Championship Manual

2019 Championship Manual - updated 1/29/19


March 15-17

Team Check-In: March 14, 4-9pm*

*Subject to change


Orange County Convention Center - North Hall
9400 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819


Texas Star Photo is our official photographer for the 2019 Sunshine Classic. Please click here for more information and visit their website at!

Entry Fee

$840 per team (12s-18s)

$500 per team (11s)


Registration is closed at this time

Divisions and Available Bids

# of Bids Available
11 National (2 Days of Play, March 16-17) 1
12 National 1
12 American 1
13 Open 2
13 USA 2
13 American 1
14 Open 2
14 USA 3
14 American 1
15 Open 3
15 USA 3
15 American 1
16 Open 3
16 USA 3
16 American 1
17 Open 3
17 USA 3
17 American 1
18 Open 3
18 USA 3
18 American 1


Non-negotiable Refund Policy

Teams not accepted into Sunshine Volleyball Classic: Full Refund
Teams that drop before February 15th: Full Refund
Teams that drop after February 16th: No Refund

  • When an individual or a team decides not to attend, or is unable to attend, a USAV-held event for reasons pertaining to acts or threats of war, acts or threats of terrorism, or a health risk alert, USAV shall issue no refunds.
  • When a USAV event is canceled or interrupted due to acts or threats of war, acts or threats of terrorism, or a health risk alert, event entry refunds will be made to individuals or teams on a prorated basis once all of USAV’s out-of-pocket expenditures for the canceled or interrupted event have been settled from such fee.
  • If a team is denied entry into the tournament, because the field is filled, the team may elect to cancel its application and receive a full refund of its entry fee, OR the team may elect to go on a waiting list.
  • If a team decides to drop out after being accepted (either originally or accepted from the waiting list), the team will forfeit the entire entry fee, regardless whether the drop happens before or after February 15th.
  • A team on a waiting list may drop out and obtain a full refund of its entry fee as long as we have not yet accepted the team into the tournament from the waiting list. To qualify for this, a team on a waiting list must have notified us in writing of their desire to drop before they receive notification of being accepted from the waiting list.

Entry fees are non-transferable to another team, even from the same club.


Coolers and outside food/beverages are not allowed in the venue under any circumstances.