Boys and Men's Development

To aid in boys development, here are some of the best practices from around the country: 

Increasing Awareness for Boys Volleyball at Tournaments
Include boys volleyball teams at major girls events. Designate a court or two for boys or men to use during the girls tournament. Coordinate with high school, club or collegiate programs to get their guys involved. Charge nothing or minimal amounts for those teams to participate. You should provide contact information about clubs and teams in the area where interested boys can get involved.

Mad Hatter Event
For this event, everyone signs up as an individual, and new teams are drawn before every round. Depending on how many courts you have, you can draw numbers out of a hat or use poker chips. All players with the same number or color are a team for that set. Play one set to 25, take a short water break, record their scores on a big blank chart with their names and a bunch of other blank columns for their score difference each set (example +4 or -4) and then redraw teams. At the end, total everyone's score for prizes. You can give out prizes for the highest score, lowest score and the score closest to zero. The main advantage to this is that you DO NOT have to have a team to come out and play.

Add Boys
Since much of the sport at the youth level is directed at girls, adding boys, in either a coed training fashion, or as a team, is strongly encouraged to enhance your program. Your program can help the middle and elementary schools to add girls AND boys teams for inter-school training and competition. Your players and parents can help guide, coach and train the school leagues.

Boys Spring Volleyball Project
Taking the three-team pool "Date Nite" league idea into a program to grow boys 13 and under programming, this pamphlet shows how a club or program can create an inexpensive, coed optional, after-school league to give more boys the chance to experience volleyball on a lower 7'4 ¼" net. Each evening's competition only takes three hours, yet provides as much competition as many nearly all day tournaments. Download this informative USAV Grassroots department document.