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U.S. Sitting Teams to Play for Gold

By B.J. Hoeptner Evans | Oct. 28, 2017, 10:26 p.m. (ET)

Whitney Dosty of the U.S. Women's Sitting Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 28, 2017) – The U.S. Men’s Sitting Team qualified for the 2018 World Championships and the gold medal match on Saturday at the ParaVolley Pan America Championships in Montreal.

The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team will also play in Sunday’s gold medal match after sweeping both Brazil (25-12, 25-20, 25-20) and Canada (25-11, 25-15, 25-10) on Saturday.

The U.S. Men (3-1) swept Canada in the semifinals, 25-21, 25-22, 25-14 and will face Brazil in Sunday's gold-medal match.

The U.S. put together a solid effort, leading in kills (34-33), blocks (19-8) and aces (5-2).Roderick Green and Eric Duda of the U.S. Men's Sitting Team

Eric Duda led all scorers with 15 points on a match-high 11 kills, three blocks and one ace. James Stuck, Jese Schag and Roderick Green each scored 10 points. Stuck and Green each had five blocks. Schag and Stuck each had two aces.

Libero John Kremer was credited with 18 receptions, 78 percent positive.

The U.S. Men and Brazil have played in the final of the ParaVolley Pan America Championship every year since 2009 (the event is held every two years). The U.S. has never won.

The U.S. Women (4-0) will also face Brazil in Sunday’s gold medal match. The U.S. has already swept Brazil twice in the tournament.

In Saturday’s first match, the U.S. led in kills (35-28) and aces (10-2). Brazil held a 10-9 edge in blocks.

Heather Erickson led all scorers with 13 points on nine kills, two blocks and two aces. Monique Burkland added 12 points on seven kills, one block and a match-high four aces. Katie Holloway totaled 11 points on nine kills and two aces.

Burkland continued her tough serving in the second match, finishing with nine aces while Canada finished with five. Nicholed Millage added four aces. Burkland led all scorers with 13 points. The U.S. dominated in aces, 18-5.

All matches will be shown live at

U.S. Women vs. Brazil
Outside hitters: Katie Holloway and Monique Burkland
Middle blockers: Nicky Nieves and Lora Webster
Setter: Lexi Shifflett
Opposite: Heather Erickson
Libero: Kari Miller

Kills: Holloway 9, Erickson 9, Burkland 7, Nieves 6, Webster 4
Blocks: Nieves 3, Webster 2, Erickson 2, Shifflett 1, Burkland 1
Aces: Burkland 4, Erickson 2, Holloway 2, Shifflett 1, Edwards 1

U.S. Women vs. Canada
Outside hitters: Katie Holloway and Monique Burkland
Middle blockers: Nicky Nieves and Tia Edwards
Setter: Lexi Shifflett
Opposite: Heather Erickson
Libero: Kari Miller

Kills: Holloway 7, Erickson 6, Edwards 5, Burkland 4, Webster 2, Shifflett 2, Millage 2
Blocks: Millage 2, Webster 1, Holloway 1, Erickson 1, Nieves 1
Aces: Burkland 9, Millage 4, Shifflett 1, Holloway 1, Erickson 1, Nieves 1, Edwards 1

U.S. Men vs. Canada
Outside hitter: Eric Duda and James Stuck
Middle blockers: Roderick Green and Chris Seilkop
Setter: Jese Schag
Opposite: J. Dee Marinko
Libero: John Kremer

Kills: Duda 11, Schag 5, Green 5, Seilkop 5, Marinko 5, Stuck 3
Blocks: Stuck 5, Green 5, Duda 3, Schag 3, Marinko 3
Aces: Schag 2, Stuck 2, Duda 1

ParaVolley Pan American Zone Championships
Oct. 26-29
Montreal, Canada

U.S. Women’s Roster
No. Name (Position, Height, Hometown)
1. Lora Webster (MB, 5-11, Point Lookout, N.Y.)
3. Lexi Shifflett (S, 5-4, Waseca, Minn.)
5C. Katie Holloway (OH, 6-3, Lake Stevens, Wash.)
6. Heather Erickson (OH, 5-11, Fayetteville, NC)
7. Monique Burkland (OH, 5-9, Ardmore, Okla.)
8. Whitney Dosty (OH, 6-3, Tucson, Ariz.)
10. Kari Miller (L, 5-6, Washington D.C.)
13. Nichole Millage (OH, 5-7, Champaign, Ill.)
16. Nicky Nieves (MB, 5-10, Kissimmee, Fla.)
17. Tia Edwards (OH, 5-7, Skitatook, Okla.)

Head Coach: Bill Hamiter
Team Leader: Michelle Goodall
Assistant Coaches: Lazaro Beltran and Jon Aharoni
Technical Coordinator: Jeff Hicks
Athletic Trainer: Patrick Lawrence
Sport Psychologist: Emily Clark

Schedule and Results (all times ET)
Oct. 26
Brazil def Canada, 25-21, 23-25, 25-14, 25-27, 15-11
USA def Brazil, 25-19, 25-19. 25-16

Oct. 27
USA def Canada, 25-13, 25-22, 25-9 
Brazil def Canada, 3-0

Oct. 28
USA def Brazil, 25-12, 25-20, 25-20
USA def Canada, 25-11, 25-15, 25-10

Oct. 29
1:30 p.m. Gold: USA v Brazil

U.S. Men’s Sitting National Team
No. Name (Position, Height, Hometown)

3. Nicholas Dadgostar (OH/S/DS, 6-0, Sidney, Neb.)
5. Eric Duda (OH, 6-5, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
6. Jese Schag (S, 6-2, Norway, Ill.)
8. James Stuck (MB, 6-5, New Kensington, Pa.)
11. Roderick Green (MB, 6-3, West Monroe, La.)
12. Patrick Young (OH, 6-4, Albuquerque, N.M.)
13. Charlie Swearingen (OH, 6-3, Gulfport, Miss.)
14. John Kremer (L, 5-9, Buford, Ga.)
15. Chris Seilkop (OH/MB, 6-6 DeLand, Fla.)
16. Josh Smith (Opp, 6-2, Riverside, Calif.)
17. Zach Upp (Opp, 6-5, Bartlett, Ill.)
18. J. Dee Marinko (OH, 6-4, Norman, Okla.)

Head Coach: Greg Walker
Assistant Coach: Joe Skinner
Assistant Coach: Michael Hobson
Team Leader: Dixie Collins
Athletic Trainer: Katherine Mathes
Technical Coordinator: Galen Dodd

Match Schedule (all times ET)

Oct. 26
Brazil def Costa Rica, 3-0
USA def Canada, 25-13, 23-25, 25-23, 23-25, 15-5
Brazil def USA, 25-27, 25-15, 26-24, 25-11

Oct. 27
Canada def Costa Rica, 3-0
USA def Costa Rica, 25-13, 25-22, 25-9
Brazil def Canada, 3-0

Oct. 28
Semifinal: USA def Canada, 25-21, 25-22, 25-14
Semifinal: Brazil def Costa Rica, 3-0

Oct. 29
10 a.m. Third-place: Canada vs Costa Rica
11:45 a.m. Gold-medal: USA vs Brazil