Beach Development Camp
In order to facilitate regions who are seeking to start beach or outdoor programming in their region but are not ready to field a Beach HP program or are looking to recruit new athletes to the outdoor disciplines, we can partner with your region to run a Beach/Sand or Grass Development Camp. We will come to you and help your region, staff and coaches learn how to run an efficient, productive and fun outdoor camp. We can schedule dates between the end of your local school year and the beginning of August.

Start Beach Programming 
As a separate discipline, kids and adults can create and play for any USAV beach program with generally no club restrictions. A USAV membership lasts through October 31. RVAs have an outdoor/summer and outdoor league membership options, so new players can join USAV at a reduced charge, or you can use one event membership in the $5-10 range per event. Let them play grass or sand, two vs. two - guide them but give them a break from coaching, and let the game teach the game, by playing and problem solving on their own. Self-referee, self-score, self-teach, and have tons of fun.

Build a Sand/Grass Court
Many parents call USA Volleyball asking for advice for the best way to advance the skills of their child. As there is no personal equipment to really buy to improve one's performance, the answer comes down to playing the game more. Thus, the best equipment to buy is a court - portable or permanent; on sand or on grass. Then, let the kids play. No coaching just let the game teach the game. Let them have fun, create their own games and scoring and solve their own officiating problems. Arrange for a regular time and place for everyone to bring their own courts, so you create a multi-court gathering which will make things even more fun. If you have a large grass area, cross 2x4s into a tall "X" as a standard, widening the bottom legs to make it lower or narrowing the leg distance apart to raise it. Then run either just rope or linked inexpensive nets from being staked into the ground across the field for a distance (with more "X" standards to hold things up if needed) and then stake it back down. Invite kids from different schools and programs to come over and let them play mixed, coed or single gender, and create their own games, leagues and scoring options.

One great example of this is seen in the Van Zweiten family of Florida. They built a lighted sand court in their back yard, and since then have sent three of their sons to National High Performance camps and FIVB international beach events. One son was selected as the best high school boy’s indoor player in the state and that same year went on to win a silver medal in the FIVB World U19 Beach Championships. Their youngest won the U15 regional beach title and participated in the National HP Camp at age 10. This chance to contact the ball each time it crosses the net, by playing doubles, and to read and learn to play over the net, greatly improved every area of their indoor play. Karch Kiraly, selected by the FIVB in 1995 as the greatest player in the world in the first 100 years of the sport started by playing doubles volleyball with his father against adults. He did not begin the six person indoor game, with far fewer contacts for learning until he was older. By then, he had had tens of thousands of over the net, gamelike reading, ball contacts; making a solid foundation to build his world class indoor talents upon. 

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