Klostermann Receives Prestigious Frier Award

May 20, 2015, 10:36 p.m. (ET)

Kerry Klostermann (third from right) with his family after being presented with USA Volleyball's Harold T. Friermood "Frier" Award during the Dorothy C. Boyce Awards Recognition Banquet

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May 20, 2015) – USA Volleyball honored Kerry J.W. Klostermann with its Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award, the highest honor bestowed by the national governing body, during the Dorothy C. Boyce Awards Recognition Banquet Wednesday evening in Detroit, Mich.

Klostermann, the current secretary general of USA Volleyball, has been a mainstay with USA Volleyball. It can be argued that no single individual has been more important to the success of USA Volleyball in the last five decades than Klostermann, who has had a wide-ranging career spanning 38 years for the National Governing Body.

“It is obviously a huge, huge honor,” Klostermann said. “It is an award that I hopefully can continue to honor as I continue to work for USA Volleyball. I don’t see this necessarily as a culminating moment, but a moment that I will continue to cherish and honor as I move forward with USA Volleyball.”

Awards Presented at Boyce Banquet
Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award: Kerry J.W. Klostermann
Flo Hyman All-Time Great Player Award (Indoor): Tara Cross-Battle
Tom Haine All-Time Great Player Award (Indoor): Duncan McFarland
All-Time Great Beach Volleyball Player Award: Karch Kiraly and Kathy Gregory
All-Time Great Sitting Volleyball Player Award: Lora Webster
Bertha Lucas All-Time Great Coach (Pioneer Division): Carol Dewey
Donald S. Shondell All-Time Great Coach (Contemporary Division): Charlie Sullivan
George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball: Kathy DeBoer, Jeff Hoppen, Terry Lawton
Wilbur H. Peck Referee Emeritus Award: Marcia Alterman
Nancy S. Sharpless Scorekeeper Emeritus Award: Jeff Hoppen

Kerry Klostermann
As part of his current role as secretary general, Klostermann is responsible for creating and submitting the annual High Performance Plan to the United States Olympic Committee. He handles nearly all details of the Olympic Games planning process for both indoor and beach volleyball, as well as virtually 100 percent of USA Volleyball’s marketing and sponsor programs.

Klostermann has served as USA Volleyball’s de facto in-house legal counsel of sorts. He writes, reviews and approves all contracts, including television deals involving international non-Olympic Games matches. He has played a key role in drafting almost every current USA Volleyball governance document. He serves as the corporate secretary to both the USA Volleyball Board of Directors and the USA Volleyball Foundation.

Since 1996, Klostermann has represented USA Volleyball at five FIVB World Congresses. He served as the lead organizer for the 1996 and 2012 Congresses held in Atlanta and Anaheim, a huge undertaking assembling a world forum of national federation representatives. Throughout his tenure with USA Volleyball, he has been highly involved in the communications with the FIVB and the continental confederation, NORCECA. He also served as the team leader for the 1996 inaugural USA Olympic Beach Volleyball teams.

Klostermann has spent the last three decades forging grassroots partnerships and growth through interactions with the various USA Volleyball divisions and member organizations. He has not missed the Annual Meetings in decades and has served as an advisor to the board of directors and executive committee, rarely missing a meeting while in USA Volleyball’s leadership.

“My proudest moment was witnessing the birth of my three sons, but with USA Volleyball, I really can’t pick a proudest moment,” Klostermann said. “There are have been so many proud, great, fulfilling moments. To pick one would diminish the others. It has been 35 plus great years.”

Klostermann’s career path in USA Volleyball started after a chance meeting with Doug Beal, the U.S. Men’s National Team head coach at the time, at a coaching seminar in Toronto in 1977. Klostermann accepted an offer to become Beal’s assistant coach and relocated to the team’s training center in Dayton, Ohio, in 1978. He would travel the world as an assistant coach, including one of the first sport exchanges between the U.S. and China. Klostermann occupied the first chair as the head coach of the 1979 USA Men’s World University Games Team.

After Team USA’s disappointment of not competing in the 1980 Olympic Games, Klostermann’s legacy to USA Volleyball shifted directions. He was appointed the National Team program director at the team’s training center in San Diego from 1981 through the 1988 Olympic Games – which covered two U.S. Olympic gold medals for the U.S. Men. In 1989, Klostermann moved to Colorado Springs to serve as a senior director for USA Volleyball’s national headquarters through 1996. Klostermann took on a bigger role with USA Volleyball as its executive director from 1997 to 2002 before moving into his current role as secretary general. After playing in the 1976 Olympics, he has attended every Olympics since then as an administrator for USA Volleyball.

2015 Awards Presented at Other Locations
Merton H. Kennedy/Elmer L. Johnson Heritage Award: Beth McLachlin
Glen G. Davies Referee Service Award: Fred Buehler and Gloria Cox
Dr. Neville A “Doc” Booth Commissioner’s Award: Glenn Sapp, Rocky Mountain Region
Best Regional Web Site: Badger Region
Joe Sharpless Arbitrator Award: David M. Lockwood
Karen M. Johnson Human Resources Award: Linda Murphy
E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award: Cindy Luis, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Rebecca Howard Star Award: Joe Campbell
Outstanding Junior Program Director: Fred Howell, Jr.
Outstanding Junior Male Coach: Martin V. French
Outstanding Junior Female Coach: Brandie Sanders
Outstanding Junior Clinician: Denis M. Bergstadt
Outstanding Junior Parent Service Award: Chad Hollenbaugh
Outstanding Junior Service Award: Cindy Flynn