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228 Athletes Trying Out for Women's National Team

By Bill Kauffman (bill.kauffman@usav.org) | Feb. 23, 2018, 11:04 a.m. (ET)

Women's National Team Open Tryout

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated March 1, 2018) – The U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout takes place March 2-4 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with 228 athletes vying for spots into the elite high performance pipeline.

Taylor Tashima sets during the 2017 U.S. Women's National Team TryoutThe tryout will athletes from 91 colleges from across the country for spots on the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Collegiate National Team program. The breakdown for the tryout includes 57 outside hitters, 50 middles, 48 liberos, 43 setters and 30 opposites.

A vast majority of the current U.S. Women’s National Team athletes have participated in past open tryouts. As an example, Pepperdine alum Kim Hill (Portland, Oregon) has been a big success story. She took part in the 2013 open tryout and was asked to train with the team in May 2013. Hill started much of the 2013 FIVB World Grand Prix and by 2014 earned the most valuable player award at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in which Team USA won for the first time. Hill would go on to help Team USA win bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Follow Tryout Live Video Stream starting at 2 p.m. MT on March 2


The 2010 Women’s National Team Tryout had three future Olympians that won bronze at the 2016 Olympics. Rachael Adams (Cincinnati, Ohio), Kelly Murphy (Wilmington, Illinois) and Carli Lloyd (Bonsall, California) all were picked to compete in the U.S. Women’s National A2 Program (now referred to as U.S. Collegiate National Team). All three used their High Performance pipeline training to earn spots on the National Team and eventually the Olympic Games roster.

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly will direct the entire tryout process. The list of athletes attending the tryout can be viewed at the bottom of this release or by clicking here.

The tryout will involve four sessions with three waves per session. Friday’s first session goes from 2-8 p.m. MT, while Saturday’s sessions are at 8 a.m. (focus on serve/receive and individual work) and 2 p.m. (middle-centered and out-of-system focus). The final session on Sunday begins at 7:30 a.m. MT with tournament style play, along with 16-18 athletes selected by the U.S. Women’s National Team staff to participate in a “USA” training session. The Sunday session wraps up at 10:30 a.m. MT. Fans wishing to attend the tryout in Sports Center II should access the U.S. Olympic Training Center through the entrance on Union Boulevard.

All sessions minus the USA training session on Sunday morning will be streamed live and available for free by clicking here. USA Volleyball will use #USAVtryout as the event hashtag for photos, notes, quotes and stories posted to its social media platforms Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @usavolleyball.

Selected athletes for the U.S. Women’s National Team may begin their training in Anaheim, California, as early as the spring of 2018, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded.

The U.S. Collegiate National Team program has three competition options:

  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – May 20-31, CNT Asia (International)
  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – July 4-15, CNT Europe (International)
  • U.S. Women’s Collegiate National Team – June 22-July 1, CNT-Detroit, Michigan (Domestic)

Selections for the U.S. Collegiate National Teams will be made by the end of March.

For additional information on the team and to follow the tryout throughout the weekend, click here.

