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204 Athletes Taking Part in Womens Open Tryout

By Bill Kauffman ( | Feb. 11, 2020, 6:46 p.m. (ET)

U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly evaluating players at the 2019 U.S. Women's National Team Open Tryout
U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly evaluating players at the 2019 U.S. Women's National Team Open Tryout

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated Feb. 20, 2020 at 9:45 p.m. MT) – The U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout is set for Feb. 21-23 at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with 204 athletes vying for spots into the elite high performance pipeline.

The tryout will evaluate athletes from 94 colleges from across the country for spots on the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Collegiate National Team (CNT) program. Plus, three athletes will also be trying out for the 2020 U.S. Women’s Junior National Team. The breakdown for the tryout includes 62 outside hitters, 45 liberos, 36 middles, 37 setters and 24 opposites.

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly will direct the entire tryout process.

“We're really excited about the CNT program for 2020,” Kiraly said. “Our CNT coaching staff will place a heavy emphasis on teaching, learning and training. The teaching and learning will cover the most important aspects of the Women's National Team program: our culture, our principles, philosophies, techniques and tactics. And the training will give players the chance to put into action all those ideas. Since the programs will take place in the home of the U.S. Olympic Women’s Team, in Anaheim's American Sports Centers, it'll be bristling with opportunities for emulation and inspiration. We're looking forward to starting the process soon, at the WNT Open Tryout in Colorado Springs - can't wait to see everyone there!"

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The tryout will involve four sessions with three waves per session. Friday’s first session goes from 2-8 p.m. MT, while Saturday’s two sessions are at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. The final session on Sunday begins at 7:30 a.m. MT with tournament style play, along with 16-18 athletes selected by the U.S. Women’s National Team staff to participate in a “USA” training session. The Sunday session wraps up at 10:30 a.m. MT.

All sessions minus the USA training session on Sunday morning will be streamed live by clicking here. USA Volleyball will use #USAVtryout as the event hashtag for photos, notes, quotes and stories posted to its social media platforms Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @usavolleyball.

A vast majority of the current U.S. Women’s National Team athletes have participated in past open tryouts and earned spots into the pipeline, whether going directly to the senior level team or using their selection to the U.S. Collegiate National Team program as a springboard to the national team in future years.

Jordan Thompson and Mary Lake were highlights coming out of the 2019 open tryout as they were invited to train with the U.S. Women’s National Team, while earning a spot on the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League and Olympic qualification tournament rosters. Kathryn Plummer, the two-time AVCA Division I Player of the Year, and Dana Rettke attended the 2018 open tryout and competed for Team USA in 2019. In 2017, current national team members Roni Jones-Perry, Chiaka Ogbogu and Jenna Rosenthal were part of the tryout. The 2016 tryout brought in current Team USA players Jordyn Poulter, Samantha Seliger-Swenson and Hannah Tapp. In 2015, current U.S. Women’s National Team players Rhamat Alhassan, Danielle Cuttino, Mikaela Foecke Richter and Annie Drews participated in the tryout. The 2013 tryout attracted current U.S. Women’s National Team members Tori Dixon, Kim Hill, Karsta Lowe and Kadie Rolfzen. The 2011 tryout saw Kelsey Robinson and Michelle Bartsch-Hackley excel. The 2010 tryout had three future Olympians - Rachael Adams, Carli Lloyd and Kelly Murphy - who won bronze at the 2016 Olympics.

The 2020 U.S. Collegiate National Team program will have 56 athletes selected with 28 each competing in two training time periods. Both programs will train in Anaheim alongside athletes selected for the U.S. Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team and its coaching staff. The CNT Gold will train July 5-12 plus have an international competition in the Southern California area, while the CNT Anaheim group will train June 21-27 and have a Red-Blue intrasquad match in the Southern California area.

Selections for the U.S. Collegiate National Teams will be made by the end of March.

Selected athletes for the U.S. Women’s National Team may begin their training in Anaheim, California, as early as the spring of 2020, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded.

For additional information on the team and to follow the tryout throughout the weekend, click here.

Feb. 21 Wave Schedule (all times listed as Mountain Time)
Red Wave - 2-3:40 p.m.
White Wave - 3:50-5:30 p.m.
Blue Wave - 6:10-7:50 p.m.

