Start A New Club

Thank you for reaching out to start a new program for juniors. Hopefully you are considering both boys and girls in this process. Note that this section is simply a short collection of articles and information found mostly in the hundreds of selections in this very grassroots section.

Why USA Volleyball is a great choice. Parents Did You Know? (PDF document)

Starting a JV Club – This is your fast start 2 page handout on starting a program.

Why USA Volleyball is the Right Choice – This handout is for your consideration and awareness, and for each parent within your program.

Junior Volleyball Program Guidebook - The 2004 classic free USAV book for starting a club.

1.  Chapter 1 – Club Director Info

2.  Chapter 2 – Coach Info

3.  Chapter 3 – Parent Info

4.  Chapter 4 – Promotion & Public Relations

5.  Chapter 5 – Fundraising

6.  Chapter 6 – Officiating

7.  Appendix - Forms

USAV Minivolley Book – Here is the new 2012 edition book to help all levels - especially youth - to grow the game. Almost 40 years of ideas - rules and the spirit of the rules, scoring variations, movement games, skills, core concepts, "secrets," game options, winning the serve pass war, and much more. These ideas will help any program of any age. They are especially directed to assist program coaches and teachers in running better youth and novice training. This new edition is also available in Spanish.  This matches with the "Learning Volleyball Through Games: Aprendamos Voleibol Mediante Juegos"  video also posted as our gift to all coaches worldwide.

Host Youth Clinics at Park and Recs, schools, and other youth organizations like YMCAs and Boys & Girls Clubs… CLICK HERE for great tips and secrets on how to run a successful clinic.

Remember – every Junior Volleyball club starts with their Regional Volleyball Association (RVA), and you can find yours by CLICKING HERE  

Benefits of USAV Membership through its RVAs - (PDF - 1 page)

If you have any questions or suggestions, email: john.kessel@usav,org. Thanks for starting a new program and let us know how it goes!