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Participants

Friday Tryout Waves = Red - 2 p.m. MT; White - 4 p.m. MT; Blue - 6:10 p.m. MT

Liberos (48)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Friday Tryout Wave)
N22 - Reyn Akiu (L, Hawaii, 2, Blue)
N41 - Lauren Barnes (L, Minnesota, 3, Blue)
N45 - Sophie Beckley (L, Minnesota, 1, Blue)
N26 - Adele Bradley (L, Duquesne, 3, Blue)
N25 - Shanel Bramschreiber (L, Baylor, 4, Blue)
N35 - Emily Butters (L, Missouri St., 2, Red)
N47 - Tiffany Clark (L, Wisconsin, 2, White)
N37 - Jamye Cox (L, Michigan St., 3, White)
N36 - Gabby Curry (L, Kentucky, 3, White)
N13 - Jordan Daniels (L, Air Force, 3, White)
N30 - Angelica Dippold (L, Lourdes, 2, Blue)
N28 - Alexis Dirige (L, Washington St., 2, Red)
N20 - Mary Dodge (L, Wisconsin, 2, White)
N33 - Brianna Doehrmann (L, Utah, 2, Red)
N10 - Devan Fairfield (L, Kansas St., 1, White)
N18 - Madison Ford (L, Drake, 3, Blue)
N06 - Bailey French (L, Texas Woman's, 2, Red)
N49 - Allison Gregory (L, Florida, 3, Red)
N12 - Hannah Gruensfelder (L, The Ohio St., 3, Red)
N24 - Sarah Hellman (L, Air Force, 1, Red)
N19 - Madison Howell (L, Clemson, 3, Blue)
N02 - Taylor Jacky (L, William Jessup, 2, Blue)
N11 - Halle Johnston (L, Iowa, 3, Red)
N44 - Reilly Killeen (L, Kansas St., 1, Red)
N27 - Alexandra King (L, Air Force, 3, White)
N34 - Hana Lishman (L, Pepperdine, 2, Blue)
N16 - Lauren Litzau (L, Minnesota, 2, Blue)
N29 - Amanda Love (L, Virginia Commonwealth, 0, Red)
N15 - Kylee Macke (L, Drake, 3, Blue)
N09 - Caroline McGraw (L, Minnesota, 4, Blue)
N07 - Brenna McIlroy (L, Auburn, 1, White)
N23 - Samantha McLean (L, Michigan St., 2, White)
N03 - Allie Nelson (L, Kansas, 2, Blue)
N43 - Olivia Novotny (L, Denver, 1, Red)
N21 - Morgan O'Brien (L, Illinois, 3, White)
N04 - Aniah Philo (L, Baylor, 1, White)
N17 - Lexi Pitsas (L, Northwestern, 3, Red)
N31 - Anne Rasmussen (L, South Dakota, 2, Red)
N46 - Sydney Robinson (L, Vernon College, 2, Blue)
N38 - Jocelyn Rodriguez (L, California St. Bakersfield, 0, Blue)
N32 - Averi Salvador (L, Temple, 3, White)
N42 - Molly Sauer (L, Louisville, 1, White)
N39 - Kallie Seimet (L, Bowling Green St., 1, Red)
N01 - Riley Sents (L, Missouri, 2, Blue)
N48 - Jalissa Trotter (L, Syracuse, 1, White)
N40 - Kristin Watson (L, UMBC, 1, Red)
N14 - Kelsey Wicinski (L, Florida St., 1, White)
N08 - Brittany Witt (L, Creighton, 2, Red)

Middles (50)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Friday Tryout Wave)
B15 - Rachel Anderson (M, Western Kentucky, 1, White)
B13 - Majesti Bass (M, Georgia, 1, Red)
B28 - Kayla Buford (M, Minnesota, 1, Blue)
B10 - Kayla Caffey (M, Missouri, 3, White)
B03 - Amanda Chamberlain (M, North Texas, 0, Red)
B23 - Devyn Cross (M, Arizona, 2, Blue)
B31 - Krysteena Davis (M, Oakland, 1, Blue)
B21 - Candice Denny (M, Arizona, 3, White)
B35 - Santita Ebangwese (M, Syracuse, 1, White)
B17 - Shelly Fanning (M, Baylor, 2, White)
B26 - Jordan Fry (M, The Ohio St., 2, Blue)
B12 - Madeleine Gates (M, UCLA, 2, White)
B43 - Anna Gragg (M, Liberty, 2, Blue)
B51 - Deja Harris (M, San Diego State, 1, White)
B45 - Danielle Hart (M, Wisconsin, 4, Red)
B27 - Julia Hatcher (M, Michigan St., 3, Blue)
B40 - Zoe Hill (M, Kansas, 2, Red)
B47 - Kirstie Hillyer (M, Colorado St., 2, White)
B22 - Chelsea Hudson (M, Florida International, 2, Blue)
B09 - Kathryn Keenan (M, Texas Tech, 1, Red)
B08 - Darrielle King (M, Florida, 2, Blue)
B14 - Rachael Kramer (M, Florida, 2, White)
B37 - Tawnee Luafalemana (M, Utah, 0, White)
B05 - Claire Martin (M, Washington St., 1, Blue)
B29 - Keira Moore (M, North Carolina St., 1, Red)
B44 - Brooke Morgan (M, Kentucky, 1, Red)
B38 - Taylor Morgan (M, Minnesota, 2, Blue)
B02 - Alyssa Munlyn (M, Missouri, 1, White)
B04 - Avalyn Niece (M, Washington, 2, Blue)
B42 - Berkeley Oblad (M, Utah, 1, White)
B30 - Kelsey O'Neill (M, Iowa, 0, Red)
B50 - Christina Oyawale (M, Syracuse, 1, Red)
B46 - Elizabeth Pamphile (M, Arkansas, 3, Red)
B19 - Addison Picha (M, San Diego, 1, White)
B16 - Regan Pittman (M, Minnesota, 3, Red)
B06 - Dana Rettke (M, Wisconsin, 3, White)
B34 - Piper Roe (M, Louisville, 3, Blue)
B32 - Kyra Rogers (M, UCLA, 1, White)
B25 - Jenna Rosenthal (M, Marquette, 1, White)
B11 - Lauren Sanders (M, Washington, 3, Red)
B36 - Symone Speech (M, Georgetown, 1, White)
B18 - Quin Sutphin (M, Kennesaw St., 3, Blue)
B07 - Danielle Tedesco (M, Albany, 3, Blue)
B01 - Allison White (M, Texas Tech, 3, Red)
B41 - M'Kaela White (M, James Madison, 2, Blue)
B39 - Tionna Williams (M, Wisconsin, 1, Red)
B24 - Emmaline Willis (M, Denver, 1, Red)
B41 - Amber Witherspoon (M, Syracuse, 1, Red)
B33 - Lauren Witte (M, The Ohio St., 3, Red)
B48 - Margaret Wolowicz (M, Northern Illinois, 1, Red)