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Participants
(Note: * = U.S. Women’s Junior National Team eligible)

Liberos (45)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Feb. 21 Wave)
N38 - Barnes, Carissa (L, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, 3, White)
N16 - Barnes, Lauren (L, Wisconsin, 1, White)
N17 - Benbow, Annie (L, San Diego, 2, Red)
N18 - Bottomley, Abigail (L, High Point, 1, Red)
N1 - Boyer, Joslyn (L, Iowa, 3, White)
N19 - Bramschreiber, Shanel (L, Baylor, 2, White)
N20 - Browske, Ashley (L, Pittsburgh, 3, Blue)
N2 - Bute, Erika (L, Augustana (S.D.), 3, Blue)
N3 - Costello, Savahna (L, Cal St Fullerton, 1, Blue)
N47 - Cox, Jamye (L, Michigan State, 1, Red)
N21 - Fischer, Riley (L, Florida, 2, Red)
N4 - Fleck, Zoe (L, UCLA, 2, White)
N5 - Forsythe, Katie (L, Loyola Maryland, 2, Blue)
N22 - Groover, Karlee (L, Kennesaw State, 1, Red)
N6 - Hiapo, Kamaile (L, Arizona, 3, Red)
N40 - Hornung, Marissa (L, Purdue, 2, White)
N24 - Konovodoff, Martha (L, Marquette, 1, Red)
N25 - Kuck, Dru (L, Kansas State, 3, Red)
N7 - Linke, Catelyn (L, Eastern Washington, 1, White)
N26 - Massey, Grace (L, Oregon State, 1, Red)
N48 - McGraw, Caroline (L, Minnesota, 2, White)
N8 - McKissock, Elizabeth (L, Florida, 4, Red)
N27 - Melville, McKenna (L, UCF, 2, White)
N9 - Moldan, Alena (L, New Mexico, 3, Blue)
N10 - Morgan, Alyssa (L, Colorado-Colorado Springs, 0, Blue)
N41 - Mosley, Logan (L, Virginia Tech, 3, Red)
N28 - Murr, Kylie (L, Ohio State, 3, Red)
N29 - Nuneviller, Brooke (L, Oregon, 2, White)
N42 - Otec, Jena (L, Purdue, 1, White)
N30 - Phillips, Macy (L, Liberty, 1, Blue)
N31 - Ramirez, Hannah (L, Louisiana-Lafayette, 1, Blue)
N32 - Reilly, Emma (L, Appalachian State, 1, Red)
N33 - Roumeliotis, Alexandra (L, Colorado State, 1, Red)
N43 - Scully, Shannon (L, Pepperdine, 1, White)
N11 - Simmons, Kendra (L, North Carolina Central, 0, Red)
N44 - Slagle, Madison (L, Iowa, 2, White)
N45 - Snook, Briella (L, Portland State, 3, Red)
N12 - Solano, Emerson (L, Texas Tech, 1, Red)
N35 - Tastad, Camryn (L, San Diego, 2, Blue)
N36 - Tharp, Lauren (L, Kentucky, 2, White)
N13 - Troyer, Carmen (L, N/A, 0, Blue)
N37 - Weideman, Abigail (L, South Dakota, 2, White)
N14 - Wightman, Lindsay (L, Oakland, 1, Red)
N46 - Williams, Carey (L, Portland, 1, Red)
N15 - Yip, Katherine (L, N/A, 0, Blue)

