Tentative Roster Announced for U.S. Women’s Open Tryout

By Bill Kauffman | Feb. 18, 2013, 12:48 p.m. (ET)

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Detailed Tryout Roster and Schedule (PDF)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (updated Feb. 22, 2013) – USA Volleyball has a projected record 247 athletes signed up to participate in open tryouts for the U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. Women’s National A2 Program and U.S. Women’s Junior National Team. The tryouts will take place Feb. 22-24, 2013, in Sports Center II at the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Among the 247 tryout participants representing 90 different colleges are 60 outside hitters, 57 middle blockers, 56 liberos, 49 setters and 25 opposites. The 2012 U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryouts attracted a then-record 207 participants.

Although seating is very limited in Sports Center II, the tryouts are open and free to the public.

The tryout begins on Feb. 22 with waves going from 2-3:50 p.m. MT, 4-5:50 p.m. MT and 6:10-8 p.m. MT. Each athlete has been assigned to participate in one wave on Friday. On Feb. 23, athletes will participate in a morning session and an afternoon wave starting at 8 a.m. MT and ending at 8 p.m. MT. Athlete groups for Feb. 23 will be assigned at the end of the previous night. The tryout concludes on Feb. 24 with tournament play broken up into two sessions from 7:30-9:10 a.m. and 9:20-11 a.m. Each participant will compete in one tournament wave to be determined the night of Feb. 23.

Throughout the tryout process, USA Volleyball will be identifying prospective athletes for the following three different programs: first and foremost the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team Program; those not selected to the National Team may also be considered for an invitation to the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Senior A2 Team; and/or U.S. Women’s Junior National Volleyball Team program and its various programs.

The U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team Program is available to athletes who have concluded their college eligibility and who wish to be invited to be a member of the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team on a full-time basis. This program could begin as early as the spring of 2013, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded. Also considered for training with this group will be athletes who have remaining collegiate eligibility and their participation beginning in mid-May or when their scholastic calendar ends for 2013.

The U.S. Women's National Volleyball Senior A2 program is available to athletes with collegiate eligibility remaining for the 2013 season. This program is scheduled to take place in Dallas from June 25 to July 4. A projected 48 athletes will be invited to participate in the program, which will include training and competing at the USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships (GJNC) from July 1-4. These athletes may also be invited to participate with the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team.

The U.S. Women’s Junior Program is available for athletes born in either 1994 or 1995. The U.S. Women’s Junior National Volleyball Team will compete in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Junior World Championship June 21-30 at Brno, Czech Republic. In addition the U.S. Women’s Junior A1 National Training Team will compete I the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships and the U.S. Women’s Junior A1 International Training Team will compete in the European Global Challenge in Pula, Croatia. High school age athletes eligible for the U.S. Women’s Junior Program can also attend USA Volleyball High Performance tryouts around the country. For the complete tryout schedule, click here.

U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team Tryout Staff
Administration: Karch Kiraly (Head Coach), Reed Sunahara (Assistant Coach), Jill Wosmek, Jenna Ashton, Denise Corlett, Heath Hoke, Tom Pingel, Bill Kauffman, Tim Ambruso, Monica Sedillo
Evaluators: Andy Banachowski, Bill Neville, Denise Van De Walle, Ruth Nelson, Mike Hebert, Heath Hoke, Rod Wilde, Blaine Tendler, Charlene Whitted, Mary Wise, Marc Swindle, Matt McShane, Bob Bertucci
Court Coaches: Kevin Hitt, Bob Evans, Kyle Stahl, Nicki Holmes, Ray Gooden, Keith Barnett, Sara Kidd, Brittany Dildine, Brian Doyon, Chuck Crawford, Linda Hampton, Mike Gawlik, Dan Meske, Russ Walker, Erin Virtue
DataVolley, Technical Coordinators, Court Coaches: Daniel Jones, Nate Ngo, Shawn McLaughlin, Eugene Tichenor, Diego Castadena, Jay Van Vark

