Wisconsin Clubs Dominate 2015 NCVF

By Bill Kauffman | April 11, 2015, 10:42 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (April 11, 2015) – The state of Wisconsin had three colleges claim thee of the 10 NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships division titles on Saturday in Kansas City on the final day of the competition.

In the final match of the tournament, Wisconsin-Oshkosh repeated as the Men’s Division IA champions with a 25-22, 25-20 victory over Arizona State in the championship match. Wisconsin-Oshkosh, the second-seed in the tournament, went 9-0 on the tournament with only one set loss, while Arizona State was 7-2 for the tournament. For the second consecutive year, Travis Hudson of Wisconsin-Oshkosh was selected as the most valuable player of the tournament.

Miami University A captured the Men’s Division IAA title with a 25-16, 25-23 victory over Virginia A in the gold-medal match. After losing its opening match of the tournament to Navy, Miami recovered to win its final nine matches for the title. Virginia was 7-3 in the tournament. Miami’s Ian McKenna was the most valuable player of the Men’s Division IAA.

In the Men’s Division IAAA field, Tennessee won the title capped with a 25-22, 30-28 victory over Wisconsin-Parkside in a battle of undefeated teams in the title match. Tennessee went 8-0 in the tournament without dropping a single set. The Tennessee defense limited opponents to an average of 19.63 points per set. Tennessee’s John Cook was named the most valuable player of the division.

Wisconsin-LaCrosse captured the Men’s Division II gold medal with a 25-22, 19-25, 16-14 hard-fought victory over Sonoma State in the title match. Wisconsin-LaCrosse was 9-0 in the tournament, but was pushed to a deciding third set four times in the tournament. Prior to the championship match, Sonoma State was undefeated having not lost a single set. Wisconsin-LaCrosse’s John Jablonski earned the most valuable player award for the division.

Arizona B won the Men’s Division III title with a 25-14, 25-23 victory over Wisconsin-Oshkosh B in the title match. Arizona B was 8-0 in the tournament and dropped just one set in the process, while Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s only loss was in the title match. Nick Mata of Arizona B was the most valuable player of the division.

In an all-Texas battle for the women’s top Division IA flight, Texas A downed Texas A&M A 25-14, 25-19 in the championship match to earn the title. Texas A went 9-0 in the tournament with just two set losses. Texas A&M A went 7-3 and reached the title match despite starting the tournament 1-2. Avery Bashaw of Texas A claimed the most valuable player award for the division.

Kansas A won the Women’s IAA title with a come-from-behind 24-26, 25-19, 15-9 victory over Maryland in the championship match. Kansas A was 9-0 in the tournament and dropped just two sets in the tournament. Maryland battled through the tournament for a 6-4 record. Kansas’ Chandler Blanton earned most valuable player honors.

Wisconsin-Whitewater claimed the Women’s Division IAAA title with a 25-22, 25-16 victory over Winona State in the championship match. Both Wisconsin-Whitewater and Winona State finished 7-1 in the tournament. Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Brianna Neumeyer was named the most valuable player.

Butler battled past Wisconsin-LaCrosse 25-19, 20-25, 15-11 in the Women’s Division II championship match to claim the title. Butler, the top seed in the tournament, ended the tournament 8-0 and lost just two sets, while Wisconsin-LaCrosse only loss was in the title match. Butler’s Sam Lilly was tabbed the most valuable player of the tournament.

Cal Poly SLO B won the Women’s Division III title by rallying past Arizona B 22-25, 26-24, 15-6 in the championship match of undefeated teams. Cal Poly SLO, the top seed in the division, was undefeated in eight matches during the tournament. Arizona B had not lost a single set before the championship match and went 8-1. Katie Exum of Cal Poly SLO B walked away with the most valuable player award for the division.

The tournament is run jointly by the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation and USA Volleyball. The NCVF acts as the national governing body for organized collegiate club volleyball competitions. For over two decades, NCVF volunteers have provided a full range of support for student club teams by promoting year-long affordable, organized and competitive volleyball events, and supporting a season-ending national championship tournament. It is made up of students, volleyball conference commissioners, player representatives, coaches, officials, trainers, recreation sports directors and many volunteers. The organization devotes 100 percent of its resources and funding toward the support of quality collegiate club volleyball activities.