Middles (36)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Feb. 21 Wave)
R18 - Adekunle, Anota (M, Rice, 2, White)
R19 - Bergmark, Isabella (M, California, 3, Blue)
R20 - Carlton, Jayda (M, Xavier, 2, Red)
R7 - Chukwujekwu, Amaka (M, Boston College, 1, White)
R21 - Davidson, Melody (M, Butler, 2, Red)
R1 - Edo, Jodi (M, Southeastern Louisiana, 0, White)
R22 - Grace, Phoebe (M, Utah, 2, Red)
R9 - Grote, Marin (M, Washington, 2, Blue)
R23 - Hammontree, Faith (M, Kansas State, 4, Blue)
R24 - Hart, Meegan (M, Colorado, 2, Red)
R25 - Hoeft, Shayla (M, Portland, 0, Red)
R26 - Holterhaus, Emily (M, Northern Iowa, 3, White)
R27 - Johnson, Jael (M, Purdue, 2, Red)
R10 - Jones, Karrington (M, Texas Tech, 2, White)
R11 - Kadiku, Brianna (M, Oklahoma, 0, Red)
R2 - Matthews, Lauren (M, Western Kentucky, 2, White)
R28 - McGhee, Kara (M, Baylor, 3, Blue)
R3 - Meeks, Taylor (M, Idaho State, 1, Red)
R4 - Miller, Lindsey (M, Notre Dame, 4, Blue)
R12 - Moss, Erin (M, Georgia Tech, 3, Blue)
R29 - Myers, Kaitlyn (M, Maryland, 2, White)
R13 - Omazic, Tyanna (M, Missouri, 1, White)
R14 - Robinson, Jessica (M, Michigan, 3, White)
R5 - Robinson, Mikayla (M, South Carolina, 1, Red)
R15 - Robinson, Devyn * (M, Wisconsin, 4, Red)
R30 - Rotto, Inga (M, Northern Iowa, 2, Red)
R31 - Russ, Anastasia (M, Pittsburgh, 4, Blue)
R32 - Sanders , Lauren (M, Washington, 1, White)
R33 - Savage, Tristin (M, UCLA, 3, Blue)
R34 - Starks, Sabrina (M, Pittsburgh, 2, White)
R36 - Summers, Sophie (M, Washington, 4, Blue)
R37 - Talbert, Mallory (M, Texas A&M, 2, Red)
R6 - Turner, Lauren (M, San Diego, 3, White)
R16 - Walters, Emmelynn (M, Loyola Marymount, 3, Red)
R35 - White, Whitney (M, North Carolina Central, 0, Blue)
R17 - Wratten, Makina (M, Drury, 2, Blue)

Opposites (24)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Feb. 21 Wave)
B84 - Arndorfer, Kaylissa (OPP, Northern Iowa, 3, Red)
B85 - Bannister, Taylor (OPP, LSU, 1, White)
B86 - Buzzerio, Courtney (OPP, Iowa, 2, Red)
B95 - Carlton, Holly (OPP, Florida, 1, White)
B96 - Cleveland, Grace (OPP, Purdue, 2, White)
B87 - Cox, Destiny (OPP, North Carolina, 2, Red)
B88 - Drechsel , Samantha (OPP, Washington, 1, Red)
B89 - Dvoracek, Maia (OPP, Cal Poly, 1, Red)
B77 - Finckel, Olivia (OPP, Towson, 0, White)
B78 - Frohling, Grace (OPP, San Diego, 3, White)
B90 - Harris, Heaven (OPP, Northern Arizona, 1, Blue)
B91 - Henley, Kayla (OPP, Middle Tennessee State, 3, Blue)
B98 - Kanas, Brooke (OPP, Texas Tech, 2, Blue)
B79 - Keith, Bailey (OPP, Air Force, 2, Blue)
B80 - Koerber, Kenzie (OPP, Utah, 1, White)
B81 - Lusby, Alexcis (OPP, Washington State, 3, Blue)
B76 - Omoghibo, Ehize (OPP, New Orleans, 0, White)
B82 - Parker, Sterling (OPP, Colorado, 3, Red)
B73 - Pertofsky, May (OPP, Michigan, 3, Red)
B92 - Rush, Treyaunna (OPP, Texas A&M, 3, Blue)
B99 - Szabo, Anezka (OPP, Kansas, 2, Red)
B74 - Tealer, Azhani (OPP, Kentucky, 3, Red)
B93 - Walling, Jamie (OPP, Oakland, 1, White)
B97 - Warner, Haley (OPP, Florida, 2, Red)

