Beach Coaching Accreditation Program Clinics

All upcoming CAP I, II, II, IV, and V coaches must have a current background screening with their respective region or USA Volleyball before becoming CAP certified. You must be 18 years or older to be screened. Click here for background screening information.

The USA Volleyball’s Beach Coaching Accreditation Program (BCAP) is an intensive clinic designed to:
  • Provide indoor and beach coaches with the necessary tools to run successful beach programs.
  • Provide beach coaches with a forum to exchange ideas and develop teaching skills.
  • Coaches should be active participants throughout this clinic, sharing ideas on technique, drill design, strategy and pedagogy.
  • Coaches are encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions throughout the clinic. 
  • Coaches are also required to get sandy!

Why Play Beach Volleyball?

Doubles provides the best in random, game-like volleyball experiences with a high number of contacts per person. Each player's weaknesses are practiced throughout the game - if you're a bad passer, you get served. If you're a bad setter, you partner is served and you must set.

You are forced to become a better player, and to extend your range on defense as you are required to cover the entire court. You develop communication skills with a single partner before moving on to a six-person system. You are able to enhance strength and conditioning through increased movement.

You learn the responsibility of playing every play with your partner. Whether it's on the beach or grass, 4-on-4 or 2-on-2, outdoor volleyball is a fun and effective way to gain valuable playing experience and to get an edge on other players. Play hard, play often and play outdoors to become a better all-around player.