BCAP Level I Information

Certification Information

The Beach CAP Level I Certification requires the following:
Completion of the Pre-Requisite Beach IMPACT Certification via on-site clinic, on-line webinar, or future OnDemand on-line course,  and on-line test from the USAV National Office. Please note that at this time ONLY the National Office Beach IMPACT Clinics will meet this requirement!

Attend either the:

  • Full (traditional 2-Day or more) on-site Beach CAP Level I course which includes all required court & classroom sessions, or
  • *Hybrid Single-Day-on-the-Sand Beach CAP I Course plus the Required On-Line Classroom Sessions

    *Hybrid on-line courses are not offered with every BCAP I course. Please see our Coaching Education Course Schedule for any upcoming BCAP I Hybrid Courses.

Complete and submit the following to the National Office either before or at the course:
  • Favorite Drill Worksheets (as PDF documents)
  • Coaching Philosophy Worksheet (as PDF document) *Take to the course and turn afterwards
  • National CAP Coaches Code of Ethics Form (as PDF document)
  • Course Evaluation Form or On-Line Survey (if required) *After the course
  • Quizzes for each of the On-Line *Hybrid BCAP I Classroom Sessions (90% or better) *Received after the course
  • Complete and Pass the On-Line Beach CAP Level I Test (90% or better) *log in to take 7 days after the course. Info. provided at registration
  • Have a successful USAV Background Screen in the USAV National Database (only if you do NOT have a current background screening with USAV or your Region) 

CadreExplainationRequired Beach CAP Level I Sessions Include:

  1. Coaching Science: Motor Learning Theory with a Beach Emphasis (may be taught on-site or as a pre-requisite online session for the standard on-site 2-Day format course; taught as an on-line pre-requisite or as the first on-site session for a Hybrid course)
  2. Basic Differences between Indoor & Sand Game   (in the classroom, or on-line for Hybrid)          
  3. Developing a Functional Coaching Philosophy for the BEACH Coach! (in the classroom, or on-line for Hybrid)          
  4. Professional Ethics, Legalities & Athlete Safeguards for the BEACH Coach!   (in the classroom, or on-line for Hybrid)          
  5. Team Dynamics: Talent ID & Combining the Right Partners (in the classroom, or on-line for Hybrid)  
  6. Myths, Misconceptions and Beach Bio-mechanics (in the classroom, or on-line for Hybrid)          
  7. Intro to Competition Management and Scouting (in the classroom or on-line for Hybrid)          
  8. Serve and Pass Strategies for Sand (on the sand)
  9. Sand Setting: How to Make the Hitter Look Good (on the sand)
  10. Keys & Strategies for Effective and Consistent Attacking on the Sand (on the sand)
  11. Defensive Strategies for the Sand Game: Blocking, Digging, Pulling and Chasing Shots (on the sand)
  12. Myths, Misconceptions and Beach Bio-mechanics (in the classroom or on-line for Hybrid)          
  13. Drill Design for the Beach & Creating Effective, Game-like Sand Practices (on the sand)
  14. Teaching the Skills & Drills Practicum (on the sand with Drills Sharing)
  15. Junior Forum: Engaging the 6- to 12-Year-Old (on the sand)
  16. NCAA Forum: NCAA Sand … Are you Ready?! (in the classroom or on-line for Hybrid)          
  17. Certification Wrap Up Meeting/Photos, etc. (in the classroom or on-line for Hybrid)

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