33 Teams Now Qualified for GJNC18s in Anaheim

By Bill Kauffman (bill.kauffman@usav.org) | Feb. 11, 2018, 4:49 p.m. (ET)

2017 USA Volleyball Girls' 18s Junior National Championships

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 11, 2018) – The USA Volleyball Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships (GJNC18s) filled 10 additional spots through two qualifiers held Feb. 2-4.

A total of 33 teams have earned berths to the national championships that take place April 27-29 in Anaheim.

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At the Music City Volleyball Championships, five of the six teams earning berths to GJNC18s hail from different regions of the country. Aspire 18 Rox (Arizona Region) won the Open Division after defeating OPU 18 Rox Blue (Florida Region). Both teams earned tickets to nationals.

A5 Mizuno 18 John (Southern Region) won the Music City Volleyball Championships USA Division ahead of second-place Prime 18 adidas (Southern California Region) and Colorado Juniors 18 Malia (Rocky Mountain Region). All three medalist garnered berths to the GJNC18s.

GA5 18-1 April claimed the American Division title at the Music City Volleyball Championship. The squad took home the event’s only American Division berth to nationals.

The Ohio Valley Qualifier was held the same weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and distributed four total bids to GJNC18s. Legacy 18-Elite (Lakeshore Region) won the Open Division, which only had one berth to award.

In the USA Division of the Ohio Valley Qualifier, Elite VBTC 18 Chelsea (Ohio Valley Region) defeated region rival CVC 18 Dixon (Ohio Valley Region) in the title match. Both teams accepted their spots into the GJNC18s.

Maryland Juniors 18 Elite (Chesapeake Region) won the American Division title at the Ohio Valley Qualifier, thus earning the event’s only American Division bid to GJNC18s.

The 2018 schedule includes 10 additional GJNC18s qualifiers in which teams can earn a bid to nationals.

Along with bids through national qualifiers in the Open, USA and American Divisions, teams can qualify for the national championship through regional bids in the National Division. American Division bids can also be earned through regional qualification. Teams can also sign up to compete at nationals in the Patriot Division without having to go through a qualification process.

Qualified teams to GJNC18s and Placements at National Qualifiers

Girls’ Winter Volleyball Championship
Chicago, Illinois * Jan. 13-15
Open: 1st – Circle City 18 Purple (Hoosier Region); 2nd - TI Elite 181 (Hoosier Region)
USA: 1st – OT 18 S. Tom (Florida Region); 2. IPVA 18 Black (Iowa Region)
American: 1st – SWVBC G18 (Badger Region)

Kansas City MLK 18s National Qualifier
Kansas City, Missouri * Jan. 13-15
Open: 1st – KC Power 18-1 (Heart of America Region); 2nd – HPSTL 18 Royal (Gateway Region)
USA: 1st – Northern Lights 18-2 (North Country Region); 2nd – Premier Nebraska 18 Gold (Great Plains Region); 3rd – ASICS MAVS 18-1 (Heart of America Region)
American: 1st – Iowa Rockets 18R (Iowa Region)

Northern Lights
Omaha, Nebraska * Jan. 26-28
Open: 1st – Milwaukee Sting Gold (Badger Region); 2nd – Minnesota Select 1-1 (North Country Region)
USA: 1st – Premier Nebraska 18 Gold (Great Plains Region) – already qualified; 2nd – ASICS MAVS 18-1 (Heart of America Region) – already qualified; 3rd – Milwaukee Sting 18 Black (Badger Region); Rocky Select 18 Jackie (Rocky Mountain Region); Dynasty 18 Blue (Heart of America Region)
American: 1st – Nebraska Elite 18 Envy (Great Plains Region)

AVC – Dallas 18s Qualifier
Dallas, Texas * Jan. 26-28
Open: 1st – SG Elite 18 Roshambo (Southern California Region); 2nd – Texas Tornados 18 Mizuno (Lone Star Region)
USA: 1st – Houston Juniors 18 Elite (Lone Star Region); 2nd – SA Force 181 Darkside (Lone Star Region); 3rd – TIV 18 Mizuno Kelly (North Texas Region)
American: 1st – GCVA 181 Coast (Lone Star Region)

Music City Volleyball Championships
Nashville, Tennessee * Feb. 2-4
Open: 1st – Aspire 18 Rox (Arizona Region); 2nd – OPU 18 Rox Blue (Florida Region)
USA: 1st – A5 Mizuno 18-2 John (Southern Region); 2nd – Prime 18 adidas (Southern California Region); 3rd – Colorado Juniors 18 Malia (Rocky Mountain Region)
American: 1st – GA5 18-1 April (Southern Region)

Ohio Valley Qualifier
Columbus, Ohio * Feb. 2-4
Open: 1st - Legacy 18-Elite (Lakeshore Region)
USA: 1st – Elite VBTC 18 Chelsea (Ohio Valley Region); 2nd – CVC 18 Dixon (Ohio Valley Region)
American: 1st – Maryland Juniors 18 Elite (Chesapeake Region)

Upcoming GJNC18s National Qualifiers
Feb. 17-19: Florida National 18 Qualifier, Jacksonville, Florida
Feb. 23-25: Beast of the Southeast Qualifier, Atlanta, Georgia
March 2-4: Boston VB Festival Qualifier, Boston, Massachusetts
March 2-4: Golden State Qualifier, Reno, Nevada
March 2-4: Southern California Qualifier, Anaheim, California
March 16-18: Colorado Crossroads Qualifier, Denver, Colorado
March 23-25: Pacific Northwest Qualifier, Spokane, Washington
March 23-25: Mideast Qualifier, Indianapolis, Indiana
March 24-26: Northeast Qualifier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 23-25: Lone Star Classic Qualifier, Houston, Texas