Outside Hitters (62)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Feb. 21 Wave)
W35 - Alcantara, Elissa (OH, Colorado, 3, Blue)
W36 - Baird, Caitlin (OH, Stanford, 4, Red)
W37 - Briggs, Paige (OH, Western Kentucky, 3, White)
W61 - Carlson, Brynn (OH, Kansas State, 2, Red)
W38 - Carter, Aliyah * (OH, Kansas State, 4, Blue)
W39 - Cartwright, Margaret (OH, Arkansas, 3, Red)
W5 - Ceasar, T'ara (OH, Florida, 2, Red)
W6 - Chastang, Lauren (OH, Kennesaw State, 1, White)
W7 - Chronowski, Alyssa (OH, Michigan State, 1, Blue)
W8 - Clayton, Leah (OH, Colorado, 1, Blue)
W56 - Crenshaw, Shannon (OH, Washington, White)
W40 - DeBell, Ciara (OH, Marshall, 1, White)
W41 - Dirrigl, Hailey (OH, Arkansas, 2, Blue)
W62 - Dixon, Anna (OH, Missouri, 3, White)
W9 - Dowd, Mikaila (OH, Georgia Tech, 2, White)
W42 - Drews, Danielle (OH, Utah, 1, White)
W10 - Dugan, Caitlin (OH, Texas Tech, 3, Blue)
W63 - Edwards, Breana (OH, Indiana, 2, Red)
W44 - Fischer, Sophie (OH, Kentucky, 4, Blue)
W11 - Gillen, Jillian (OH, Arkansas, 3, Red)
W64 - Gonzales, Gabby (OH, Ohio State, 3, Red)
W65 - Grunze, Mia (OH, Ohio State, 2, Red)
W12 - Hammons, Paige (OH, Florida, 1, White)
W13 - Harrison, Lauren (OH, Baylor, 3, Blue)
W45 - Hatch, Anne (OH, Iowa State, 3, Blue)
W14 - Hayden, Mariena (OH, UNLV, 1, White)
W15 - Head, Taylor (OH, Arkansas, 4, Blue)
W16 - Headley, Mary * (OH, UCF, 4, Blue)
W51 - Hoffman, Claire (OH, Washington, 3, White)
W66 - Jacobs, Hannah (OH, SMU, 2, Blue)
W1 - Johnson, Amelia (OH, Liberty, 1, Red)
W2 - Jones, Paige (OH, Michigan, 2, Red)
W17 - Juarez, Vittoria (OH, Air Force, 2, Red)
W46 - Juhnke, Elizabeth (OH, South Dakota, 3, White)
W67 - Kenton Davis, Keeley (OH, Creighton, 3, White)
W19 - King, Mellanie (OH, The Citadel, 1, Blue)
W47 - Kipp, Kendall (OH, Stanford, 3, Red)
W48 - Lennon, Nicole (OH, Rice, 1, White)
W20 - Lukes, Katie (OH, San Diego, 2, Red)
W49 - Lund, Kayla (OH, Pittsburgh, 1, White)
W3 - Lyde, Nalani (OH, Charlotte, 4, Blue)
W21 - Mannion Deal, Clare (OH, Ohlone, 3, Blue)
W22 - Markwardt, Sarah (OH, Air Force, 3, Blue)
W50 - Martin, Kaylee (OH, Illinois State, 1, Blue)
W23 - Messenger, BrookeLyn (OH, Air Force, 3, Blue)
W24 - Moore, Jenaisya (OH, Ohio State, 3, Red)
W70 - Newton, Caitlyn (OH, Purdue, 1, White)
W52 - Niego, Charley (OH, Notre Dame, 2, Red)
W26 - Painter, Norah (OH, Xavier, 2, Blue)
W53 - Pritchard, Erika (OH, Maryland, 1, White)
P77 - Robinson, Rhett (OH, North Texas, 2, Blue)
W28 - Robinson, Madelyn (OH, Utah, 2, Red)
W54 - Sangiacomo, Julia (OH, Santa Clara, 3, White)
W55 - Schneggenburger, Jillian (OH, Colorado, 4, Red)
W29 - Shirley, Ohiyah (OH, Fort Lewis, 0, Blue)
W30 - Stumler, Alli (OH, Kentucky, 2, White)
W32 - Valerian, Valerie (OH, North Texas, 1, White)
W33 - Vanden Berg, Hannah (OH, Marquette, 3, White)
W58 - Weatherington, Zoe (OH, Utah, 3, Red)
W59 - Werch, Hope (OH, Marquette, 1, White)
W34 - Wiblin, Roxie (OH, San Diego, 2, Red)
W60 - Wiczek, Grace (OH, Dartmouth, 3, Blue)