Outside Hitters (57)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Friday Tryout Wave)
W10 - Taylor Agost (OH, Oregon, 0, White)
W59 - Athena Ardila (OH, Northeastern, 3, Red)
W07 - Chandler Atwood (OH, Texas Tech, 2, Red)
W04 - Brooke Bailey (OH, Clemson, 2, Blue)
W55 - Tabitha Brown (OH, Wichita St., 1, Blue)
W42 - Jada Burse (OH, Kansas, 2, Blue)
W26 - Payton Caffrey (OH, Florida St., 2, White)
W05 - Brynn Carlson (OH, Kansas St., 3, Red)
W56 - T'Ara Ceasar (OH, Georgia, 3, White)
W32 - Erin Chatman (OH, North Carolina St., 1, Blue)
W06 - Cathryn Cheek (OH, Drake, 1, Blue)
W36 - Alyssa Chronowski (OH, Michigan St., 3, Blue)
W61 - Leah Clayton (OH, East Tennessee St., 2, Red)
W18 - Kendra Dahlke (OH, Arizona, 1, Red)
W41 - Hayley Dotseth (OH, South Dakota, 1, Red)
W47 - Leah Edmond (OH, Kentucky, 2, White)
W62 - Alyssa Enneking (OH, Oklahoma, 1, White)
W46 - Lauren Fuller (OH, San Diego, 1, Red)
W33 - Lauga Gauta (OH, Utah, 1, Blue)
W50 - Mckenna Granato (OH, Hawaii, 2, White)
W01 - Amanda Green (OH, Louisville, 2, Red)
W24 - Morgyn Greer (OH, Florida, 2, Blue)
W37 - Andrea Hale (OH, Weber St., 1, Red)
W08 - Elizabeth Hall (OH, Florida, 4, White)
W52 - Paige Hammons (OH, Florida, 3, White)
W35 - Alexis Hart (OH, Minnesota, 2, White)
W09 - Emily Hill (OH, Texas Tech, 2, White)
W14 - Katie Houser (OH, Georgia, 1, Blue)
W57 - Taryn Kloth (OH, Creighton, 1, White)
W17 - Kaylin Korte (OH, Clemson, 2, Red)
W60 - Kiley Lewis (OH, Boise St., 3, Blue)
W16 - Kayla Lund (OH, Pittsburgh, 3, Red)
W27 - Sarah Maras (OH, Oklahoma, 3, Blue)
W43 - Jasmyn Martin (OH, Minnesota, 3, Blue)
W49 - Mackenzie May (OH, UCLA, 3, White)
W22 - Melanie McHenry (OH, Louisville, 2, White)
W48 - Leketor Member-Meneh (OH, Missouri, 3, Blue)
W44 - Jennifer Mosser (OH, UCLA, 3, Red)
W51 - Meredith Norris (OH, Michigan St., 3, Blue)
W31 - Carlyle Nusbaum (OH, Lipscomb, 1, White)
W15 - Kathryn Plummer (OH, Stanford, 2, White)
W58 - Yossiana Pressley (OH, Baylor, 3, White)
W53 - Rachel Ritchie (OH, Georgia, 3, Red)
W25 - Nia Robinson (OH, Northwestern, 3, Red)
W34 - Adanna Rollins (OH, Minnesota, 4, Blue)
W20 - Lindsey Ruddins (OH, UC Santa Barbara, 2, White)
W21 - Jess Schaben (OH, Iowa St., 1, White)
W39 - Sarah Sharp (OH, Idaho, 1, Blue)
W03 - Avery Skinner (OH, Kentucky, 3, Red)
W02 - Ashley Smith (OH, Kansas, 2, Blue)
W23 - Mia Sokolowski (OH, Florida, 3, Blue)
W40 - Denise Ssozi (OH, Air Force, 2, Blue)
W38 - Ashley Wheeler (OH, Midland, 0, Blue)
W54 - Roxanne Wiblin (OH, San Diego, 3, Red)
W11 - Jaali Winters (OH, Creighton, 1, White)
W45 - Jessica Wolf (OH, Wisconsin-Green Bay, 1, Red)
W19 - Kylee Zumach (OH, Kansas St., 1, White)

