BCAP Level II Information

Certification Information

The Beach CAP Level II Certification requires the following: Completion of the prerequisite BCAP I certification via onsite or hybrid clinic; submission of a beach drill video or a 2-3 page original article.

Attend either:

  • Full (traditional two-day or more) onsite BCAP II clinic which includes all required court and classroom sessions, or
  • *Hybrid single-day-on-the-sand BCAP II clinic plus the required online classroom sessions

*Hybrid online clinics are not offered with every BCAP II clinic. Please see our Coaching Education Schedule for any upcoming BCAP II hybrid clinics.

Complete and submit the following to the national office either before or at the clinic:

  • Favorite Drill Worksheets (as PDF documents)
  • National CAP Coaches Code of Ethics Form (as PDF document)
  • Drill on video with description on Drill Form (to be posted on USAV’s drill webpage) or a 2-3 page original article on any beach volleyball topic (which may be chosen to be published in Volleyball USA Magazine, the Education Sidelines e-newsletter, USAV Coaches e-newsletter or on the CAP Resource Article page of the website). *After the clinic
  • Clinic evaluation form or online survey (if required) *After the clinic
  • Have a successful USAV background screen in the USAV national database (only if you do NOT have a current background screening with USAV or your region)

Required BCAP II sessions include:

  1. Advanced Motor Learning Science: More in-depth motor learning theory with a beach emphasis (in the classroom)
  2. Counter Intuitive Skills for Indoor Players (on the court)
  3. Building the Sideout Team (in the classroom)
  4. Advanced Offensive Systems (on the court)
  5. Advanced Defensive Systems (on the court)
  6. From Out-of-System to In-System (on the court)
  7. Advanced Video and Scouting Methods: Techniques & Tips (in the classroom)
  8. Team Dynamics (Picking Pairs) and Competition Management (in the classroom)
  9. Season and Practice Design (in the classroom)
  10. Running a Successful Beach Tournament (in the classroom)
  11. Advanced Serving Strategies and How to Defend Them (Serving Tactics for Success on the Sand) (on the court)
  12. Training without a ball (on the court)
  13. Advanced Drills Practicum - Problem Solving Scenarios (on the court)
  14. Certification Wrap Up Meeting/Photos, etc. (in the classroom or online for hybrid)

Additional sessions which may be offered at select clinic sites include:

  1. SafeSport certification session
  2. Sand Officiating for Beach Coaches
  3. No Rain, No Rainbow: Preparing for Adversity in Beach Volleyball
  4. NCAA Forum – Latest Updates
  5. Creating The Thinking Player
  6. Sport Psychology for Beach Athletes and Coaches
  7. Nutrition 201: Fueling for Sand Excellence
  8. Conditioning Concepts: Strength Training and Periodization for Beach Athletes and Coaches
  9. One Court, 12 athletes: Effective Game-like Practices in Limited Spaces