Outside Hitters (60)
Tryout # - Athlete (Position, College, College Eligibility Remaining)
B22 - Emmy Allen (OH, Washington St., 4, White)
W69 - Taylor Arizobal (OH, Arizona, 2, White)
B51 - Alexis Austin (OH, Colorado, 3, Blue)
W47 - Rosetta Becerra (OH, Elizabeth City St., 2, Blue)
B52 - Martenne Bettendorf (OH, Oregon, 3, Red)
B33 - Dede Bohannon (OH, Georgia St., 3, White)
R69 - Molly Brewster (OH, MidAmerica Nazarene, 0, Blue)
B34 - Jordan Burgess (OH, Stanford, 3, White)
W48 - Catherine Carmichael (OH, NA, 1, Blue)
W49 - Sarah Chaney (OH, Miami University (Ohio), 3, Red)
W50 - Ellen Chapman (OH, Wisconsin-Madison, 2, White)
W24 - Akokwe Clement (OH, Air Force Academy, 3, Blue)
W51 - Ashleigh Crutcher (OH, Maryland College Park, 2, White)
W52 - Kimberly Dahl (OH, Brigham Young, 3, Red)
B35 - Carnae Dillard (OH, North Texas, 3, Red)
W91 - Alexandra Erwin (OH, Michigan, 1, Blue)
W53 - Courtney Felinski (OH, Georgia Tech, 2, Red)
W54 - Kelsey Fien (OH, Nebraska, 3, White)
W64 - Lilla Frederick (OH, Pepperdine, 0, White)
W55 - Macey Gardner (OH, Arizona St., 3, Blue)
B4 - Kierra Holst (OH, Oklahoma, 3, Red)
W57 - Stephanie Holthus (OH, Northwestern, 1, White)
W70 - Jeane Horton (OH, Texas-El Paso, 1, Red)
B5 - Brittany Howard (OH, Stanford, 3, White)
W94 - Victoria Hurtt (OH, Iowa St., 2, Red)
B36 - Janelle Jenkins (OH, Louisville, 4, Red)
W59 - Emma Kile (OH, Clearwater Christian, 0, Blue)
B6 - Maddy Klineman (OH, UCLA, 3, White)
R32 - Kaitlyn Leary (OH, Ohio St., 3, Blue)
W60 - Alexandra Lovell (OH, Iowa, 2, Blue)
W61 - Kathleen Luft (OH, Loyola Marymount, 1, White)
B38 - Shar Latai Manu-Olevao (OH, Hawaii, 3, Red)
B39 - Tyler-Marie Mau (OH, Minnesota, 4, Blue)
W62 - Sara McClinton (OH, NA, 2, Blue)
W63 - Kaitlyn McIntyre (OH, Central Michigan, 2, Red)
W65 - Kara Morgan (OH, Ole Miss, 1, Red)
W66 - Jeme Obeime (OH, Duke, 2, Red)
W67 - Morgan Odale (OH, Utah, 1, Blue)
B40 - Danelle Parady (OH, , 4, Blue)
B7 - Regan Peltier (OH, Missouri, 3, White)
W68 - Kelly Reeves (OH, UCLA, 1, White)
W56 - Camille Richan (OH, Air Force, 1, Blue)
B41 - Kadie Rolfzen (OH, Nebraska, 4, White)
B42 - Amber Rolfzen (OH, Nebraska, 4, White)
B43 - Ashley Rosch (OH, Illinois St., 3, White)
W95 - Rachel Ryan (OH, Westfield St., 0, Blue)
W71 - Chelsey Schofield (OH, Utah, 2, Blue)
R92 - Maggie Sherrill (OH, NA, NA, Blue)
W81 - Taylor Simpson (OH, NA, NA, Blue)
B8 - Emily Sklar (OH, Duke, 3, Red)
W96 - Alyssa Squires (OH, UC Irvine, 1, White)
W72 - Malina Terrell (OH, San Francisco, 1, White)
W86 - Ariel Turner (OH, Purdue, 0, White)
W73 - Michelle Waber (OH, San Diego St., 2, Red)
B54 - Mallory Waggoner (OH, NA, 4, Red)
W74 - Nicole Walch (OH, Florida St., 3, Red)
W75 - Lauren Wicinski (OH, Michigan St., 1, White)
B55 - McKenzie Willey (OH, Arizona St., 4, Blue)
W76 - Ashley Wittman (OH, Minnesota, 1, Red)
R61 - Justine Young (OH, Kennesaw St., 0, Blue)

