Winter Olympic Wishes and Memories

By BJ Evans | Feb. 03, 2014, 2:09 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 4, 2014) – With the 2014 Olympic Games beginning Friday (Feb. 7) in Sochi, Russia, and the 2014 Paralympic Games starting on March 7, we got to wondering what winter sports our indoor, beach and sitting volleyball players and coaches would be interested in trying.

We also asked what great memories they had from past Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  Indoor Player Nicole Davis
1. If I could participate in any Winter Olympic sport, it would have to be hockey! I just recently became a fan of hockey, and think it's such a fast paced/competitive/entertaining sport!

2.My favorite Winter Olympic moment would have to be watching Apolo Ohno win gold in the 1500m in the 2002 Olympics.
Indoor Player Jeff Menzel
1. I think I would love to play hockey in the Olympics; great contact sport and very popular throughout the world.

2. I don't know that I have a favorite Winter Olympic memory but one of my favorite parts of every Olympics is the Opening Ceremony. Seeing them always reminds me of what I'm striving for!
 Jeff Menzel
 Heather Erickson Sitting Player Heather Erickson
1. If I could compete in anything for the Winter Games it would without a doubt be sled hockey! That looks like it would be so much fun.

2. Favorite memory of the Winter Games is probably watching Shawn White just destroy people in the 2010 Games.
Beach Player Lauren Fendrick
1. I would love to compete in curling. Paul Baxter would be our skip since he plays regularly and has decades of curling experience. My husband, Andrew Fuller would be the lead because he's fearless and makes rash decisions, Andy McGuire would be the second because he's a loose cannon and unpredictable, and I would be the third for obvious reasons - steady and poised.

2. The Miracle on Ice is for sure one of the most memorable Winter Olympic moments for me. This didn't happen in my lifetime but the story is so incredible that it really stands out in my mind. I also remember Lindsey Vonn's downhill victory in 2010 (first ever for an American woman in that event I believe!).
Lauren Fendrick
  Indoor Player Kristin Hildebrand
1. If I could participate in any winter OG sport it would probably be ski jumping... I grew up in Utah and have skied since I was a kid - I love the sport - and I have always been amazed by the jumpers.

2. My favorite Winter OG moment is Salt Lake in 2002. It was in my backyard! My parents were volunteers for the games so we got free tickets to the Opening Ceremony and a few medal ceremonies, too. It was so much fun!
Sitting Player Eric Duda
1. If I had the opportunity, I would try skeleton. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

2. My favorite Winter Games memory is the first time I watched ski jump. I was in awe. I was a little kid growing up in Florida and had no idea humans could fly like that.
 Eric Duda
 Tri Bourne Beach Player Tri Bourne
1. Ice Hockey. I love playing roller hockey and I'm already missing my front tooth so i'd fit right in.

2. For some reason, I've always loved watching speed skating. My favorite memories are watching Apolo Ohno collect all his medals.
Indoor Player Cursty Jackson
1. If I could participate in any sport it would be figure skating, what they do with their bodies are just amazing. I can’t imagine the training they have to go through to be as close a perfect as possible. The fact that they get to wear dresses with rhinestones and glitter also is a plus :-)

2. My favorite Winter Olympic sports moment was just watching Michelle Kwan compete, I remember how great and elegant she was on the ice and how she commanded everyone’s attention. She also was very young, but considered a great, which amazed me.
Kari Miller
Sitting Player Kari Miller
1. I totally want to do sled hockey! It is so much fun. You get to be fast and aggressive!

2. My favorite winter Paralympic memory was the first time I saw the single amputee skiing down hill. All I could remember thinking is “That is BANANAS!!!”
Indoor Player Erik Shoji
1. Living in Austria during the winter has given me an appreciation for skiing! People watch ski races like Americans watch the NBA of NFL. Skiing down a mountain around 80 mph sounds incredibly fun if you know what you're doing. I think if I did a sport it would be some kind of skiing because of the rush you would get!

2. I am not sure if I have a specific memory of the Winter Olympics, but I can always remember cheering for Apolo Ohno. Speed skating is such a cool sport and he was the face of the sport. He represented the USA so well and is such an incredible athlete. Watching him win 2 gold medals is definitely a Winter Olympic highlight for me!
Erik Shoji
 Emily Day Beach Player Emily Day
1. I'd compete in slalom skiing. It's incredible how fast they go while zig zagging through the flags.

