A team’s entry is not considered complete without comprehensive, accurate and current competition results or, in the absence of such results, accompanied by a letter/email of explanation that addresses the reason(s) why such results are not available. Failure to do so could affect their entry into the event, as well as your seeding within the event.

Foreign Teams should provide the results from any U.S. tournaments they’ve attended for the current season. In the absence of such results, the team should submit a letter explaining the team’s strength and current record in their federation.

Results should be entered in AES (or submitted to USAV as mentioned above) by January 17.

Seeding Criteria
1. Final Finish at Multi-Day Events (most recent events taking priority over previous events)
2. Head to head results
3. Record against the field
4. Prior BJNC finishes
5. Regional rankings
6. Overall record