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USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP)

1: one who instructs or trains performers (Webster's).
2: all volunteers, teachers, players, people who administer, guide, create, inspire any athlete or person to compete and enjoy the skills, tactics, and interaction of volleyball.

The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (USAV-CAP) provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the volleyball coach. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for all coaching levels (from the volunteer to the internationally aspiring coach). 

The program currently includes three course levels for indoor coaches (CAP I, II and III) and two course levels for beach coaches (BCAP I and II). Indoor or Beach IMPACT courses are prerequisites to start the CAP or BCAP program.

Each course level includes a special emphasis on building the foundation and creation of a well-prepared coach. This knowledge, coupled with hands-on coaching experience, creates an ideal learning experience. USAV-CAP has been helping coaches further their coaching education for the past 17 years. In that time, more than 35,000 coaches have taken USAV-CAP courses across the United States. We expect the USAV-CAP hosting experience to be great for you and your community.

This program assists in meeting the primary objective of the 1978 Amateur Sports Act, which is responsible for allowing the National Governing Body of Volleyball to provide and coordinate technical information on physical training, equipment design and performance analysis. USAV-CAP addresses one-third of these directives within its daily activities. The USAV-CAP Hosting Manual is a step-by-step guide on how to organize a successful USAV CAP course. This manual describes host responsibilities before, during and after the course, and it includes necessary report forms, samples forms and instructions in the Appendices.


Any player who enters a volleyball program has the right to expect quality coaching and instruction. USA Volleyball's CAP program strives to present an on-going, progressive format in which coaches at all levels receive the most current information available on volleyball. USAV-CAP instruction is based on sound principles in the areas of skills development, tactical systems, physical training, motor learning, sports psychology and administration.

USAV-CAP is intended to provide coaching standards for those administrators employing coaches to have a valid means for measuring the qualifications of a given volleyball coach. It is a continuous education process due to the dynamic nature of sport and technology. The four solid corners of the program are integrity, education, commitment and enthusiasm. These are the qualities of any successful coach and program.


Dear CAP and Education staff at USAV, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your excellent courses of instruction and the work you do to improve the quality of coaching and the overall volleyball experience for millions of players across our country! I have thoroughly enjoyed the IMPACT, CAP I, and CAP II programs that I've experienced through USA Volleyball. The recent course that you provided in McLean, Virginia, was excellent, and I think we had a great time with Stu Sherman, Tom Tait, John Kessel, and Steve Colpus.

As a retired Army officer and West Point graduate, I've attended numerous military training courses--including Army Ranger School and Airborne School--and I place great value on professional education and training. In the military, we leave a lot of room for initiative, personal judgment, creativity, and risk, but we think it absolutely critical that our leaders and soldiers all understand the same doctrine and operate by its tenets (as well as understanding our opponents' doctrine). We have training and education to teach the proper methods for strategy, tactics, leadership, physical fitness, logistics, training, intelligence, and many other subjects. Soldiers are professional students AND instructors, constantly improving our professional knowledge. We learn and then coach and teach what we've learned to our subordinates and peers. I have a deep appreciation for professional instruction, and I admire those who do it well. Your instructors do it well.

I have been a coach in a number of sports--boxing, track, cross-country, soccer, basketball, volleyball--for a few dozen years now, and I also have been a college instructor at West Point, teaching Chinese language, culture, and history. Moreover, I was a training officer for my regiment, and set up annual programs that started with individual soldier skills and progressed through small unit training to large unit, opposing force exercises. I'm not "tooting my own horn," but simply stating that I know what I'm looking at: I recognize in your program the same systems and patterns that we use in the professional education of the US military, which is a pretty decent professional measure.

Let me also state that your program is by far the best education and training I've received in my sports career. I love how you tie all the foundational knowledge received in the IMPACT course into the CAP I and CAP II, and promote constant learning and improvement. I've had a hard time getting many of the youth programs I've been involved with to develop or participate in such a system, which makes me all the more appreciative of your efforts to ensure it continues to get out to the courts where our sport is played--only the Boy Scouts, in my experience, have as good a program.

I also know that most teachers and coaches labor out of love for their students and athletes and a passion for their subject. It's a largely selfless, thankless, and arduous task, and is a sacrificial undertaking--a servant's role. You all have been there, and now you serve the servants. Well done, good and faithful servants! Thank you.

Very respectfully,
John Shultis
Member, Chesapeake Region
Metro American Juniors Volleyball Club of DC, Northern Virginia


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