Opposites (30)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Friday Tryout Wave)
R93 - Hannah Bailey (OPP, Iowa St., 1, Blue)
R80 - Danielle Barton (OPP, Utah, 3, Red)
R77 - Haley Bilbruck (OPP, Southeast Missouri St., 1, Blue)
R72 - Lindsey Calvin (OPP, Saint Mary's (Calif.), 1, Blue)
R67 - Megan Cooney (OPP, Illinois, 3, Red)
R88 - Reghan Coyle (OPP, Iowa, 1, Red)
R97 - Danielle Cuttino (OPP, Purdue, 0, White)
R90 - Madison Duello (OPP, Wisconsin, 2, White)
R98 - Audriana Fitzmorris (OPP, Stanford, 2, White)
R92 - Jada Gardner (OPP, Maryland, 3, Blue)
R99 - Angel Gaskin (OPP, TBA, 1, Red)
R66 - Jademone Jones (OPP, Savannah St., 0, Blue)
R91 - Kenzie Koerber (OPP, Utah, 3, White)
R89 - Rebecca Latham (OPP, Denver, 1, Red)
R79 - Elizabeth Loschen (OPP, South Dakota, 2, Blue)
R65 - Merete Lutz (OPP, Stanford, 0, White)
R82 - Brittany Maxwell (OPP, DePaul, 1, White)
R85 - Taylor Mims (OPP, Washington St., 1, White)
R64 - Gloria Mutiri (OPP, Kansas St., 4, Blue)
R83 - Akuabata Okenwa (OPP, Albany, 2, Red)
R73 - Kayla Principato (OPP, Denver, 0, Red)
R76 - Izabella Rapacz (OPP, Temple, 0, White)
R68 - Stephanie Samedy (OPP, Minnesota, 3, White)
R95 - Elle Sandbothe (OPP, Kansas St., 2, Blue)
R87 - Sarah Sanders (OPP, Oklahoma, 3, Blue)
R96 - Elizabeth Shelton (OPP, Arizona, 3, Red)
R86 - Sydni Shelton (OPP, Kennesaw St., 1, Red)
R75 - Jaila Tolbert (OPP, Virginia Tech, 1, Red)
R71 - Marijke Van Dyke (OPP, Louisville, 3, Blue)
R74 - Jessica Young (OPP, Howard, 0, Red)

