University Athlete

University Athlete will be the official college coach’s communication tool for this event.

University Athlete is the premier communication tool connecting college coaches and student athletes. We don't sell athletes to colleges nor promote them in any way so the coaches trust us and use our services. UA combines the convenience of an online database with powerful mobile software to assist coaches' recruiting efforts at tournaments. At a tournament, colleges can instantly find any player, identify new players, evaluate and take notes without losing valuable time needed to watch the action. More than 300 Div I and more than 500 Div II, III, Juco and NAIA programs use University Athlete.

Player data is extracted from Advanced Events Systems (AES) and supplied to colleges on their PDAs.  Athletes may also request a personal account with University Athlete to keep your information current.

For more information including signing up (as a recruiter or an athlete), please visit


1st Coach - $25

2nd Coach - $15

3rd Coach - Free

Colleges Attending: TBA