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U.S. Men Keep 14 on GCC Roster

Nov. 18, 2013, 10:37 a.m. (ET)

KYOTO, Japan (Nov. 18, 2013) – Head Coach John Speraw has decided to keep 14 players on the U.S. Men’s National Team roster for the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup.

Speraw made the decision after the 14 players had trained for a week at the Japanese Institute of Sports Science in Tokyo, where the Japanese men’s national team also trains.

“All 14 players helped us get here,” Speraw (Los Angeles) said. “So I thought all 14 deserved to be on the roster.”

The other five teams competing at the Grand Champions Cup also have 14-player rosters.

In order to carry all 14 players, the United States had to designate a second libero, so outside hitter Paul Lotman (Lakewood, Calif.) has been designated.

The U.S. Men will open the competition on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 7:10 p.m. local time (2:10 a.m. PT) against host Japan, which is coached by former U.S. Men’s assistant coach Gary Sato. The U.S. Men played two scrimmages against Japan while the teams were training in Tokyo.

“This Japan team is better than it has been. I was impressed,” Speraw said. “They play with passion and enthusiasm.”

The FIVB Grand Champions Cup matches will be shown on the beIN network. To view the schedule, click here.

Fourteen-Player Roster for FIVB World Grand Champions Cup
No. Name (Position, Height, Hometown, College) 
1. Matt Anderson (OH, 6-9, West Seneca, N.Y., Penn State) 
2. Sean Rooney (OH, 6-10, Wheaton, Ill., Pepperdine)
4. David Lee (MB, 6-8, Alpine, Calif., Long Beach State)
6. Paul Lotman (OH, 6-7, Lakewood, Calif., Long Beach State)
7. Kawika Shoji (S, 6-3, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)
8. Reid Priddy (OH, 6-4, Richmond, Va., Loyola Marymount)
9. Murphy Troy (Opp, 6-8, St. Louis, Mo., Southern California)
11. Micah Christenson (S, 6-6, Honolulu, Southern California)
13. Futi Tavana (MB, 6-7, Kalaheo, Hawaii, BYU)
14. Jeff Menzel (OH, 6-6, Santa Barbara, Calif., UC Santa Barbara)
15. Carson Clark (Opp, 6-6, Santa Barbara, Calif., UC Irvine)
17. Max Holt (MB, 6-9, Cincinnati, Ohio, Penn State)
19. Erik Shoji (L, 6-0, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)
20. David Smith (MB, 6-7, Saugus, Calif., UC Irvine)

Head Coach: John Speraw (Los Angeles)
Team Manager:  Andrea Becker (Martinez, Calif.)
Technical Coordinator: Anton Willert (Berlin, Germany)
Assistant Coach: Matt Fuerbringer (Costa Mesa, Calif.) 
Assistant Coach: Mike Wall (Santa Barbara, Calif.)
Consultant Coach: Gary Moy (San Francisco, Calif.)
Consultant Coach: Tim Pelot (Florida)
Athletic Trainer: Aaron Brock (Storm Lake, Iowa)
Doctor: Andrew Gregory (Nashville, Tenn.)

FIVB Men’s World Grand Champions Cup Schedule
(all times Pacific Standard)

Nov. 18-19
7:10 p.m.: Italy vs. Russia
11:10 p.m.: Iran vs. Brazil
2:10 a.m.: USA vs. Japan

Nov. 19-20
7:10 p.m.: Italy vs. Iran
11:10 p.m.: Brazil vs. USA
2:10 a.m.: Russia vs. Japan

Nov. 21-22
7:10 p.m.: USA vs. Italy
11:10 p.m.: Iran vs. Russia
2:10 a.m.: Japan vs. Brazil

Nov. 22-23
7:10 p.m.: Iran vs. USA
11:10 p.m.: Russia vs. Brazil
2:10 a.m.: Italy vs. Japan

Nov. 23-24
7:10 p.m.: Brazil vs. Italy
10:10 p.m.: USA vs. Russia
1:10 a.m.: Japan vs. Iran