Setters (44)
Jersey # - Athlete (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining, Friday Tryout Wave)
P72 - Kamalani Akeo (S, Pittsburgh, 1, Red)
P97 - Audrey Alford (S, Oklahoma, 1, Blue)
P91 - Mica Allison (S, Auburn, 4, Blue)
P84 - Frances Arnautou (S, Yale, 2, Blue)
P94 - Edie Brewer (S, North Carolina A&T State, 3, Blue)
P99 - Ashley Brown (S, Washington St., 2, White)
P59 - Bailey Choy (S, Utah, 2, Red)
P73 - Kyra Coundourides (S, Temple, 0, White)
P85 - Brynna Deluzio (S, Colorado, 3, White)
P58 - Emily Demure (S, Colorado, 3, Blue)
P65 - Sarah Dixon (S, Kansas St., 2, Red)
P68 - Meghan Donovan (S, Georgia, 2, White)
P87 - Adrian Ell (S, Florida St., 4, Blue)
P98 - Ashley Evans (S, Purdue, 0, White)
P63 - Sydney Hilley (S, Wisconsin, 3, White)
P55 - Norene Iosia (S, Hawaii, 3, White)
P81 - Jordan Lentz (S, Oakland, 1, Red)
P76 - Kylee Levers (S, Pittsburgh, 3, Blue)
P71 - Madison Lilley (S, Kentucky, 3, White)
P82 - Hannah Lockin (S, Baylor, 3, Red)
P64 - Shelby Martin (S, East Carolina, 3, Red)
P67 - Piper Matsumoto (S, LIU - Brooklyn, 3, Blue)
P75 - Kylee McLaughlin (S, Oklahoma, 3, Red)
P70 - Margaret Midgette (S, Michigan St., 2, Blue)
P89 - Rhegan Mitchell (S, Virginia Tech, 1, Red)
P66 - Sara Nielsen (S, Minnesota, 3, Blue)
P78 - Katie Oleksak (S, Colorado St., 2, White)
P93 - Gabrielle Orr (S, Iowa, 3, White)
P80 - Julia Patterson (S, Arizona, 2, Red)
P74 - Kylie Pickrell (S, North Carolina St., 1, White)
P92 - Jordyn Poulter (S, Illinois, 1, White)
P79 - Katelyn Ranes (S, Texas Woman's, 2, Red)
P96 - August Raskie (S, Oregon, 1, Red)
P61 - Tess Reid (S, Loyola Marymount, 2, Red)
P90 - Rachel Rippee (S, Arkansas, 2, Red)
P88 - Samantha Seliger-Swenson (S, Minnesota, 1, White)
P54 - Gabrielle Simpson (S, Kansas, 1, White)
P95 - Brooke Smith (S, Kansas St., 1, Red)
P77 - Kristen Stucker (S, Austin Peay St., 1, Blue)
P56 - Taylor Tashima (S, Northwestern, 0, White)
P83 - Haley Templeton (S, Miami (Fla.), 1, White)
P86 - Brooke Westbeld (S, Dayton, 3, Blue)
P62 - Taylor Wolf (S, Wisconsin-Green Bay, 3, Blue)

U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Administrators and Coaches

U.S. Women’s National Team
Karch Kiraly
Erin Virtue
Tama Miyashiro
Jon Newman-Gonchar
Jeff Liu

Tom Pingel
Sam Hubbard
Kassidi Gilgenast
Lizzy Briones
Meredith Lee
Kimberly Beach
Heath Hoke
Bill Kauffman
Matt Podschweit
Russ Walker
Steve Hutcheson
Denise Corlett
Jay Van Vark
Jeff Wanderer

Dani Busboom
Michelle Chatman-Smith
Keegan Cook
Todd Dagenais
Lindsey Devine
Ray Gooden
Jenny Hazelwood
Nicki Holmes
Dennis Janzen
Tim Kelly
Jim Stone
Rod Wilde
Mary Wise
Marie Zidek
Chris Tamas

Court Coaches
Fabian Ardila
Billy Ebel
Jeff Grove
Trent Kersten
Lee Maes
Kevin Moore
Michael Obeso
Steve Pike
Paula Schwan
Kelly Surrency
Blaine Tendler
Gary White
Samantha Wolinski

Jessica Aschenbrenner
Justin Chang
Eduardo Fiallos
Andrew Fischer
Taylor Filzen
Beau Lawler
Natalie Morgan
Jon Wong

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