General Tournament Information

Match Format/Warm-Up Protocol
Warm-ups will be 2-4-4 (2 minutes of ball handling followed by 4 minutes for each team beginning with the serving team).  The same procedure applies to tie-breaking games.  All matches will play best 2 out of 3 (25 rally point games).  All deciding games will be to 15 rally points.  All tie-breaking games at the tournament will be rally score to 25 points.

Team Uniforms
Team players shall wear uniforms that are in full compliance with the United States Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations (see Rule USAV 4.3).  If two or more sets of uniforms are used, players will be required to wear the identical number for each set of shirts.  Shirt numbers must be clearly visible for identification by spectators, selection committees and scorers.  The numbers “0” and “00” are unacceptable and will not be permitted.  Team members shall be in proper uniform when warming up.  All Libero shirts shall be numbered.  If an individual competes in a position other than Libero as well, his/her number must be the same.

Please note that Rule USAV and USAV will be strictly enforced.  This rule specifies that numbers must be of contrasting color (to the jersey) and centered with no smaller than 6-inch numbers on the back and 4-inch numbers on the front of the jersey.  It is recommended that the numbers be a minimum of 8 inches on the back and 6 inches on the front.  Once competition has begun, all requests for number changes will be subject to a $50 charge per number change.

NOTE: In order to alleviate any potential problems, inconvenience and/or extra expense to your team, please ensure that the numbers on each set of jerseys (shirts) are in clear contrast to the color of the jersey, are the correct size and are placed on the jersey as required by the Rules of Play.

Rule USAV 4.3.5 states, “For nationally sanctioned  competition, uniforms must be identical with the exception of the sleeve length and the Libero Players”.

Rule USAV 4.3 states: “If undergarments, including but not limited to t-shirts, boxer shorts, tights, leotards, body suits, bicycle shorts, sports bras, etc., are worn in such a manner that they are exposed, they will be considered a part of the uniform.   In that case, they must be similar and the same color for any team members (except the Libero) who wear such a uniform.  Socks and sport shoes are not part of the uniform.

There will NOT be any practice times available in the playing venue.  There will NOT be any court time available in the venue prior to the beginning of competition.  Each team will be responsible for securing a facility for practices, if necessary.  USAV suggests contacting local colleges and high schools to determine if they have court space available for practices.

Sports Medicine
There will be a trainer available to tape ankles and assist with minor injuries at the venue.

It is the obligation of the head coach to be aware of his/her individual State High School Association rules regarding the acceptance of awards.  If necessary, present the properly signed papers as required by your State High School Activities Association.  This will prevent a delay in the actual presentation of the awards at the Event.  The top three finishers in the tournament will receive a team trophy plus individual medals.  Only USAV-approved awards will be presented at the tournament.

Awards will be given in the following bracket:

Gold Bracket

Open Division


Team Trophy & Individual Awards

Runners Up

Team Trophy & Individual Awards

3rd Place Finisher(s)

Team Trophy & Individual Awards