2. My favorite winter Olympic memory is Kristi Yamaguchi winning the gold for figure skating during the 1992 Olympic Games. My parents allowed me to stay up past my bed time to watch her compete.
Indoor Player Kayla Banwarth
1. If I could participate in any Winter Olympics sport it would be ice hockey! I played street hockey with the neighborhood boys when I was little and I begged my dad to let me play hockey on my brother's team!

2. My favorite Winter Olympic Games moment was watching Evan Lysacek win the gold medal in figure skating in 2010.
 Max Holt Indoor Player Max Holt
1. If I could compete in a winter sport it would have to be either bobsled or curling. Bobsled because of the movie Cool Runnings. Curling because it is basically a life-sized shuffleboard, which is awesome.
2. The first memory that comes to mind is Apolo Anton Ohno when he won all those golds.
Indoor Player Stacy Sykora
1. This question is hard because I have a lot of sports I would like to do. Figure skating because I have loved watching it since I was little but I would add some soul to the dances. Curling is one of my favorites to watch but I want to be an all-time sweeper person that allows the "weight" to go faster and further. Freestyle skiing because I would love to flip around in the air. Speed skating because I have always liked to race. Ski jumping just to see how far I could get as I am literally flying through the air like a bird. Last but not least snowboarding, because I am a stunt devil and think this one is for free crazy people like myself.

2. My favorite Winter Games moment was when Apolo Anton Ohno won the Gold because he was at the training center with us and I never knew that he was good or even what he did, we all just hung out as human beings not athletes. It was great to see someone who devoted his life, like we do, every single day and to be rewarded for it.
 Stacy Sykora
 Casey Patterson Beach Player Casey Patterson
1. I would compete in the snowboarding (Men's Half Pipe) and try to be the Tony Hawk of snow. I am guessing I would be nicknamed the "Condor" due to my wingspan. ha ha.

2. I was going to try and make some joke about curling but I actually do love it. Every time its on I am hooked. So much more goes on than just sliding the stone and guys frantically sweeping the ice. Plus after being married for almost 9 years I am pretty good at sweeping. I might have a future after beach volleyball.
Indoor Player Rachael Adams
1. I would choose figuring skating of course. I told my mom I wanted to take ice skating lessons and she told me I was too tall. Who knows, I could have been the tallest female figure skating in history to medal in the Olympics, but now we will never know.

2. My most favorite and memorable moment was when American figure skater Tara Lipinski won the gold medal in the 1998 Winter Olympics at the age of 15. I was young, but I remember seeing her all over the media and on all my cereal boxes after that.
 Katie Holloway Sitting Player Katie Holloway
1. If I could compete in a Winter sport I would probably compete in Sled hockey... my reasoning: I am not so good balancing on ice so I could just sit in a sled and not worry about balance standing or falling for that matter. Considered snowboarding because I think Bibian Mentel (Netherlands) is amazing but I would get scared when I start going too fast. Curling also involves balance on ice... no thanks.

2. My favorite Winter Olympic/Paralympic memory would probably be seeing the Opening Ceremony from Vancouver. It. was. Interesting.
Indoor Coach Matt Fuerbringer
1. Snowboard half pipe would be an awesome event to be good at but I’ve never snowboarded so don’t think Shawn White is worried about me. The athleticism and fearlessness of those athletes is amazing.

2. My favorite Winter Olympic memory is probably Bill Johnson winning the downhill. I was just a kid but I just remember how he came out of nowhere to win.
 Matt Fuerbringer
 Karch Kiraly Indoor Coach Karch Kiraly
My favorite Winter Olympic moment was watching the USA Men's Hockey Team upset the Soviet Union on their way to winning gold in the 1980 Olympics. They showed us the power of playing for each other - they took a bunch of amateurs and college players and beat the number-one ranked team in the world. They also provided inspiration for our USA Men's Team - we wanted to duplicate the hockey team's feat and beat the #1 Soviets for the gold in our first Olympics in Los Angeles.