Hotel Information

This is a stay and play event  All athletes and coaches must book through Team Travel Source.

Parents are also welcome to utilize Team Travel Source when booking rooms for this event. More stay-and-play details and exemptions are listed below. Click here for FAQ

When will housing open for the 2019 Boys Junior National Championships?

LOTTERY TEAMS – Lottery teams have been contacted via email. The lottery will be posted in November. All details and instructions will be sent directly to lottery clubs.

ALL OTHER TEAMS - We will begin accepting team block requests on Tuesday, January 8 at 12 noon EST. Room requests sent before this time WILL NOT be processed!  You can click the link below to submit your team block request starting on January 8 at 12 noon EST.

We encourage all teams to set up a team block! This can include athletes, parents, coaches, families, etc, and a custom booking link will be created to ensure easy booking for your team! This will also help to track rooms for Stay-and-Play compliance for your team.

SPECTATORS/GENERAL HOUSING, Etc. - General housing will open on or before Friday, February 22.  The general link will be posted on the USAV website to allow for any individual reservations to be made.  If you need a block of rooms for your team, click the link below.

Please click here for all hotel options and specific instructions on HOW to submit a team block request!

How do I request a block of rooms?

  1. Submit your room block request via the link provided above.
  2. All requests will be date and time stamped, and we will place teams in order of submission.  See above for the housing open dates based on what type of team you are.
  3. A Team Travel Source representative will be in touch with you regarding your block should we have questions.
  4. A Team Travel Source representative will send you a customized booking link with instructions on how to distribute the link to your teammates.
  5. Book Rooms – Please make sure you book using your USAV Team Code and specific Club and Team Name (for tracking purposes).


Stay and Play Policy

What is USAV’s Stay and Play policy?
The 2019 USAV Boys Junior National Championships is Stay and Play. This means that to compete in the tournament, you must be staying in one of the official room blocks set up by Team Travel Source. All reservations must be made through the official general housing booking link or through a custom team/club booking link provided by Team Travel Source to your housing contact.

HOUSING CONTACTS: Please make sure that your parents know that they should NOT call the hotels directly or book with a direct hotel website. These reservations as well as third party bookings (,, etc.,) will not be compliant with the Stay and Play policy and these rooms will NOT count toward 2020 lottery totals. All questions, adjustments, requests or cancellations regarding your reservations must go through Team Travel Source as well.

Team Travel Source guarantees the lowest group rates available (exclusions include but are not limited to unconfirmed room types, non-cancellable rates, employee rates, government rates, advanced purchase rates, AAA and AARP rates).  Team Travel Source will work with any club or team that may have a special situation (please see Exemptions).

Why is there a Stay and Play policy?
Reasons for implementing the Stay and Play policy are to increase the amount of room nights available to teams and clubs and to help secure the lowest group rates. By increasing the amount of room nights actualized, USA Volleyball can prove to the host cities our positive impact on their local economy, thus building stronger relationships as well as helping to offset event expenses, enabling USAV to keep costs down.

Special Situations

The following exemptions are allowed but must be verified as explained below. Please click here if you’d like to request an exemption:

#1 – USING POINTS FOR A FREE ROOM - If you have enough points to redeem them for an entirely FREE stay, you can do this! Please book the room through the hotel directly and send a copy of your reservation showing that points were used to book your entire stay through the link above.  Please make sure to list the athletes name and team/club you are with so your exemption is credited to the correct team. Please note that just ‘receiving points’ for staying at a hotel does not qualify for an exemption. You must be redeeming for an entire free stay. 

#2 – CLUB IS IN CLOSE PROXIMITY - If your club is within 75 miles of the venue, you are not required to stay in a hotel. This must be able to be verified through Please visit the link above to apply for an exemption. You will need to provide your club address.

#3 – MILITARY OR GOVERNMENT DISCOUNT - If you are able to get a lower rate with a military or government discount, this will be accepted. You will need to email a copy of the confirmation showing that your reservation was booked at the military or government discount and the athlete’s name and club through the link above. Please note, the hotel will require the military or government ID to be presented upon check-in, please have this information when you arrive.

#4 – STAYING WITH A FAMILY MEMBER - If you are staying with a family member that lives within 75 miles of the venue, you are not required to stay in a hotel. This must be able to be verified through Please visit the link above to apply for an exemption. You will need the athlete’s name and team name as well as the family member’s name and address.

If have any questions, please contact Team Travel Source at or on the USAV Customer Service Line toll-free at 844-875-4586.

Team Travel Source Contact Information:

  • Team Block Questions – or 844-875-4586
  • Overall USAV Housing Questions – Contact us at or on the USAV Customer Service Line toll-free at 844-875-4586.
  • *Team Travel Source office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST and Saturday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST.

    TTS Scholarships

    Team Travel Source is proud to be the housing partner for USAV, and we look forward to making lasting relationships with all clubs and teams affiliated with USAV. We are excited to present the following scholarships at USAV Championships in 2018.  All athletes or teams who apply must be attending a USAV Championship event in 2018 and must be in good standing with USAV.

  • The College Bound and Proud Award
  • The Community Service Award
  • The Helping Hands Award
  • Click here to see all 2019 Team Travel Source Scholarship details!