36 Athletes Named to U.S. Collegiate National Team-GJNC

By Bill Kauffman | April 09, 2015, 12:23 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated May 11, 2015) – USA Volleyball has selected 36 athletes to participate in the U.S. Collegiate National Team (CNT) program that will train and compete in conjunction with the USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships from June 21-29 in New Orleans, La.

For the fourth consecutive year, USA Volleyball will have its U.S. Collegiate National Team program (formerly known as U.S. Women’s National A2 Team) represented at the USAV Girls’ Junior National Championships.

“USA Volleyball is excited to bring these three dozen outstanding collegiate athletes together for the College National Team program in New Orleans,” USA Volleyball Senior Director Tom Pingel said. “It’s always beneficial to the development of our National Team pipeline to get this group in the gym during the summer, as well as in front of the juniors playing at the GJNC so they can see the next level of play. Over the past four years, our CNT athletes have served as outstanding role models for these younger athletes.”

This CNT program includes nine middle blockers, nine outside hitters, six setters, six opposites and six liberos. The middle blockers are Alyssa Garvelink (Michigan State University, Holland, Mich.), Krystalyn Goode (University of Michigan, River Hills, Wis.), Kayla Haneline (University of Northern Iowa, Plattsmouth, Neb.), Molly Lohman (University of Minnesota, Mankato, Minn.), Kaitlyn Oliver (Boise State University, Helena, Mont.), Tyler Richardson (Ohio State University, Ypsilanti, Mich.), Jenna Rosenthal (Marquette University, Fond du Lac, Wis.), Lauren Schad (University of San Diego, Rapid City, S.D.) and Stephenee Yancy (University of Illinois-Chicago, Aroma Park, Ill.).

Opposites selected to the program are Cody Dodd (Tennessee Tech, Cookeville, Tenn.), Canace Finley (University of San Diego, Fort Collins, Colo.), Chelsey Harris (Rice University, Houston, Texas), Hayley McCorkle (University of North Carolina, Winterville, N.C.), Kelsie Payne (University of Kansas, Austin, Texas) and Taylor Treacy (University of North Carolina, Columbia, S.C.).

The selected outside hitters are Alexis Austin (University of Colorado, Houston, Texas), Kia Bright (University of Central Florida, Jacksonville, Fla.), Melanie Crow (University of Mississippi, Wildwood, Mo.), Tiana Dockery (University of Kansas, Richmond, Texas), Erin Fairs (University of Louisville, Richmond, Texas), Katie Horton (Florida State University, Westland, Mich.), Sarah Livingston (University of Southern California, Morton, Ill.), Alicia Ostrander (University of Nebraska, Gordon, Neb.) and Azariah Stahl (Purdue Univeristy, Elkhart, Ind.).

Liberos named to the program are Heather Gearhart (University of North Carolina, Chula Vista, Calif.), Morgan Heise (Southern Methodist University, Hempstead, Texas), Amie Held (University of Northern Iowa, Festus, Mo.), Amanda Neill (Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind.), Cierra Simpson (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Cassandra Strickland (University of Washington, Huntington Beach, Calif.).

The setters are Bianca Arellano (Arizona State University, Phoenix, Ariz.), Morgan Bergren (University of Kentucky, Muncie, Ind.), Katie Brand (Kansas State University, Grand Island, Neb.), Nicole Edelman (University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.), Ainise Havili (University of Kansas, Fort Worth, Texas) and Gabrielle Simpson (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colo.).

The coaching staff for the CNT-GJNC program will be named in the coming weeks.

After the training portion of the program, the 36 athletes will be divided into three equal teams which will compete in a round-robin event June 26-29. The round-robin event may include and additional team to increase the field to four teams that would complete June 25-29.

Earlier this month the U.S. Collegiate National Team program selected rosters to compete in the World University Games and a Tour of China. In total, 60 athletes have been selected into the CNT program, which is part of the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline.

This program is considered a second tryout for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

U.S. Collegiate National Team for 2015 USAV Girls’ Junior National Championships
Name (Position, School, 2015 College Year, Hometown)
Bianca Arellano (S, Arizona State University, Sr., Phoenix, Ariz.)
Alexis Austin (OH, University of Colorado, Sr., Houston, Texas)
Morgan Bergren (S, University of Kentucky, Sr., Muncie, Ind.)
Katie Brand (S, Kansas State University, Jr., Grand Island, Neb.)
Kia Bright (OH, University of Central Florida, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.)
Melanie Crow (OH, University of Mississippi, Jr., Wildwood, Mo.)
Tiana Dockery (OH, University of Kansas, Sr., Richmond, Texas)
Cody Dodd (OPP, Tennessee Tech, Sr., Cookeville, Tenn.)
Nicole Edelman (S, University of Colorado, Sr., Boulder, Colo.)
Erin Fairs (OH, University of Louisville, Sr., Richmond, Texas)
Canace Finley (OPP, University of San Diego, Sr., Fort Collins, Colo.)
Alyssa Garvelink (MB, Michigan State University, So., Holland, Mich.)
Heather Gearhart (L, University of North Carolina, Sr., Chula Vista, Calif.)
Krystalyn Goode (MB, University Michigan, Sr., River Hills, Wis.)
Kayla Haneline (MB, University of Northern Iowa, Jr., Plattsmouth, Neb.)
Chelsey Harris (OPP, Rice University, Jr., Houston, Texas)
Ainise Havili (S, University of Kansas, So., Fort Worth, Texas)
Morgan Heise (L, Southern Methodist University, Jr., Hempstead, Texas)
Amie Held (L, University of Northern Iowa, Jr., Festus, Mo.)
Katie Horton (OH, Florida State University, Jr., Westland, Mich.)
Sarah Livingston (OH, University of Southern California, Jr., Morton, Ill.)
Molly Lohman (MB, University of Minnesota, So., Mankato, Minn.)
Hayley McCorkle (OPP, University of North Carolina, Jr., Winterville, N.C.)
Amanda Neill (L, Purdue University, Sr., Lafayette, Ind.)
Kaitlyn Oliver (MB, Boise State University, So., Helena, Mont.)
Alicia Ostrander (OH, University of Nebraska, Sr., Gordon, Neb.)
Kelsie Payne (OPP, University of Kansas, So., Austin, Texas)
Tyler Richardson (MB, Ohio State University, Sr., Ypsilanti, Mich.)
Jenna Rosenthal (MB, Marquette University, Fr.-R, Fond du Lac, Wis.)
Lauren Schad (MB, University of San Diego, Jr., Rapid City, S.D.)
Cierra Simpson (L, University of Colorado, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)
Gabrielle Simpson (S, University of Colorado, So., Colorado Springs, Colo.)
Azariah Stahl (OH, Purdue University, So., Elkhart, Ind.)
Cassandra Strickland (L, University of Washington, Sr., Huntington Beach, Calif.)
Taylor Treacy (OPP, University of North Carolina, Jr., Columbia, S.C.)
Stephenee Yancy (MB, University of Illinois-Chicago, Sr., Aroma Park, Ill.)