AVCA Convention Attendance

CAP and BCAP certified coaches can earn recertification credits without having to purchase USAV module credits by attending the yearly AVCA Convention in December. The options listed below require coaches to attend and participate in one or more AVCA Winter Conventions. Coaches will be required to sign in at the CAP booth at the convention for AVCA Convention in order to receive CAP module credits for attending. 

Coaches may only apply events they participated in during the four years while their certification is current. Once submitted for recertification credit, the same event may not be utilized for that purpose again.

AVCA Convention Approved Modules

All currently certified CAP coaches who attend the AVCA Winter Convention, beginning in December 2013, will be awarded the following CAP recertification credits free of charge:

  • CAP I = 2 free recert credits
  • CAP II = 3 free recert credits
  • CAP III= 4 free recert credits

To receive your free recert credits, coaches must:

  1. Register for and pay to attend the AVCA Convention in December
  2. Present verification of registration and payment onsite at the USAV-CAP office in the Convention Center
  3. Sign in at the CAP office
  4. Coaches will then receive their free CAP recertification credits certificate
  5. 90 days prior to their CAP certification expiration date, coaches attach their free CAP recertification credits certificate (and any other documentation of module credits earned) to their CAP Recertification Application, and submit to USAV-CAP office in Colorado Springs.
Coaches may elect to also purchase additional numbers of module credits for attending additional AVCA educational sessions at the convention, and/or may attend other approved webinars, courses, clinics, etc.