Middle Blockers (57)
Tryout # - Athlete (Position, College, College Eligibility Remaining)
R99 - Inky Ajanaku (MB, Stanford, 3, White)
R98 - Megan Anders (MB, Santa Clara, 1, Blue)
R82 - Simone Antwi (MB, Florida, 3, Blue)
B18 - Sarah Burrington (MB, Florida St., 4, Red)
R83 - Haley Cameron (MB, Santa Clara, 1, White)
B2 - Nakeyta Clair (MB, Ole Miss, 3, Red)
B19 - Chanell Clark-Bibbs (MB, Georgia Tech, 3, Red)
B20 - Abby Cole (MB, NA, 4, Blue)
R59 - Jasmine Dittrich (MB, Pittsburgh, 1, Red)
R84 - Tori Dixon (MB, Minnesota, 1, Blue)
R80 - Adreene Elliott (MB, Maryland, 2, White)
B21 - Haley Fauntleroy (MB, NA, 4, White)
R85 - Kaisley Fisher (MB, Purdue, 3, Red)
R60 - Kaye-Alese Green (MB, Central Florida, 2, Blue)
B50 - Skye Gullatt (MB, New Mexico, 3, Blue)
B23 - Janae Hall (MB, NA, 4, Blue)
R62 - Victoria Hamsher (MB, Virginia Tech, 1, White)
B24 - Kayla Haneline (MB, Northern Iowa, 4, Red)
R63 - Casey Hinger (MB, Cal St. Northridge, 2, White)
R64 - LeighAnn Hranka (MB, Illinois St., 1, White)
R86 - Jenny Ingle (MB, Miami, 3, Red)
R65 - Kierra Jones (MB, Purdue, 2, Red)
R87 - Litara Keil (MB, Loyola Marymount, 2, White)
R66 - Faimie Kingsley (MB, Denver, 1, Blue)
R88 - Dana Knudsen (MB, Minnesota, 0, Red)
R89 - Tory Knuth (MB, Iowa St., 3, Red)
W87 - Kelsey Kuipers (MB, Michigan St., 1, White)
R90 - Kathryn LeCheminant (MB, Brigham Young, 1, Red)
R67 - Erin Leppek (MB, Iowa, 2, Blue)
R91 - Whitney Little (MB, Missouri, 2, White)
B25 - Kaira Lujan (MB, Dartmouth College, 4, White)
B26 - Merete Lutz (MB, Stanford, 4, White)
R68 - Alexis Mathews (MB, Michigan St., 1, White)
R93 - Tenisha Matlock (MB, Iowa State, 1, Red)
R94 - Brooke Mattingly (MB, Louisville, 1, Red)
R95 - Samantha Middleborn (MB, Cal State San Bernardino, 0, Red)
B27 - Summer Morgan (MB, Arkansas, 3, Red)
R70 - Alexandra Morgan (MB, Kentucky, 1, Red)
R72 - Ashley Neff (MB, Florida St., 1, Red)
R96 - Zoe Nightingale (MB, UCLA, 2, White)
B28 - Allison Palmer (MB, Arizona St., 3, Red)
R73 - Lisa Parlich (MB, North Dakota, 1, Red)
R74 - Richelle Ranney (MB, Western Michigan, 2, White)
B29 - Katie Reininger (MB, St. Mary's, 3, Blue)
R97 - Rachel Rhoades (MB, Arizona, 2, White)
R57 - Tara Richey (MB, Kean, 0, Blue)
B32 - Raquel Rosas (MB, NA, NA, Blue)
R58 - DeLaina Sarden (MB, Central Florida, 2, Blue)
R75 - Emily Schneider (MB, Illinois St., 2, White)
R76 - Alyssa Schultz (MB, Idaho, 2, Blue)
R77 - Kelsey Snider (MB, Colorado St., 2, Blue)
W92 - Erica Stahl (MB, Butler, 2, Blue)
R78 - Jade Vorster (MB, Hawaii, 3, Red)
R79 - Ariana Williams (MB, Oregon, 1, Red)
W93 - Courtney Windham (MB, North Texas, 1, Blue)
B30 - Stephenee Yancy (MB, Western Michigan, 3, White)
B31 - Amy Zimmer (MB, St. John’s, 3, Red)