Setters (37)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Feb. 21 Wave)
P79 - Adams-Kaonohi, Teana (S, Kansas State, 3, Red)
P62 - Akeo, Lexis (S, Pittsburgh, 3, White)
P80 - Arent, Makenzie (S, Dartmouth, 3, Blue)
P81 - Ashburn, Isabella (S, Wisconsin, 3, Red)
P63 - Bush, Hayley (S, Purdue, 2, White)
P92 - Conner, Camille (S, Texas A&M, 1, White)
P64 - Deluzio, Brynna (S, Colorado, 3, Red)
P65 - DeVries, Sarah (S, Calvin, 0, Blue)
P66 - Easton, Gabrielle (S, Clemson, 3, Blue)
P67 - Ewert, Jenna (S, Colorado, 3, White)
P82 - Fitzner, Emily (S, Indiana, 3, Red)
P68 - Floyd, Ellen (S, Alaska-Anchorage, 2, Blue)
P70 - Fuhr, Megan (S, The Citadel, 1, Red)
P83 - Garard, Mamie (S, San Jose State, 2, Blue)
P84 - Heim, Mary (S, SMU, 2, Red)
P85 - Hendrickson, Camille (S, Florida, 4, Blue)
P56 - Inclán, Jaclyn (S, New Mexico, 2, Blue)
P57 - Jankiewicz, Stefanie (S, Illinois State, 1, White)
P86 - Jurgens, Madison (S, South Dakota, 2, Red)
P71 - Kaahaaina-Torres, Saige (S, Utah, 2, White)
P72 - Kirby, Alexandria (S, Texas Tech, 2, Red)
P73 - Klemp, Audrey (S, Loyola Marymount, 4, Blue)
P74 - Landis, Lillian (S, Air Force, 2, Blue)
P58 - Martin, Anaya (S, Florida, 2, White)
P87 - Mauck, Piper (S, Iowa State, 1, Red)
P88 - McHugh, Gabriela (S, UNC Greensboro, 3, Red)
P59 - McKissock, Mattison (S, Georgia Tech, 2, Blue)
P75 - Monserez, Marlie (S, Florida, 2, White)
P89 - Nunez, Zoe (S, Notre Dame, 2, White)
P76 - Powell, Ella (S, Washington, 3, White)
P60 - Pukis, Hannah (S, Washington State, 3, White)
P77 - Robinson, Kylie (S, Oregon, 3, Red)
P90 - Slavik, Mckenna (S, Clemson, 3, White)
P93 - Thompson, Cali (S, UCLA, 0, Red)
P91 - Vach, Savannah (S, Miami, 3, White)
P78 - Wetterstrom, Annika (S, Charlotte, 4, Red)
P61 - Wonders, Marrisa (S, Towson, 0, Blue)

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Administrators and Coaches

U.S. Women’s National Team
Karch Kiraly – Head Coach
Luka Slabe – Assistant Coach
Tama Miyashiro – Assistant Coach
Erin Virtue – Assistant Coach
Jeff Liu – Technical Coordinator
Chris McGown – Lead Evaluator

Peter Vint (USAV Staff – Chief of Sport)
Meredith Lee (USAV Staff – HP)
Kimmie Beach (USAV Staff – HP)
Nicki Holmes (Rhode Island)
Bill Kauffman (USAV Staff – Communications)
Stephen Munson (USAV Staff – Social Media)
Curtis Ward (USAV Staff – Live Streaming)

Jason Allen (Northern Iowa)
Kayla Banwarth (Ole Miss)
Vicki Brown (Iowa)
Michelle Chatman (USAV HP)
Michelle Collier (Georgia Tech)
Brian Doyon (UCF)
Ray Gooden (Northern Illinois)
Jen Greeny (Washington State)
Jeff Grove (Kansas State)
Jon Newman-Gonchar (New Mexico)
Kolby O’Donnell (Texas A&M)
Mark Rosen (Michigan)
Casey Steinbrecher (James Madison)
Gary White (Wisconsin)
Jason Williams (Baylor)

Court Coaches
Jess Aschenbrenner (Denver)
Jake Barreau (Oklahoma)
Macey Donathan (Arkansas)
Andy Halaz (Missouri S&T)
Emily Kohan (Colorado State)
RJ Lengerich (Marquette)
Skylar Lopas (Florida)
Jimmy Lundgren (San Diego)
Melody Nua (UNLV)
Kathy O’Neil (Empire)
Steve Pike (Brockport)
Michael Runde (South Dakota)
April Sanchez (New Mexico)
Krista Vansant (Indiana)
Jon Wong (Texas Tech)

DataVolley (Stats)
Ben Bahr (Iowa)
OJ Catalan (Florida)
Taylor Filzen (Dayton)
Jeffrey Hicks (Denver)
Brian Hurler (Creighton)
TJ Read (UCF)
April Sanchez (New Mexico)
Ariel Sanchez (New Mexico)
Jon Wong (Texas Tech)

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