Women's National Team Blog for June 16

June 16, 2013, 3:19 p.m. (ET)

By Rob Browning, Team Leader for U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team
Pan American Cup * Lima, Peru

June 16, 2013

Daily Bulletin #6 (includes tournament statistical leaders)

USA stepped up last night against Brazil. The starting line up of Glass, Hodge, Hildebrand, Fawcett, Adams, Gibbemeyer and Banwarth took care of business right off the bat, stifling the young Brazilian team with their serve, defense and attack. After the first set Brazil changed their line up at opposite and played a lot more loose with far fewer errors. Our new lineup of Hagglund, Hill, Lichtman, Murphy, Paolini, Adams and Banwarth played well and responded to every play Brazil made, eventually wearing them out.


  • Nicole Fawcett's serve to start off the match (clean ace with serious heat), and another later in the set that hit the Brazilian passer in the upper chest area about 1 second after the whistle blew.
  • Rachel Adams repeatedly stuffing Brazilian attackers. She likes to invade the attacker's personal space by getting her hands so far over that it creates the 'phone booth' effect for the hitter.
  • Cassidy Lichtman with an amazing one-arm stab on a ball that deflected off the block and was bound for the ground before she made the play.
  • Lauren Gibbemeyer's ace on a floater that first mesmerized then befuddled the passer.
  • Megan Hodge ripping a Go down the line to which the defender wisely chose to dive out of the way rather than attempt to play the ball...because she would have had to play it with her face.
  • Jenna Hagglund setting a great, in-tempo Go while falling to the ground.
  • Alisha Glass back-setting a tight pass by jumping to face the net and getting off a fast Red that Nicole detonated.
  • Kristin Hildebrand finding a seam on a high ball and bouncing it several feet in front of the defender.
  • Joe Trinsey multi-tasking by giving tactical feedback over the radio while simultaneously recording every statistic by typing them into Data Volley.
  • Dominican Republic
    Dominican is a good team with several Olympians from London on the court. It should be a battle and USA will be ready!

    Today's schedule is practice from 11 to 12, video session afterward, then the team will rest up for the final tonight.

    When you read quotes from Karch and our players, remember that they are translations from NORCECA or the FIVB. What comes out on paper is usually not quite what came out of their mouths. We have well English talking on her team.

    My Highlight
    A highlight for me yesterday was when an American in the crowd shouted to me, "Karch!" I went up and talked with him for about 20 minutes. Then I let him know that I'm not Karch and the conversation took a turn for the worse. But for me it was a fun 20 minutes.

    Congrats to the men's team for their sweep of France in Oklahoma!

    Go USA!