Liberos (56)
Tryout # - Athlete (Position, College, College Eligibility Remaining)
W1 - Emily Averbeck (L/DS, Georgia St., 1, Blue)
W46 - Sierra Burris (L/DS, Illinois St., 2, White)
W2 - Jenna Coates (L/DS, Central Michigan, 1, Red)
W3 - Jaime Colaizzi (L/DS, Colorado St., 3, Blue)
W25 - Carly Cramer (L/DS, Purdue, 1, Red)
W26 - Caitlin Cremin (L/DS, Colgate, 1, White)
W4 - Rebecca Defoe (L/DS, Oregon St., 1, Red)
B12 - Amy Dion (L/DS, Maryland, 3, White)
R3 - Emma Dridge (L/DS, Ohio St., 3, Blue)
B13 - Karly Drolson (L/DS, UCLA, 3, White)
W5 - Taylor Formico (L/DS, UC Santa Barbara, 3, Blue)
W27 - Caitlyn Francis (L/DS, Arizona St., 1, Blue)
W6 - Amy Grabiec (L/DS, Louisiana-Monroe, 0, Red)
W7 - Kristen Hahn (L/DS, Iowa St., 1, Red)
W28 - Emily Helm (L/DS, Arkansas, 1, Red)
W29 - Annemarie Hickey (L/DS, Wisconsin, 1, White)
W8 - Haley Jacob (L/DS, Oregon, 0, Red)
W9 - Julia Jeziorowski (L/DS, Marquette, 1, Red)
W10 - Stephanie Kinane (L/DS, Loyola-Chicago, 3, Blue)
W34 - Stephanie Klefot (L/DS, Kentucky, 0, Blue)
W30 - Veronica Lewis (L/DS, Arizona, 2, White)
W31 - Alyssa Longo (L/DS, Hawaii, 1, Red)
B14 - Morgan Maner (L/DS, Signed NLI with Elon, 4, Red)
W32 - Alison McCurdy (L/DS, Duke, 1, Red)
W33 - Emily McGee (L/DS, North Carolina, 0, Blue)
W11 - Tessa McGill (L/DS, IPFW, 0, White)
W35 - Tiffany Morales (L/DS, Michigan, 3, Red)
W12 - Kaitlin Mosher (L/DS, Florida St., 2, Red)
W13 - Kori Moster (L/DS, Michigan St., 2, White)
W36 - Ellen Mullins (L/DS, Tennessee, 1, White)
W37 - Jacqueline Napper (L/DS, Kentucky, 2, Red)
B1 - Caitlin Nolan (L/DS, Iowa St., 3, Red)
W14 - Lena Oliver (L/DS, Western Michigan, 1, White)
W15 - Kellie Orewiler (L/DS, UNC Greensboro, 1, Red)
W16 - Jillian Paluch (L/DS, Akron, 1, White)
B15 - Anna Panagiotakopoulos (L/DS, West Virginia, 3, White)
B47 - Ciara Parker (L/DS, Brigham Young, 3, Red)
W17 - Ashley Potts (L/DS, Western Kentucky, 1, Red)
B16 - Haley Pouliezos (L/DS, Louisville, 3, Red)
W38 - Stephanie Preach (L/DS, Arizona St., 1, Blue)
W89 - Elyse Richardson (L/DS, NA, NA, Blue)
W39 - Caroline Rose (L/DS, Western Michigan, 3, White)
B17 - Shawna-Lei Santos (L/DS, St. John's, 3, Red)
W18 - Leslie Schellhaas (L/DS, Morehead St., 1, Red)
B48 - Amanda Schiavo (L/DS, Bowling Green St., 4, White)
W40 - Steffi Sooter (L/DS, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1, White)
B49 - Erin Spivey (L/DS, Texas Southern, 3, Blue)
W41 - Mary Tang (L/DS, Chicago, 0, Red)
W19 - Courtney Vaccarello (L/DS, San Diego St., 1, Blue)
W20 - Amy Vanni (L/DS, Fresno Pacific, 0, Blue)
W42 - Alyssa Warren (L/DS, Seton Hall, 1, Red)
W43 - Olivia Wasdin (L/DS, Georgia Tech, 2, Red)
W44 - Heather Weiss (L/DS, Wayne St., 3, Red)
W21 - Caitlin Welch (L/DS, Louisville, 1, Red)
W22 - Tia Withers (L/DS, Brigham Young, 2, Red)
W45 - Bethany Yeager (L/DS, Iowa, 1, Blue)

