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Juniors wrap at first ever USA Junior Beach Championships

Aug. 04, 2017, 12:47 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Titles were named for four different age-group divisions in both boys and girls volleyball at the 2017 USA Junior Beach Championships.

Titles for the U13, U15, U17 and U19 divisions were given out at the USA Junior Beach Championships, which saw 262 athletes compete at the three-day event in Hermosa Beach, California.


Teams competed throughout 2017 in Zonal Championships that qualified them for the USA Junior Beach Championships. Winners from the four zones played in the USA Junior Beach Championships against members of the USAV Beach A1 National Team, winners from the 2017 USAV Junior Beach Tour Championships, and 15 international teams.

The Boys' U13 bracket featured a King of the Beach finals, with individuals earning titles rather than a partnership. In total, the Southern California Region saw 27 athletes reach the podium, and combine for eight gold medals. Twenty USAV Regions were represented at the tournament.

Top Finishers (Region/Country) | Click here for full results | Awards Photos

Boys' U13
1. Kellen Larson (SC)
2. Nathan Higgins (BA)
3. Jensen Fiskin (SC)

Boys' U15
1. Ben Coordt/Ryan Sprague (BA/SC)
2. Alex Holloway/Weston Wilmot (LS/SC)
3. Marcello Souza/Max Lossone (SC/SC)

Boys' U17
1. Alex Knight/Miles Partain (SC/SC)
2. Tomas Maixner/Vit Benes, Czech Republic
3. Javier Gomez/Randall Santiago, Puerto Rico

Boys' U19
1. Dane Johnson/Jason Gibbs (SC/LS)
2. Jevan Coronado/John Schwengel (SC/SC)
3. Kacey Losik/Timothy Brewster (NC/SC)

Girls' U13
1. Koko Kirsch/Lily Lucas (SC/FL)
2. Charlie McKienzie-Fuerbringer/Ella Gray (SC/SC)
3. Brynn Covell/Sydney Bold (CR/SC)

Girls' U15
1. Ava Gallien/Kelly Belardi (SC/SC)
2. Jessica Smith/Savannah Standage (SC/SC)
3. Camdyn Doucet/Simone Gibson (LS/SC)

Girls' U17
1. Madeleine Kriz/Nicole Nourse (LS/SC)
2. Audrey Nourse/Kyla Doig (SC/SC)
3. Megan Kraft/Olivia Bakos (SC/BA)

Girls' U19
1. Haley Hallgren/Sammy Slater (NT/SC)
2. Marie-Sara Stochlova/Martina Maixnerova, Czech Republic
3. Jayelin Lombard/Lindsey Sparks (AZ/SC)