyball Clubs helping grow the game with this GRO clinic to customize the logo and text as desired.

NCR Volleyball GRO Region Area Tournament Project
USAV's North Country Regional Commissioner Judy Praska shared her RVA's ideas at the recent regional meetings, shown in this PowerPoint downloadable file. The creation of more regional tournaments in the far flung RVA that includes South and North Dakota, the UP - Upper Peninsula of Michigan and all of Minnesota, has help cut travel costs and increase membership.

Iowa Volleyball GRO Youth Development Project
USAV's Iowa regional staffer Michelle Goodall shared her RVA's ideas at the October regional meetings Best Practices in Youth session as shown in the PowerPoint downloadable file. The Iowa RVA invests in the future through youth programming, while also developing an exemplary High Performance program for those athletes seeking that challenge.

Have an Area or Statewide VolleyBloom Day
Get with the USAV RVA and work to set aside a day in the fall or spring, when every member of your program goes out on the same day to teach the game to a new group, no matter how small or large. Connect with any group of people, kids or adults and teach balloon ball in a senior center or to a day care - Help the PE teachers teach the game better with your new ideas from the SportKit DVD and this article. Leave copies of a SportKit DVD with each group, since you can copy the DVD inexpensively and freely. Be their local expert or mentor. If every USAV member connected with just five other kids or adults, we would hit the million participant mark!

Ontario Volleyball Association - How Clubs Recruit, Retain, and Develop Coaches
USA Volleyball works with the leaders in all the nations in our NORCECA aone to grow the game. Our closest partner is the Canadian Volleyball Association and its member state organizations.  This happens in all levels and disciplines of volleyball, including beach and the sitting game. Jason Trepanier, technical director of Ontario Volleyball Association, shares this example that applies to all our junior programs, regardless of which side of the Canada/USA border you live. Click here for additional information on the OVA program.

Club Information College Match Night
This event was held at an Arizona State University home match where the mezzanine fit over 30 different tables of JOV clubs sharing information about their upcoming season programming. This allowed parents and players to visit club staff from all over the area in one stop - while also getting a chance to see one of the top NCAA programs in the state in action. Average attendance was below 500 spectators for a home match, but this USAV Junior Volleyball Club night saw nearly 2,000 fans watch an epic five game struggle. A win-win for all no matter what the final score.

Adult Player Clinics
The Palmetto RVA shared with us that they are doing skill clinics with discounted memberships. Excerpts from their offering include:

"Volleyball Skills Clinic this coming Saturday from 10am-12 noon. The event is mostly for adults, but teens are welcome as well. There will be a second skills clinic focusing on team concepts such as serve/receive, defense, offensive plays, strategies, etc. We will also be talking about the volleyball club and our efforts to get more adults playing in tournaments and leagues indoors and outdoors. You will have the chance to join the VC at a discounted price for participating in a clinic. The winter indoor season is about to begin and there are adult tournaments as well as Junior tournaments to participate in. We need players to organize teams for these events and we are happy to help you get started. If you can't make the clinics, please contact me with any questions and I'll be happy to answer them. Please remember the USAV membership fee will be at a discounted rate of $25 until 12/1, and $35 beginning 12/1. You can visit their web site at"