Hosting a CAP or Beach CAP Course

Your success is our goal!

If you and other coaches in your area have wanted to attend a USAV CAP course but couldn't travel to a distant location, there's a solution: host your own!

Bring quality coaching education to your area by hosting a CAP or BCAP course at your club. We've made it easy for you to make it happen.

How it's done...

  • Select your dates
  • Provide the facility (classroom/gym)
  • Provide local transportation and lodging for the CAP cadre assigned to your course
  • Help publicize and register the minimum number of attendees (25 for CAP I, 15 for CAP II; 18 for BCAP I, 10 for BCAP II)
  • Provides national publicity/online registration
  • Creates a flyer (if requested)
  • Creates the schedule and collects registrations
  • Sends you the cadre and ships all materials
  • Tracks completed requirements for attendees

More benefits for you

We will provide you with a free CAP I or BCAP I registration to use for yourself or a deserving coach in your program. We'll also send six new Molten Red/White/Blue volleyballs to keep for your program or use as you wish following the course.

Hosting a CAP course is also an opportunity to raise funds for your program. Once the minimum number of paid coach registrations for your course has been received, all additional regular course registration fees will be split with your program. Provided all hosting duties are fulfilled, this amount will be credited on your final invoice for the course.

For example, if 25 CAP I registrations are required and 35 are received, then you would receive half of 10 x $225, or $1,125 for your program.

Host a CAP/BCAP Course to Earn Module Credits for CAP Recertification

Host a CAP/BCAP Course
CAP or BCAP certified coaches can earn free recertification credits for working with the USAV Coaching Education Department to host a CAP or BCAP course in their area. Contact us at for more information.

Recertification Overview
Coaches may only apply events they participated in during the four years while their certification is current. Once submitted for recertification credit, the same event may not be utilized for that purpose again.

Recertification Required Documents

The required amount of recertification credits needed per quad (all certifications are current for a period of four years) to re-certify for a specific CAP level are listed below. All recert credits are only applied to a current certification status.

  • CAP I = 4 recert credits needed
  • CAP II = 5 recert credits needed
  • CAP III = 6 recert credits needed

Holding your own coaching clinic?

If you are hosting your own clinic, you can apply to have it listed as an approved USAV-CAP module toward CAP accreditation. Contact us at to learn more.