Indoor CAP Clinics

As a coach, you can expand your knowledge and experience with USA Volleyball's Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP).

Who you are and what you teach shapes the future of those promising players that look up to you for guidance. You are the greatest resource. Let CAP be your resource for cutting-edge information in the areas of skill development, tactical systems, conditioning, motor learning, mental training and much more. Behind every great player is a great coach...behind every great coach is CAP. View the current CAP clinic schedule.

What are Coaches Saying about CAP?

"CAP training by the USAV cadre is outstanding. It’s current and relevant to coaching today’s young athletes. This certification is important for my coaching career. The training is important for my life. I’m not coaching club this year, but I wasn’t going to miss this learning opportunity."
– Brad Hekekia, CAP I, Arizona 2019

"CAP Training has provided me the confidence in my coaching ability and leading a team. As a club director, I believe the information provided is vital for creating exceptional coaches with a passion for the game and the athletes."
– CAP II clinic attendee, Arizona 2019

"CAP isn't about learning drills and technique. It's about learning who you are as a coach and refining your coaching philosophy to meet the needs in your gym. Not only are the cadres amazing, so are the attendees who you get just as much from as the lead coaches." 
– Brian Sharkey, CAP III, Badger 2019

"I have recommended the CAP clinic to all of our club coaches. I am in my second season as Club Director and sixth season as club coach. I recommend any coach, new or tenured, to take the CAP I clinic. You will walk away with fresh perspectives, new drills and methodology to implement as well as numerous aha moments guaranteed!"
– Kim Lee, CAP I, Badger 2019

"CAP is all encompassing. Practice plan design and teaching different skills related to the sport is only half of the story. CAP II brought it full circle for value and did a deep dive into athlete psyche, evolving your philosophy and realizing that there is no one-size-fits-all to being successful. Perspective is such a vital part to my growth as a coach as it is encouraging to know that what I am doing is correct but there are always ways to be better."
– CAP I, II attendee, GEVA 2019