Off the Court: With Lauren Fendrick

By Tyson Rodgers | Nov. 17, 2014, 11:03 a.m. (ET)

This week we caught up with beach volleyball player Lauren Fendrick (Carlsbad, Calif.) for a very special Q&A. You can follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or visit her fan page here.
Fendrick was interviewed by Andrew Fuller (Lauren’s coach, husband and current assistant coach for the University of Southern California Sand Volleyball team) and Kevin Lynch (roommate, beach athlete).

Who is your male equivalent? 
Let’s clear up who I'm not… Sean Rosenthal.  I'm the anti-Rosey.  He's dynamic and bouncy; I'm a little more affected by gravity.  Hopefully I never have to play against his daughter, Tate.  I relate more to Petr Benes, the 40-something Olympian from the Czech Republic, known on the World Tour as "MVP."  He's no stranger to double knee sleeves and fanny packs.   

Of known fantasy football players on the AVP, who are the best?  
Braidy Halverson is crushing it this year. He's 9-1 with several high scores. Phil Dalhausser’s good too (8-2), but I suspect he has Paul Baxter running his operation.  You know who I thought would be better?  Todd Rogers (3-7). Maybe football coverage in Solvang, Calif., is sparse. I'm currently 4th with a 6-4 record; take that as you will.

What's your perfect Tuesday? 
My perfect Tuesday starts with waking up early before my alarm because I'm so well rested, and find my husband has cooked up some breakfast sausages and coffee.  We eat on the porch and flip flop down to meet some friends at 8th Street in Hermosa to body surf.  The water is 70 degrees, glassy and free of seaweed.  We all proceed to get absolutely pitted in some perfect ankle height waves.  We see a lot of harmless sea life, but nothing creepy brushes my legs and my shadow does not freak me out. Then a BBQ with friends and family. And at some point, helping someone. A day is always better when that’s included. 

If you were dressed as you were as a freshman in high school what would you be wearing?  
Oh man, I wore a uniform for K-8 and then I moved school districts 30 miles over to attend Carlsbad High School. I showed up for the first week not knowing a soul, in a baggy rec-league basketball T-shirt, gym shorts and black Nike high tops. It goes without saying that I was immediately in with the cool kids.

Given your knowledge of the Donner party, would you have gone west in the gold rush of 1848? 
What a wild time that must have been, but that’s brutal! No thanks!

Ok cool, so you've decided to west! Choose six AVP players to go with you 
Not Billy Allen, because I don't need anyone to take naps and watch Netflix. Mike Morrison for his bow hunting skills. Will Montgomery, because he's up for adverse situations and I’ve heard he has eaten exotic meats. Heather Hughes to keep things light when the situation gets bleak. Summer Ross for her out of the box thinking. John Mayer for his foraging skills. And Paul Baxter because he's been trying to escape the Midwest since childhood and someone has to get dysentery. 

You have both Czech and Polish heritage, how do you honor those cultures?  
My grandma used to make Polish hand grenades (stuffed cabbage rolls), so I guess by eating those? One of these days I promise to make my husband some perogies

What is the most alarming trait you've received from your mother?  
I love my mother. She is an incredible woman, but sometimes she mispronounces things. Like horribly wrong and I've noticed I have a tendency to do that. 

What is the strangest thing you've eaten in the name of nutrition?  
I've had Andrew chew up my food for me. Just kidding, but I am currently putting gelatin in my coffee.