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The 2016 NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships takes place April 7-9 in Louisville, Ky.

All-Tournament Teams

Men’s Division IA: MVP – Travis Hudson (Wisconsin-Oshkosh A). First-Team – Josh Geary (Ohio State A), Mike Powers (Ohio State A), Drake Silbernagel (Arizona State A), C.J. Berg (Arizona State A), Jake Ahnert (Wisconsin-Oshkosh A), Allen Grunert (Wisconsin-Oshkosh A), Cory Jonak (Missouri). Second-Team – Adrian Williams (Cal Poly SLO A), Kai Dugquem (Ohio State A), Luis Del Valle Rolon (Arizona A), Jonny Hoolko (UC Davis), Sam Albus (Virginia Tech A), Nick Allen (Virginia Tech A), Tanner Miller (Air Force).

Men’s Division IAA: MVP – Ian McKenna (Miami University A). First-Team - Lucas Underys (DePaul A), Pedro Bringas (Syracuse A), Ben Uhing (Syracuse A), Kyle Peck (North Carolina State), Dylan Schulz (Cal State Fullerton A), Ray Ramirez (Virginia A), Grant Heckmann (Miami University A). Second Team – Jay Hochstetler (Kentucky), Jeff Fiorenza (Kentucky), Jimmy Torromeo (Cal State Fullerton A), Graeme Wren (Virginia A), John Valeiras (Virginia A), Mike Marciniak (Grand Valley State), Tucker Lippold (New Hampshire). Honorable Mention – Rimas Grybauskas (DePaul A), Sam Cohen (Syracuse A), Deion Burks (Syracuse A), Sasha Rosca (Boston University), JP Paulk (North Carolina State), Matt Cyr (Rhode Island), Hussain Ashkanani (Cal State Fullerton A), Joe Murphy (Virginia A), Matt Metzler (Loyola-Chicago), Shayne Leong (Oregon), Trent Braswell (Fresno State), Connor Douville (Miami University A), John Warner (Boston College).

Men’s Division IAAA: MVP – John Cook (Tennessee). First-Team – Steve Carrington (Chicago), Jordan Kaiser (Tennessee), Nolan McDaniel (Tennessee), Chris Ragan (Georgia), Mauricio Reck (RIT), Kurt Riemer (Wisconsin-Parkside), Michael Bergmann (Wisconsin-Parkside). Honorable Mention – Cody Stitely (Indiana [Pa.]), Heath Reed (Indiana {Pa.]), Alex Schorsch (Tennessee), Alex Vierira Baldin Totti (Georgia), Ola Dela Cruz (RIT), Dale Payne (RIT), Brian Miller (Washington State), Chris Abel (Albany), Michael Sullivan (Albany), Kurt Larsen (Wisconsin-Parkside).

Men’s Division II: MVP – John Jablonski (Wisconsin-LaCrosse). First-Team – Travis Moyer (Messiah), Beau Rath (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Eric Heyrman (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Nick Korom (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Alex Bartelme (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Brendan Byrne (Sonoma State), Trent Deakers (Sonoma State). Second-Team – AJ Moriarty (Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Bn Bovenzi (Messiah), Celtson Toote (Messiah), David Kolb (Winona State), Korey Schroeder (Wisconsin-Platteville), Michael Storm (Wisconsin-Platteville), Spencer Simmons (Adrian).

Men’s Division III: MVP – Nick Mata (Arizona B). First-Team – Ian Aguilar (Arizona B), Colin Wolff (Arizona B), Adam Landgraf (Wisconsin-Oshkosh B), Nate Leiterman (Wisconsin-Oshkosh B), Sam Moua (Wisconsin-Oshkosh B), Colman McMahon (Virginia Tech B), Mike Schmitt (Marquette B). Honorable Mention – Nick Kapriellian (Cal Poly SLO), Johnny Davis (Cal Poly SLO), Tyler Kost (Penn State B), Jimmy McCabe (Illinois B), Cory Soehren (Iowa State B), Mitch Lush (Ohio State B), Mike Noyes (Purdue B), Greg Benson (Arizona State B), Sammy Pedersen (Wisconsin-Oshkosh B), Braeden Melton (Wisconsin-Oshkosh B), Andrew Stanford (Virginia Tech B), Trevor Kinaman (Virginia Tech B), Jack Harbaugh (Missouri B), Miguel Simonet-Garcia (Marquette B).