Setters (49)
Tryout # - Athlete (Position, College, College Eligibility Remaining)
P4 - Bianca Arellano (S, Arizona St., 3, Blue)
P5 - Morgan Bergren (S, Kentucky, 3, Red)
P6 - Taylor Brauneis (S, Florida, 1, Blue)
P51 - Madison Bugg (S, Stanford, 3, White)
P55 - Gianna Cresto (S, Utah, 4, Blue)
P56 - Adrianna Culbert (S, Colorado St., 3, Blue)
P7 - Mackenzie Dagostino (S, Maryland, 3, White)
P8 - Lexi Dannemiller (S, Michigan, 2, Red)
P9 - Dalas Dodd (S, St. Mary's, 3, Blue)
P52 - Julia Doyle (S, Oklahoma, 3, Red)
P10 - Kaitlyn Early (S, Illinois St., 2, White)
P57 - Nicole Edelman (S, Colorado, 3, Blue)
P63 - Aubrey Edie (S, NA, 4, Blue)
P53 - Ashley Evans (S, NA, 4, Red)
P11 - Deedra Foss (S, Colorado St., 2, Blue)
P12 - Johnna Fouch (S, San Diego St., 1, Red)
P13 - Sydney Gedryn (S, Cal St. Northridge, 1, White)
P14 - Liza Guajardo (S, Texas A&M International, 0, Blue)
P58 - Erica Handley (S, Syracuse, 4, White)
P59 - Kelsey Humphreys (S, Stanford, 4, White)
P60 - Kelly Hunter (S, Nebraska, 4, White)
P15 - Nicole Husfeldt (S, North Dakota, 2, Red)
P28 - Hannah Johnson (S, New Mexico, 3, Blue)
P29 - Kristen Kelsay (S, Michigan St., 1, White)
P35 - Hillary Keltner (S, Air Force Academy, 2, Blue)
P16 - Elizabeth Koberstein (S, Marquette, 1, Red)
P30 - MaryJo Kolze (S, Missouri St., 2, White)
P17 - Molly Kreklow (S, Missouri, 1, White)
P18 - Hannah Kvitle (S, Louisville, 2, Red)
P19 - Kelly Maxwell (S, Central Michigan, 1, Red)
P1 - Megan Moenoa (S, UCLA, 2, White)
P20 - Valerie Nichol (S, Purdue, 2, Red)
P22 - Alexandra Pawlik (S, Western Michigan, 2, White)
P31 - Morgan Peterson (S, Butler, 1, White)
P32 - Lauren Plum (S, Oregon, 1, Red)
P33 - Mary Pollmiller (S, transferring from Tennessee, 2, Blue)
P23 - Brittney Potter (S, James Madison, 0, Blue)
P61 - Brittany Sample (S, West Virginia, 3, White)
P24 - Kamryn Sherman (S, Clemson, 2, Red)
P36 - Taylor Sherwin (S, The Ohio St., 2, Blue)
P2 - Samantha Slonski (S, Eastern Connecticut St., 0, Red)
P3 - Camille Smith (S, Cal State San Bernardino, 0, White)
P62 - Alexa Strange (S, Nebraska, 3, White)
P54 - Rebecca Strehlow (S, UCLA, 3, White)
P25 - Hannah Tedrow (S, Loyola Marymount, 3, White)
P26 - Courtney Thomas (S, Wisconsin, 2, White)
P27 - Rainette Uiato (S, Hawaii, 1, Red)
P21 - Christina Vucich (S, Duke, 3, Red)
P34 - Sarah Wickstrom (S, Florida St., 2, Red)

Opposites (25)
Tryout # - Athlete (Position, College, College Eligibility Remaining)
W77 - Chelsea Albers (Opp, NA, 2, Blue)
B44 - BreElle Bailey (Opp, Arizona St., 4, Blue)
B53 - Ashley Battle (Opp, Virginia Tech, 4, Blue)
W78 - Mackenzie Bigbee (Opp, Iowa State, 3, Red)
W97 - Whitney Billings (Opp, Kentucky, 1, Red)
B9 - Elizabeth Campbell (Opp, Duke, 3, Red)
W79 - Leslie Cikra (Opp, Tennessee, 0, White)
W80 - Shelby Dalton (Opp, Utah, 2, Blue)
W98 - Annie Drews (Opp, Purdue, 3, Red)
B56 - Canace Finley (Opp, Oregon, 3, Red)
B10 - Elizabeth Fortado (Opp, Arkansas, 3, Red)
B45 - Emily Fraik (Opp, Maryland, 3, White)
W99 - Holly Franks (Opp, Cal Poly, 1, White)
W82 - Samantha Gostling (Opp, Virginia Tech, 1, White)
W83 - Katherine Harms (Opp, Minnesota, 0, Blue)
W84 - Lisa Henning (Opp, Missouri, 1, White)
W90 - Kim Hill (Opp, Pepperdine, 0, White)
W85 - Brooklyn Hlafka (Opp, Illinois St., 1, White)
R81 - Karsta Lowe (Opp, UCLA, 2, White)
B37 - Gabby Mallette (Opp, Florida, 3, Blue)
B11 - Andie Malloy (Opp, Iowa St., 3, Red)
B46 - Ashley Mariani (Opp, NA, 4, Blue)
R71 - Ronni Munkeby (Opp, North Dakota, 1, Red)
W23 - Chantale Riddle (Opp, New Mexico, 2, Blue)
W88 - Moneshia Simmons (Opp, Clemson, 1, White)