Women’s Division IA: MVP – Avery Bashaw (Texas A). First-Team – Hanna Chapla (Grand Valley State A), Allie Hutcheson (Iowa State A), Jenny Ciriacks (Marquette A), Alex Bol (UC Davis), Sydney Ziober (Texas A&M A), Avery Edwards (Texas A&M A), Julie Chrisman (Texas A). Second-Team – Kayla Speer (Iowa State A), Alyssa Dunne (UC Davis), Hailee Washburn (Texas A&M A), Bri Adams (Minnesota A), Caitlin Downs (Arizona A), Katie Medell (Texas A), Jackie Swalchick (Florida A).

Women’s Division IAA: MVP – Chandler Blanton (Kansas A). First-Team – Chinwe Nwankwo (Rutgers A), Katie Bertling (Houston), Margot Forney (Houston), Nicole Schuh (Kansas A), Stephanie Kelly (Maryland), KB Haskins (Maryland), Courtney Klema (Kansas State). Second-Team – Kelsey Middleton (Miami), Jessica Louis (Wisconsin-Eau Claire A), Mikaela Myers (Kansas A), Sarah Kreutz (Maryland), Madison George (Toledo), Brooke Scollin (Dayton A), Michaela Braun (Kansas State). Honorable Mention – Vincensa Mucaj (Northeastern), Lauren Walsh (Rutgers A), Chelsea Frisbie (Texas State A), Lauren Marx (Illinois State A), KC Fossum (Duke), Emily Mordecai (Virginia), Tasha Davis (Houston), Hazel Sebastian (Kansas A), Morgan Link (Southern California A), Cassidy Davis (Maryland).

Women’s Division IAAA: MVP – Brianna Neumeyer (Wisconsin-Whitewater A). First-Team – Raquel Welletin (North Dakota State), Heather Buerman (Winona State), Rachel Duehn (Winona State), Dale Hoeffel (Creighton), Molly Grosdidier (Creighton), Alaina Furcht (North Dakota State), Tessa Snell (Wisconsin-Whitewater A). Honorable Mention – Danielle Brewer (North Dakota State), Carley Siegel (Winona State), Katherine Huiskamp (Creighton), Kristin Williams (Wisconsin-Oshkosh), Dara Storer (Brown), Jessica De Leon (San Jose State A), Maya Hillel (San Jose State A), Paige LaFleur (Arkansas), Charlotte Thompson (Arkansas), Ashlie Behnke (Wisconsin-Whitewater A).

Women’s Division II: MVP – Sam Lilly (Butler). First-Team – Maddie Brandon (Minnesota-Duluth), Jessy Tingelhoff (Minnesota-Duluth), Laura Neubert (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Katie McCarthy (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Jamie Welter (Butler), Drew Goldberg (Sonoma State A), Page Hawkins (Sonoma State A). Honorable Mention – Kaitlyn Torborg (Minnesota-Duluth), Tina Nelson (Minnesota-Duluth), Holly Vogelsang (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Kali Priest (Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Allison Largent (Xavier), Rachel Pierce (Butler), Kerry Risley (Butler), Lauren Cole (Gonzaga), Vanessa Aguillard (Sonoma State A), Nicole Kietly (Sonoma State A).

Women’s Division III: MVP – Katie Exum (Cal Poly SLO). First-Team – Bri Flowers (Grand Valley State B), Taylor Curtis (Ohio State B), Jenny Waranauskas (Arizona B), Kayla Darris (Arizona B), Nicole Petersen (Cal Poly SLO), Maddie Andres (Michigan State B), Rachel Kohli (Wisconsin B). Second-Team – Erica Tooker (Grand Valley State B), Kenzie Branderhorst (Grand Valley State B), Hayden Black (Arizona B), Katie Romero (Arizona B), Sierra Young (Illinois B), Rahcel Cuizon (Cal Poly SLO), Sarah Lehman (Wisconsin B). Honorable Mention – Tess Marshall (Grand Valley State B), Kara Roberts (Arizona B), Holly Parminter (Cal Poly SLO B), Megan Wong (Cal Poly SLO B), Alex Repasky (Michigan State B), Cassy Johnston (Michigan State B), Marcella Arellano (Texas A&M B), Ashley Morales (Wisconsin B).